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Ehiennthurst - Graemoore

Graemoore (Capital City)




Ruler King Guluhfson the III
Population 225,000
Year Founded 317 AWoR
Fortified Yes, 35' thick x 60' high granite wall
Primary Languages Common 85%, Various 15%
Demographics Human 83%, Dwarf 3%, Gnome 1%, Half-Orc 3%, Half-Elf 7%, 3% Various other races
Natural Resources and Manufactured Goods Black Iron wood, fish, silver, precious gems, granite, wheat, barley, grain, corn
City Entry Fee 5 gp
Wealth High Average
Shop/Commodity Prices Standard
Area Alignment Lawful Neutral
Government Stability Strong
Crime Level Medium
Primary Mythos Norse 87%
Other Gods Demi-Human 13%
Climate Temperate / Jungle
Terrain Jungle / Forest / Rock / Fields / Ocean


The dark stone and slate city is stark, and grimly utilitarian. The refugees that settled this land left no room for weakness in their architecture or populace. There are only two gates into Graemoore, the northern Blaydkurn Gate, and the southern Black Spear Gate. These are guarded by gatehouses that stand 80 feet tall, joined nearly seamlessly with the 60 foot walls of the city. The granite leaves a sheer surface that even the most skilled of thieves would balk at, and that is even when the frequent rains of this jungle land don't leave them slick.

Within the city, the colors of Ehiennthurst predominate. The dark gray granite, the Black Iron Trees framing broad avenues with green foliage, and the gold and silver lined signposts marking various merchants.

Perhaps the most unique feature amongst the city is the grand water way. As the climate of Ehiennthurst is known for extreme precipitation, great aqueducts and basins collect the water and direct it in great fountains, falls, and pools to the sewers that were constructed beneath the city. This has effectively left the populace with a running waste disposal system. Even the meanest of habitations within the city will have a cesspit that empties into the sewer, and as rains are never known to be more than a day or two away, these are flushed out into the sea with great frequency.

The city is also home to great bathhouses, a cultural remnant from their previous lands. These are heated with the "Fire Rock" that is mined from some of the slate and silver mines. And the normally reserved culture deviates wildly from expectation in regards to bathhouse etiquette, as here men will bathe in the presence of women without reservation. But even within the bathhouses nobles never mingle with merchants, and merchants never with commoners. The heated baths of Graemoore are rumored to have healing properties. And indeed, there is a small but elite Bath tender's guild, a group of women who maintain the water quality, and treat it with many secret herbs. Some believe that there is magic involved, whether or not this is true is unknown to any outside of the guild.

The city also has one small mage guild. This guild is shrouded in secrecy, although it it known that King Guluhfson the III does keep an advisor on hand from the guild. The guild's focus lies mainly upon Divination and Elemental Magic. They keep a large Obsidian tower that overlooks the ocean, which is soldiered and protected by their own small force.


Graemoore was the first city founded in the Kingdom of Eheinnthurst when the land was settled centuries ago. This coastal city's first buildings were actually crafted from the beams of the ships which carried the refugees here. While these original buildings have long since been built over, the palace of King Guluhfson the III thrusts out over the sea, with an observation balcony that very much resembles the bow of a ship. It is said that from there the King must contemplate the downfall of their previous civilization, gazing from whence they came so as to better guide where they will go as a people.

This city has gained considerable wealth through the centuries both from the silver and ruby mines, as well as from the export of Black Iron wood. This wealth has allowed the King to construct almost the entire city out of stone and Black Iron wood. The dark granite and slate which is abundant in Eheinnthurst has given the city a foreboding appearance. Sheer walls resemble dark cliffs to those who gaze upon the city from afar. These walls have repelled all attackers, even when the Orcvren tribes united to push out the humans they saw as invaders 232 years ago.

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