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Arkuth - Race, Bugbear


The main cultural mass of Bugbears inhabit the far eastern reaches of Ehriidore within the ever looming kingdom of Ulgdush. They have lived there for many generations. Now one of the more dominant races in Arkuth, the Bugbears reign over much of Ulgdush with glorious pride and control most of the eastern high seas with their merciless pirate fleet of heartless buccaneers.

Within the Bugbear clans one supreme head leads all others, he is known as the chieftain. This individual is determined through physical combat. The strongest, most skilled of the Bugbears continuously holds this position of ultimate power.

Being of superior physical size and obvious ruggedness, Bugbears make for excellent player characters. They tend to have good strength, high dexterity and impressive constitutions. The mental fortitude of a Bugbear can sometimes lack to some degree, but this is made up for it in cunning and clever wit. Their own language consists of a series of grunts, snarls and gestures which more than often fool their enemies into believing them an easy race to overcome.


Called Bugbears because of their facial resemblance to that of a bear, rather than being related in any way to the actual creature.

Bugbears are giant, hairy relatives of goblins. They are large, standing about seven feet tall, with muscular frames and the look of true carnivores. They have light yellow
to yellow brown hides, with thick coarse hair that ranges in color from brown to brick red. Bestial eyes of greenish white with red pupils stare out from savage faces. Wedge-shaped ears rise from the top of their heads, and their mouths are full of long sharp fangs. Bugbears have exceptional sight and hearing, and they move with amazing stealth. They live in caves and underground lairs. Bugbear females are not given the same opportunities and privileges as the males, and a good number of adventurer bugbears are females looking for better lives.

These large humanoids live by plundering and ambush. They sometimes take slaves, and are often cruel and mean-spirited. They are excellent hunters. They eat anything they kill, including humans and humanoids smaller than themselves. Some adventuring bugbears leave their lairs because they cannot stand to eat intelligent creatures. They typically stand around 7' tall on average and weigh anywhere from 240 lbs to 300 lbs. Bugbears live rather short lives, but some have been know to live upward of 85 years.

Role-Playing Suggestions: Bugbears speak a foul sounding language punctuated by gestures, grunts, and snarls. They even use these bestial habits when talking in common, making other races doubt their intelligence. Even the bravest bugbear PC has trouble breaking away from its tribe. They prefer to ambush their foes rather than attack head on. If outnumbered or overmatched, most will retreat to fight another day. Adventuring bugbears remain territorial even after they leave their lairs. They mentally mark out territory wherever they go, even when traveling. Anything which comes into this space becomes their property (at least in their own minds), or the property of their new tribe (their PC companions). They are natural bullies, forcing their wills on weaker companions. They are an opportunistic race, prone to temper tantrums and violent outbursts. Bugbears enjoy wine and strong ale — often to excess. They are stubborn by nature, finding it difficult to negotiate or compromise. Greed courses through their bodies like blood, and even the most noble bugbear covets glittery, shiny objects and weapons.

Ability Score Adjustments:

+1 to Strength, -1 Intelligence and Charisma

Ability Score Range

Ability Minimum Maximum
Strength 8 18
Dexterity 8 17
Constitution 8 18
Intelligence 3 16
Wisdom 3 18
Charisma 3 14

Class Restrictions

Class Maximum Level
Fighter 12
Thief 9
Rangers 7
Barbarians 9
Buccaneers 10
Clerics 8
Assassins 7

Hit Dice: Player character bugbears receive hit dice by class. In addition they receive 3 bonus hit points at first level.

Alignment: Bugbears tend toward chaotic evil. PC Bugbears may be of any alignment, usually neutral (in rare cases good).

Natural Armor Class: 10

Special Advantages: Bugbears have 60' Infravision. There stealth gives opponents a -3 penalty to their surprise rolls.

Special Disadvantages: Bugbears take damage as large creatures.

Languages; Bugbear, goblin, hobgoblin, common

Preferred Classes

  • Fighter
  • Barbarian
  • Buccaneer

For a full list of applicable classes, see Arkuth's Race/Class Limitations.

Multi Class: Yes

  • Fighter/Thief

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