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Arkuth- Nations List

The Continents of Arkuth

All great fantasy worlds should have realistic nations, kingdoms, countries or regions. This is the section you'll find these places in Arkuth. The tables below lists the area's proper name, home continent, estimated population and a brief description. As these places are flushed out, explored or used by my players I will add a link to their appropriate page on this site.

Nations of Ehriidore

National Statistics Continent Map
  • Number of Designated Regions: 35
  • Number of Established Nations: 30
  • Number of Contested Regions: 8
  • Number of Major Religions: 7
Proper Name Home Continent Primary Mythos Est. Population Description
Alhtar Ehriidore Norscand 650,000 Once part of the Spaordyk empire, now separated with newly founded ideals.
Arnval Ehriidore Spaordyk 800,000 The 4th nation founded during the great Spaordyk empire.
Borme Ehriidore Norscand 1,007,000 A separated human kingdom, once part of the Brynian Empire.
Bryn Ehriidore Spaordyk 2,200,000 A large human kingdom, built on chivalry, order and protection for all.
Curem Ehriidore Arkuthic 500,500 Knighthood, chivalry, faith all part of the founding nation of the Arkuthic faith.
Cyrkseiv Ehriidore Spaordyk 1,300,000 The 2nd nation founded during the great Spaordyk empire.
Ekothia [East] (Ecothia) Ehriidore Ekothic 1,800,000 A great warring nation who's customs and people believe they are the chosen.
Ekothia [West] (Ecothia) Ehriidore Ekothic 1,500,000 Once part of the original Ekothian empire, now separated and strong.
Elorium Ehriidore None 1,780,000 One of the newest nations, holy sanctuaries for all, peace and prosperity.
Elza Ehriidore None 102,000 The smallest nation in Ehriidore, peaceful and beautiful.
Espetzul (Espet zool) Ehriidore None 100,000 A unique nation in the fact it survives with a diminishing ancient religion.
Gothrym Ehriidore Norscand 1,500,000 A powerful, horrifying nation bent on cruelty, tyranny and oppression.
Hildbeorn Ehriidore None 27,000 A secluded nation of powerful beings and monsters.
Jaarnarvia (Yarnarvia) Ehriidore Spaordyk 1,200,000 The homeland of the Spaordyk people. A cold , viking-like land.
Jhul Ehriidore Spaordyk 450,000 A land of giant lakes, strange peoples and bountiful crops.
Khmunekhen (ku me necken) Ehriidore Mysanic 1,700,000 The lands of mass structures. Amazing constructs and vast deserts.
Knarr (Nar) Ehriidore None 45,000 Home to bugbears, surly pirates and forgotten outcasts.
Kraish Ehriidore None 202,000 The most recent of nations to adopt a modern religion (Arkuthic).
LevynFrae (Levin Fray) Ehriidore Spaordyk (Elven) 780,000 Home of the elven people, their breathtaking forests and tranquil lakes.
Napalku (Nepal ku) Ehriidore Darcathian 455,000 The much larger and home nation of the Darcathian people.
Nerl Ehriidore Spaordyk (Gnomish) 13,000 Home of the gnomish tinkerers, the skilled and the grandest librarium
Nigorm Ehriidore None 1,808,000 A nation of powerful people, hard working and very prosperous.
Orak'Xalm Region Ehriidore None unknown A recently seperated region once part of Rodaeum.
Ortsarg Region Ehriidore None unknown Contested region.
Phulmehta Ehriidore Mysanic 1,450,000 A warring nation. Barbaric in culture, eager to rule their neighboring kingdoms.
Ralstorhaest (Ral ster hest) Ehriidore Spaordyk (Dwarven) 300,500 The land of the dwarves. Great mountains, vast caverns and hardy souls.
Rodaeum Ehriidore Spaordyk 476,000 A once great empire that has been torn apart recently, perhaps the next to fall.
Tangrea Ehriidore Mysanic 158,000 The kingdom of the bird people. Ancient and has never been conquered.
Taulksturm (Tulksturm) Ehriidore Spaordyk 1,950,000 The 9th nation founded during the great Spaordyk migration.
Ulgdush Ehriidore None unknown A kingdom of chaos, ruled by the strong, by whatever race comes into power.
Valtarum Ehriidore Spaordyk 2,050,000 The 3rd nation founded during the great Spaordyk empire.
Wilderlands Ehriidore Mixed unknown Areas of few inhabitants, unexplored or undesirable areas.
Yrim' Chalin Region Ehriidore None unknown Contested region. The staging point of orcish migration to Ehriidore.
Yuatepuca (Uet pooca) Ehriidore Mysanic 530,000 An Aztec-like nation built on strong customs and even stronger people.
Zebku Ehriidore Darcathian 190,000 Similar to Nepalku, yet have their own ruler and fewer enemies.

Nations of Ralynkhorme

National Statistics Continent Map
  • Number of Nations: 5
  • Number of Major Religions: 3
Proper Name Home Continent Primary Mythos Est. Population Description
Barstmour RalynKhorme Spaordyk 420,000  
East Hamet RalynKhorme None 5,000  
Ehiennthurst RalynKhorme Spaordyk 380,000  
Faeringtun RalynKhorme Norscand 460,000  
West Hamet RalynKhorme Spaordyk (Gnomish) 24,000  


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