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Bard Stories - PlanetADnD.com

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28 Types of DM's Got a DM that you can't quite figure out what category they belong in. want to tease them at the end of the game session. Check these out... 28_typesofdms.php
152 rules for being an evil overlord Based on Peter Anspach's list. Being an Evil Overlord seems to be a good career choice. It pays well, there are all sorts of perks and you can set your own hours. Read more... evil_overlord.php
The Subtle Sin - Chess Never mind the well-addressed question Should a Christian play dungeons and dragons? A better question would be: Should Christians play chess? chess.php
Real Role-Players Real Men, Real Roleplayers, Loonies, MUNCHKINS: real_rpers.php
The Gazebo This is a story of a DM and a paladin (Eric) during a game of AD&D (true story). the_gazebo.php
5 things players should never say Just like the description says. 5things_players.php
You might be a player if YOU MIGHT BE A GAMER IF.... be_a_player_if.php
Good n Bad in RPG's Good Idea/Bad Idea in RPGs. A really funny piece showing the does and dont's of dnd. goodnbad_in_rpgs.php
Hate it when Don't you hate it when is a composite of comical things that gamers hate to happen during a game of AD&D. hate_it_when.php
Jokes and Pranks The Net.Book of Practical Jokes and Pranks, 1.0 By W. Eric C. Ferguson. An excellent netbook that we choose to post on PADnD for it's true value to the rpg community. Have a great laugh! jokesnpranks.php
Lamest Monsters THE LAMEST AD&D MONSTERS EVER, v0.9 by (Freddo). 5 halarious creatures all of which you may just wanna use in your games someday for a good laugh. lamest_monsters.php
Last Words The last words you might hear outta someone just before they bite the big one. last_words.php
Munchkin's Real Man, Real Roleplayer, Loonie, Munchkin. A large set of situations/ideas that different dnd players may use during game play. A way to tell who is who :) munchkin.php
Player Remarks A somewhat large set of player remarks you might hear during a game of dnd. player_remarks.php
RPG Shit You'll have to read and find out won't yeah. Quite funny, adults only please! rpg_shit.php
top 10 reasons not to be a mage The top 10 reasons nobody should use a mage in dungeons & dragons. top10_notmage.php
Top 10 Signs Top Ten Signs You Play Too Much ADnD. top10signs.php
Top 10 signs your DM is easy Top 10 signs your DM is way to easy on the players. top10signs_dm_easy.php
Top 10 signs your DM is hard Top 10 signs your DM is to dam hard on his/her players. top10signs_dm_hard.php
Top 10 signs your met the main bad guy The top 10 signs your party has just run into the main bad guy of the adventure. top10signs_badguy.php
Top 10 signs you pissed off the villagers The top 10 signs your party has just pissed of the villagers. top10signs_pissed.php
Top 10 spells that never made it 10 spells that will never make the official dnd game. top10spells_that_never_made_it.php
Top 10 things a berserker will never say Top 10 comments your berserker will never say during gameplay. top10things_berserker.php
Top 10 things a Mage should never say The top 10 things a mage should never be heard saying... top10things_magesnosay.php
Dr. Demento D&D & Satanism Dr. Demento D&D spoof about D&D and Satanism. This is so freaking funny, I very highly recommend you download this. It's in MP3 format. demento_dndspoof (3.12mb)
The Dead Alewives AD&D part 2 Part two to the Dr. Demento spoof. This one is MUCH longer and just as funny. It's also in MP3 format. the_dead_alewives_dnd_2.zip (6.14mb)
Always The First to Die This is an amusing song about AD&D. It's in MP3 format. Originally By "Sean Gailey". always_the_first_to_die.zip (2.56mb)
Top 101 TSR Spells 101 Spells that Never Made TSR Rulebooks . top101tsr.php
Real Life Comics - D&D This is a collection of about ten humorous ADnD comics. Just click next comic to go though them. Link to site
3rdEdition.Org - Comics Here you will find a lot of very original, and very humorous, comics for witch anyone can relate to in there own D&D games. Link to site

* Coat of Arms 1.2a
* Promisance
* World of Phaos 0.9.2
Is Magic Armor Lighter Than Standard Armor of the Same Type?
Yes indeed
 [tally] 78
No, never!
 [tally] 15
In 1E yes, in 2E no
 [tally] 14
Only for encumbrance
 [tally] 28
Of course it is
 [tally] 28
Not in my world
 [tally] 62
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