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Arkuth - Barstmour - Shaleton

Shaleton (Barstmour)

  • 1.) Stables (Jula Benstrom)
  • 2.) Church of Odin
  • 3.) Lord's Manor (Gordun Feyrstrun)
  • 4.) Herbalist (Tinas)
  • 5.) Bubbling Billow (Sorna Jacobstrum)
  • 6.) Blacksmith (Jurd Kormstrem)
  • 7.) Temple of Fulla
  • 8.) Town Hall
  • 9.) Equipment Shop (Mars Rivilis)
  • 10.) Bank
  • 11.) Fighter's Guild (Hulstric Ulverston)
  • 12.) Cemetary
Ruler Lord Gordun Feyrstrun
Population 400 (300 see below)
Year Founded 672 AWoR
Fortified Yes, 10' thick x 20' high stone wall
Primary Languages Common 90%, Dwarven 7%, Various 3%
Demographics Human 83%, Dwarf 7%, Gnome 3%, Half-Orc 1%, Half-Elf 4%, 2% Various other races
Natural Resources and Manufactured Goods Copper, wood, wheat, fish
City Entry Fee 5 sp
Wealth Average to High
Shop/Commodity Prices 20% increase
Area Alignment Lawful Neutral
Government Stability Strong
Crime Level Low
Primary Mythos Norse 98%
Other Gods Demi-Human 2%
Climate Temperate
Terrain Jungle / Forest / Hills / Mountains / Creeks / Ocean


Shaleton is a small, heavily fortified city resting amidst the far north-eastern corner of Ralynkhorme, within the the kingdom of Barstmour. This small community hides behind a 10' thick, 20' high stone wall, which encompasses the entire populace short of a few wheat fields which reside just beyond the cities only entrance to the south. The wall was erected over a century ago to help thwart the many ongoing attacks that originate from the bordering mass of crags known as the Blak-Elm Hills.

A small tolling fee of five silver (5sp) must be paid by all non-residents to gain entry to the town. This money is used to help maintain a strong local militia, which might otherwise leave the area to pursue better paying jobs in the larger surrounding cities. Shaleton's militia consists of over forty well armed and equipped foot soldiers, ready to protect the cities population in a moment's notice.

Shaleton's overall population fluctuates throughout the year, having as many as 400 citizens and falling in the winter months to around 300 citizens. This fluctuation is caused by several shop keepers closing their doors, fewer merchants traveling into town to sell their wares and a large contingent of local miners making their way south for the colder months.

Shaleton provides most common amenities year round as there is always more coin to be made. The town square is surrounded by these shops, which includes a blacksmith, a provisionist, an equipment shop, a wood worker, a herbalist and a large inn/tavern known as the Bubbling Billow.

To the west, outside the walls of Shaleton, a small wagon trail leads deep into the forest until coming upon the foothills of Mt Hellstorm. Here miners work diligently, harvesting precious copper from within the active volcano's simmering clutches. Many of Shaleton's dwarven population work here, with a handful or gnomes and a small spattering of their human counterparts. Mt Hellstorm offers a steady vein of copper ore within it's cavernous home which now spans multiple directions in a vast labyrinth of tunnels and corridors.

Overall the economy in Shaleton is stable, people here seem to work as a unit and everyone, save a few, has a year round job. The eastern quarter of town hosts a large church of Odin, a community hall, the local courthouse and a handful of upper class homes, while the west end of town coddles the majority of the poor class housing, a few smaller shops and the cities only pond.


Shaleton was founded over 135 years ago by Krudor (son of Shalkr) during his exploration of the northern reaches of RalynKhorme. He found the area to be a great staging point for his final push north into what is currently known as West and East Hamet. The location offered an easy access beach front to the immediate east, yet was protected from the northern winds by the rise of the Blak-Elm Hills.

Unknown to Krudor at that time, the location he choose was anything but safe and the majority of his men-at-arms were killed off over the next five years of Shaleton's colonization. However, after such time the cities massive stone wall was established and came to full rise nearing Krudor's demise. The wall has since withstood numerous assaults, yet each time local workers manage to repair any damage promptly. The wall remains the principle barrier between the citizens of Shaleton and the wandering monsters of northern Barstmour.

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