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Large Map of Arkuth

Global Statistics

The world of Arkuth (Ar-Cuth) is 36,480 Kilometers (22,800 miles) in total circumference around the equator.

The diameter of Arkuth from pole to pole is roughly the same as it is wide, however it is slightly smaller mimicking the qualities of earth.

The Continents of Arkuth

There are 7 massive bodies of land that are considered continents in Arkuth. Each of these regions have there own unique land formations, wildlife, history and cultures which will be discussed extensively within other sections of this website. The world of Arkuth also hosts several large islands that span the globe, yet there overall landmass denies them the title of being a continent. There are also thousands of other, much smaller islands that exist as well. Most of which are yet to be explored and have never seen the presence of man.

Continent Name Widest Point (north to south) Widest Point (west to east) Longest Point to Point / (* days) Aprox. Sq Miles
Ur 1016 Miles 941 Miles 1080 Miles / (45 days) 497,149
RalynKhorme (Ral n Korm) 3155 Miles 3744 Miles 4086 Miles (170 days) 6,142,406
Ehriidore (Air edore) 6311 Miles 8538 Miles 9329 Miles (388 days) 28,019,325
Graemordd (Gray Mord) 3110 Miles 8078 Miles 8192 Miles (341 days) 13,063,741
SlaynRaest (Slain Raste) 3080 Miles 4216 Miles 4719 Miles (196 days) 6,752,345
Iyre (Ire) 1208 Miles 1961 Miles 2273 Miles (95 days) 1,231,821
Undr (Under) 618 Miles 2905 Miles 3119 Miles (130 days) 933,550

Continent Name: The name given to the global landmass commonly referenced to by the majority of the continent's inhabitants.

Widest Point: Measured from east to west or north to south. This is the continent's widest point to point length in a straight line. This number is only to be used as a general travel distance guide and is rarely a line that can even be traveled upon.

Longest Point to Point: This is the continent's furthest point to point distance if/when traveled.

(* days): This number in parenthesis indicates the number of days required on foot to travel the continents longest point to point gap considering perfect conditions, roads and flat terrain. Note; this however is impossible as none of the continents are flat, with perfectly straight road designs, however, it can be used for estimations of game travel.

Aprox. Sq Miles: This is the approximate square mileage of each continent. This number is determined by multiplying longest distances (NS-EW), then subtracting 8% for bodies of water and then an additional 40% to take into account abstract land shape. Note; Due to the fact that land masses are not perfectly square, it is safe to say that each of these calculations are most likely smaller in reality (that is if realism is found within a fantasy world).

Nation Listing By Continent

Kingdom/Country/Region Name Home Continent Capital City Map Location
Alhtar Ehriidore Gohdrun (godrun)  
Arnval Ehriidore Blackmoore  
Borme Ehriidore Chayden'Helm  
Bryn Ehriidore Agoria  
Curem Ehriidore Ryhaan  
Crykseiv Ehriidore Grönholm  
Ekothia [East] (Ecothia) Ehriidore Úseal (ueseal)  
Ekothia [West] (Ecothia) Ehriidore Sevade  
Elorium Ehriidore Úselum (ueseelum)  
Elza Ehriidore Pli  
Espetzul (Espet zool) Ehriidore Tzpet (zpet)  
Gothrym Ehriidore Krôs (Cross)  
Hildbeorn Ehriidore The Great Henge  
Jaarnarvia (Yarnarvia) Ehriidore Jornval  
Jhul Ehriidore Durton  
Khmunekhen (ku me necken) Ehriidore Gizur (gizoor)  
Knarr (Nar) Ehriidore No capital  
Kraish Ehriidore Scyr  
LevynFrae (Levin Fray) Ehriidore Sylstren  
Napalku (Nepal ku) Ehriidore Al'tar  
Nerl Ehriidore Rinz  
Nigorm Ehriidore Fort Cahl  
Orak'Xalm (Orak Zalm) Ehriidore No capital  
Ortsarg Ehriidore No capital  
Phulmehta Ehriidore No capital  
Ralstorhaest (Ral ster hest) Ehriidore Spiritfalls  
Rodaeum Ehriidore Dale-Town  
Tangrea Ehriidore Arel  
Taulksturm (Tulksturm) Ehriidore Kordwal  
Ulgdush Ehriidore No capital  
Wilderlands Ehriidore N/A  
Yrim' Chalin Ehriidore No capital  
Yuatepuca (Uet pooca) Ehriidore Cupulatu  
Zebku Ehriidore Krite  


Kingdom/Country/Region Name Home Continent Capital City Map Location
Barstmour RalynKhorme BlaydKurn  
Ehiennthurst RalynKhorme GraeMoore  
Faerington RalynKhorme BraeFeare  
West Hamet RalynKhorme No capital  
East Hamet RalynKhorme No capital  


Traveling The Globe:


48 miles / day (at a horse rate of 24'')
6 miles / hour (nice, level, easy ground)
4 miles / hour (rugged ground)
2 mile / hour (very rugged)

On Foot;

Travel by foot is done by pixel count for those viewing online. Humans can travel 2.4 pixels per day using 8 effective hours (12 hours actual time). Traveling by foot assumes time for rest and consumption of food & water at normal intervals. Use the exploded view of Arkuth to zoom in and count pixels. You also have the option of printing off our wall maps which include a full world legend for travel distances etc.

24 miles / day (at a human movement rate of 12'')
3 miles / hour (nice, level, easy ground)
2 miles / hour (rugged ground)
1 mile / hour (very rugged)



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