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The Borg Refines Their Cube Once Again
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Posted by Cole on October 4, 2012 at 07:43 PM
Well, we tried to email our users to inform them of this massive task and our server just couldn't email 4000+ users. However we did managed to email some of our moderators so things should get back to normal soon enough.

Anyway, onto the explanation; It's been almost a year now since I could really sit down and take a look around the net at other D&D sites and see why PADnD seemed to be dwindling in active user numbers. The only things I personally could come up with was our size.... can you really get to many pages? Can a site get to fancy? Can it get to confusing and drive users off? I've come to the conclusion that YES all of these things are killing the Borg Sad

SO! It's time for a new age. A time to bring back the old, simple, organized, larger font, no portal, maximum participation site of old. Is that possible? Perhaps. I'll do my best to provide that as I simply do not want to shut down the site for good, nor do I want to burden my moderators with endless tasks etc. As the site admin and creator I'm simply going to find good moderators, post only the most popular content and provide the best online gaming tools/utilities and gaming areas I can.

So please join us! Join topics on the forums, make this site your own and share your opinions, thoughts and critiques... and we will do our best to make this site the best D&D community online once again Happy

~Sincerely Cole Austin (owner and webmaster)