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Rules to C.o.A
Coat of Arms - Rules and Gameplay



General Gameplay:

C.o.A. Is a turn based - web MMORPG. You start with 1500 turns and are granted an additional 20 turns on the hour. Turns can be accumulated over time or used as they appear. This is done to guarantee fair gameplay. From the minute you sign up, you will always be given as many turns as any other player short of bonus turn rewards.

The Main Game Panel;

The index page (homepage) or as we call it, the "Main Game Panel", presents you with a quick and easy to understand game interface. Each panel within this main panel is titled in GREEN font. You can see them all on from the Main Game Panel, they include (Avatar, Kingdom Overview, Battle Panel, Purchase Panel, Quick Action Panel, Production Panel and Attack Center. Each Panel is explained below.

The concept of C.o.A; The main goal of the game is to harvest, gather and battle your way up the ranks. C.o.A. allows for multiple ways of accomplishing this. In general, you'll start off fighting monsters, gaining gold and stat points and then will begin using your turns to gain commodities. After gaining enough commodities, you can begin delving into the other games main features (exploring, buying land, casting spells, purchasing troops, building castles, fighting other players, attack other kingdoms and much more!). The ultimate goal being the leader on the leader boards and to fend off all incoming attacks.

The Game Panels;

The first game panel is "Avatar". This is the portrait of your in-game hero, the one you choose during registration. Right under your avatar, you will find a button named "Settings". Click this button to move to a new screen where you can set various settings for your Hero (acceptance level, proposition or revoke ally).

Next you'll see "Your Stats" panel. This panel shows you detailed info about your hero. How many turns you currently have, your race, class, level, honor, land, skill points and all 6 character attributes.

The third panel is "Kingdom Structures". This panel displays a simple, yet effective representation of your entire kingdom's building development. There are 24 buildings in total that can be constructed through the production panel. Each building and it's benefits are described below.

Then the "Troop Information" panel. Which shows you a quick overview of your current offensive and defensive troops, their accumulated skill points, your army's offensive and defensive power rating (used during attacks) and the amount of mercenaries you currently employ.

The "Civil Stats" panel displays some of the most important game info at a glance. Here you can view your kingdom's population, morale, law, your hero's prestige, land owned and the kingdom's tax rate.

The "Castle Panel" is next. Here is where you start building your kingdom. The core of your ongoing country and the main defense against other kingdom's attacks. Once a castle is built, then only 4 more tiers of upgrades can follow. Each tier adds more defensive power then the last and the castle grows in size, both visually and practically.

Then the "Production Panel". Clicking this button will take you to a new page where you can buy land, troops, troops upgrades, mercenaries and even build various structures for your kingdom.

Onto the "Battle Panel". The core panel for most of the game action is found here. You can fight monsters to gain skill points, gold and items, Challenge other player's in-game to 1 on 1 combat, attack other player's kingdoms, cast offensive and defensive spells and explore new regions to hopefully expand your kingdom.

The "Gather Commodities Panel". Here you can simply type in turns to gather or produce all 5 types of in-game commodities. Use these commodities to further your kingdom's expansion, however you may choose.

The "Account Options Panel". Here you can find a few quick buttons to change your account password, put your kingdom on holiday status (under protection) etc.

Now lets explain the right-side icon menu. A simple icon displays a specific action. Here you can simply click a picture to initiate an action. IE Click the Axe to gather 1 turn of wood or click the pick axe to gather 1 turn of stone etc. You will also find other interesting options here such as;

The Market: Here you can sell your commodities, if you so choose. You can also put up you commodities for auction to other players.


The Forums: Here you can post messages for admin's, chat to other players or even boast about your in-game accomplishments etc.


Spell Assault History: You can view all offensive action that has been cast upon your kingdom while you were offline. A great place to plot your revenge.


Battle History: Like the spell history, here is a log of all defensive battles that occurred while you were offline (resetting each time the page is viewed). All offensive attacks that you set forth are also logged here (permanently). Challenges (personal) and Kingdom (army) attacks are logged here. All things are recorded from land lost, to time of battle (in real time).


Your Castle & Buildings: This page allows you to see an overview of your kingdom. You can see your castle, a representation of your troops and all of the buildings you have constructed.


Kingdom Stats: This page allows you to see an overview of all competing kingdoms. There export volume, their last hostile action, virtues, civil morale etc.


You Inventory: A work in progress for now, but when you find items, either through exploration or during monster battles, they will go here. Any bonuses that items give, are automatically added to your hero's stats. Once in your inventory, you cannot rid of the item short of clicking the sell button under each item. They will sell for market price and then that slot will become available to yet again equip.


Rivals: Here you will see a list of all the player in-game and how they match up against you. Your closest compared enemies are displayed along with their race, class, level, avatars, ID numbers and death status.


