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New Goodies, Old Flavor!
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Posted by Cole on March 1, 2014 at 10:36 PM
Image Have been working my coding hands to the bone lately on the site. We managed to restore ALL of the old download archive from 2003 (see downloads menu for sections). Also managed to restore all of the Bard Poems and Bard Stories pages (see Bard's Corner).

Then decided to clean up all of our old mods/admins/users on the forums. Forums are all up to date now, mods are all active and visit the site regularly.

Coded up a brand new Bard's Interactive Story board for all to use and enjoy (see Bard's Corner - Interactive Stories).

Also added tons of new videos to PlanetADnD's youtube channel including; Journey Quest seasons 1 and 2. ALL of the D&D cartoon series from the 80's. D&D Movies 2 & 3, The Born of Hope movie and more!