Rank: The rank icon allows you to view other players according to land accumulation. It also displays their current level, death status, current rank, castle status and total non-militia troops (everyone minus army).


Honor: Here you can view the players by honor. The higher the number, the more personal victories they have earned during personal combat. Negative numbers indicate more losses then victories during personal combat.


Poker: Bored, don't have any turns left? Then try yer luck at one of C.o.A's poker games. Here you do not require turns, but you do require a little luck and a sack full of skill. Know your limit, stay within it! OK, that was lame... have fun!


Shipping: This is the place to do ALL of your kingdom's exporting. Ship off any of the commodities in 3 different modes with the exception of "Food". A great way to make your kingdom some cash.


Mayor's Journal:

Starting off the game right. The very first thing you want to do as Mayor of this new area, is to gain some wealth. Wealth can ONLY be gained by fighting off the local monsters and by exploring land.

The best and easiest way to accomplish this is to fight monsters, gain several hundred gold pieces and then spend them on offensive troops, troop skill points and/or mercs (Go to Production Screen). Both of these options will help you explore new land and actually succeed! Exploring is very difficult if you don't increase your initial troops skill and buy a few mercs to help thwart the monsters protecting this region. You'll have to buy an acre of land or two at first to support your troops, but after that spend your turns exploring land instead of buying land.

Watch that morale level! At first its tough to get morale up. DON'T let it fall below zero or it's hard to get it above again. The easiest way to increase morale levels immediately is to lower your tax rate (Go to Production Screen) or boost your will to defend your kingdom by increasing your current Challenge Acceptance Level (Go to Settings Under Your Avatar).

Once you have stabilized your kingdom's morale, gained some wealth and some land. Move on to gaining more troops, defensive and offensive. Start gathering commodities (food, stone, wood, iron and mana). FOOD being the most important right away as you need food to feed your populace. 1 food unit feeds 10 people per hour (real time), but don't spend an excess amount of turns on gathering food.

Remember, a good start to this game is critical! Take your time and spend your turns wisely.

From here on in, your on your own. Good luck and enjoy Coat of Arms!

Dragon's High (C.o.A Card Game):

Dragon's High is played with only 3 cards, but the dealer deals the game using 4 (52) card decks. The game starts off by displaying all of the players with 3 cards placed face down. At this point you can run away (leave the game) without losing a single coin. However upon placing a first wager (the ante), the game begins.

*NOTE* In C.o.A you can place any size of anti up to 50 gold. Clicking the "Ante Up" button without entering a wager simply bets the minimum wager of 10 gold.

Next you'll be shown your pocket card (the 1st card of 3). You can also see other player's pocket cards, however the house (dealer) retains his card's face down until the end. You can now place another wager of up to the maximum amount of money currently bet by your opponents, this is called "Covering the Pot".

*NOTE* You can Cover the Pot by typing in the EXACT number currently displayed to you. Betting even a single gold less will not be considered as Covering the Pot. The advantage of covering the pot means IF you win, you will receive the total money bet by all 3 players (the pot). Any other bet will simple make winnings your wager x 2. Clicking the "Bet" button without entering a wager simply bets the minimum wager of 5 gold.

After all bets have been placed, the dealer flips over all of his cards, along with all of the remaining player cards and calls out a winner. The winner claims their total wager x2 (the house pays the winner double their total wager), unless the pot was covered and then the total pot is rewarded.

*NOTE* Draws against the house, go to the house. Draws against other players, split the pot.

The Best Hands;

  • 3 of a kind (3 Aces = Dragons High)
  • Suited (all 3 cards are of the same suit)
  • A pair (two cards have the same face value)
  • Ace High
  • Highest face value.

2 Card Wild (C.o.A Card Game):

2 Card Wild is similar to Dragon's High but in lue of a 2 stage betting round, there is a 3 stage betting round and a wild card (pool card). Here is how the game works;

Like Dragon's High, your first bet is the ante, you can place a bet anywhere from 1 to 50 gold and then the first card of 2 in you and your opponent's hands are displayed.

Then the second round of betting occurs and then last of your two pocket cards are displayed. 10-100 gold can be bet at this time.

The 3rd round of betting can now occur. You are now shown the amount required to "Cover the Pot". Usually this amount is much greater then that of Dragon's High as their are more rounds of betting. Anyway, place yer bets and continue.

The final round is now upon you. ALL cards are now displayed, including the dealers two pocket cards and a 3rd card known as the "Wild Card". The Wild Card is a community card used by ALL players to make the best hand possible.

The game is now decided and the winner(s) are given their winnings.


So, I'll bet your dying to find out some of the games inner mechanics eh? Exactly how do things work in C.o.A and how can you use your turns to maximize their effects. Well... read on and we'll shed some light on how you can make the most out of your turns.

Personal Combat;

In personal combat you have challenged another player to 1 on 1 combat. This combat is simple! Combat is resolved by using the hero's current level + their STR,CON and DEX scores + all item bonuses (see inventory) + 1 randomly rolled D20 (20 sided dice). The loser suffers a 33% loss of their total skill points, -1 honor and is also slain and must resurrect themselves (costing them $100 gold / level). The winner gains 10% of their opponent's skill points and 1 honor point.

Attacking monsters;

Again a simple equation is used to determine the outcome. It's your total level, plus your STR and DEX modifiers + 1d20 vs the monsters level, their randomly generated stat modifiers +1d20. If you lose, you lose skill points accordingly. If you win, you gain some skill points and some gold, but that depends on the monster's level. Try it and find out. A natural 20 for either party indicates a double skill point loss or gain. If both opponents roll nat 20's or natural 1's, the player always gets the benefit of the doubt. Also note that monster lairs can be encountered as well as items (magic ones included). Hordes at least double normal gold find and items can only be found when locating a monster's lair.

Attacking Other Kingdoms;

Anything but simple for this option. Here we pit your total army's offensive power against your enemies defensive power. Honor, troop level, castle level, the will of the gods and more all come into play. Beware! This can be catastrophic to your army. A total score difference, known as Margin of Victory (M.O.V). The larger the M.O.V the more detrimental the outcome (see below).

Margin of Victory (defeat) - M.O.V (Updated Jan, 29th, 2010)

M.O.V is the basic number spread of your battle against another army/kingdom. The larger the MOV, the more damage is caused to the losing army. Once the MOV is calculated it prints out on screen the results of the battle. If your on the offensive side, then only troops can be lost. However, when on the defensive side of battle, allot more is at stake.

  • If the defending kingdom loses by more then 500 points, 1 random building is lost.
  • If the defending kingdom loses by more then 1000 points, 2 random buildings are lost.
  • If the defending kingdom loses by more then 2500 points, 1 castle level is lost, if only 1 castle level is present, then the castle is destroyed.
  • If the defending kingdom loses by more then 6000 points the defender automatically loses their castle regardless of castle level.
  • If the defending kingdom loses by more then 10,000 points and a random % check is less then, or equal to 75% (will of the gods). All major buildings/landmarks are lost, including the castle.
  • Lastly, if the defending kingdom loses by more then 10,000 points and a random % check is greater then 75% the kingdom is "Defeated" and all is lost. The offensive kingdom gains ALL spoils of war including the defeated kingdoms gold, iron, mana, stone, wood, crops, food and land.

*NOTE* Your Hero cannot die during this event.

Exploration; Perhaps the easiest way to gain, wealth, stats and land in a single go. Yet exploration can become your worst nightmare as sometimes the odds of defeat, far out weigh the benefits of victory.

Exploration allows you to expand your kingdom, without the use of gold. However even in the best case scenario, you will have to sacrifice troops. You can use any range of turns between 1 and 20. The more turns you use, the harder it becomes to conquer new ground. However this will thin your front lines and you will have to sacrifice more offensive / mercenaries troops.

Overall though, the gain of gold, skill points and land will surely benefit your kingdom and your new found wealth can vault you into the top of the leader boards quickly.

Civil stats (how they work);

Population: Population is determined by adding your total troops + any mercenaries, plus 5 people per building constructed, plus any citizens that are either gained by a random birthrate or lost by a random death rate / hour. You can also gain or lose population according to your kingdom's tax rate. The higher your tax rate, the more likely you'll lose citizens to another kingdom. Morale also greatly effects your population, when people are happy they'll stick around and invite their friends & family to your kingdom. If morale is low, people will simply pack their bags and leave.

Morale: Morale is a floating integer (number) in C.o.A. Morale can increase by lowering taxes, building churches, townhalls, winning wars etc. However, Morale will also fall doing much the opposite. Watch this level closely as it can effect everything! If morale is low, your population won't work as hard either, thus producing less commodities. To the contrary, when morale is normal or high, production will give you a bonus when gathering resources. Low Morale = 0 or less, Normal Morale = 1-100, High Morale is considered above 100.

Law: Law dictates your kingdom's inner well being. Is society running amok? or are the local guards doing a good job? Either way, watch your law level! If your Law level falls to 1 or lower, crime will increase and buildings may get torched, crumbling into the earth, morale will fall, murder rates will increase, gold may simply go missing from your treasury or even worse, you kingdom may get overthrown period. However the opposite can be employed as well. Having a high Law level, will ensure low crime levels and will stabilize your kingdom and it's citizens.

Prestige: Prestige is your Hero's overall level of public opinion. Low prestige, means low levels of respect toward your rulership and how you are running your kingdom. High levels of prestige indicate you are doing well and things are going along as people expect. Low Prestige = 1 or lower, Normal Prestige = 2-25, High Prestige = 26 and up.

Land: Simple! Land is the amount of acres your kingdom encompasses. The more land you have, the larger your kingdom can expand. However, the more land you have, the harder it is to maintain and it will effect your overall Defensive Power. Land can be purchased at a rate of $500 / acre until your rank exceeds "Lord", at which time you'll have to either explore or attack other kingdom's to gain more land.

640 Acres of land = 1 section or 1 square mile. As you gain sections of land, your kingdom display (view your kingdom) will increase, uncovering a new block of land for you to explore.

Tax Rate: Like in real life, your kingdom's tax rate effects who can and can't afford to live in your kingdom. Increasing taxes will gain your kingdom more wealth, increasing your treasury each hour. BUT! you risk your population packing up and leaving town as the more money they have to pay out in tax, the more likely they will be to leave your kingdom in hopes of finding a ruler with a larger heart and smaller pockets. Tax rate begins at 5 by default.

Market Wealth: market wealth is an average based number combining the results of the kingdom's total wealth, which includes stone, iron, mana, wood, iron & crops (this number effects your hero's prestige).

Racial Benefits;

Your choice of race in this game can greatly effect your progression. Each race has a *special* talent for gathering or producing commodities. The following chart details those benefits.

Race Wood Stone Food Iron Mana
Human +1 +1 +1 +1* +1
Dwarf --- +4* --- --- ---
Elf --- --- --- --- +4*
Halfling --- --- +4* --- ---
Gnome --- +2 +2 --- ---
Half-Orc +4* --- --- --- ---
Half-Elf --- --- --- +2 +2
Undead --- --- --- +4* ---

Class Benefits;

Your choice of class in this game can greatly effect your progression. Each class gains a *special* bonus per in-game hour. The following chart details those benefits.

Class Wood Stone Food Iron Mana Gold Mercs Special
Barbarian --- --- --- --- --- --- +1 ---
Bard --- --- --- --- --- --- --- +10 static bonus to offensive power
Druid --- --- +5 --- --- --- --- Unique spells
Ranger +5 --- --- --- --- --- --- ---
Fighter --- --- --- +5 --- --- --- ---
Wizard --- --- --- --- +5 --- --- Unique spells
Cleric --- --- --- --- --- --- --- Free self resurrection / hour. Unique spells
Rogue --- --- --- --- --- +5 --- ---
Monk --- --- --- --- --- --- --- + 1 static bonus to personal combat
Paladin --- --- --- --- --- --- --- +10 static bonus to defensive power
Assassin --- --- --- --- --- --- --- +10 static bonus to ninja assassinations
Necromancer --- --- --- --- --- --- --- Summon Undead bonus and maximum undead allowable increased. Unique spells

Spells in C.o.A;

There is quite a variety of spells on C.o.A availible to everyone. All heroes in the game are considered ready and able to either cast spells themselves or to have loyal henchmen do it for them. However, special casting classes are offered an additional spell list only availible to them during game play. The following list details all of the spells in the game and which classes have access to them.

Spell (Offensive) Applicable Class Description
Dispel Magic Any Dispels 1-8 of the ememies undead warriors.
Eagle Eye Any Displays your enemies offensive and defensive power levels.
Kings Ransom Any Steals 1000 of your enemies gold reserves.
Plague Any Slays 1d4 of your enemies mercenary troops
Poison Cloud Any Slays 1d20 of your enemies civilian population and lowers their morale.
Spell (Defensive)    
Animate Dead Any Re-Animates all your undead mercenaries, lowers morale
Create Food Any Creates 2d10 food units for your kingdom plus a farm bonus.
Create Land Any Creates 1 acre of land for your kingdom instantly
Create Mass Food Any Creates 100-1000 food units for your kingdom plus a farm bonus.
Create Mass Land Any Creates 2d4 acres of land for your kingdom instantly
Festival Any Raises morale for your kingdom by 1 instantly
Fortify Any Upgrades your castle 1 tier in size.
Summon Horde Any Creates 1d4 barbarian mercenaries in your offensive army
Summon Mass Horde Any Creates 5d10 barbarian mercenaries in your offensive army
Summon Undead Any Creates 1d4 undead mercenaries, maximum allowable equals CHR x 10, lowers morale
Transmute Iron to Gold Any Converts 100 iron into a % of up to 1000 gold using Alchemist Shops.
Transmute Stone to Wood Any Converts 100 stone into 80-100 wood.
Transmute Wood to Stone Any Converts 100 wood into 80-100 stone.
Class Spells    
Resurrection Cleric Resurrects any dead player in the game instantly, increases honor by 1
Lightning Storm Druid Slays 1d4 of your enemies defensive troops
Conjure Hurricane Druid Slays 25 to 100 of your enemies offensive troops
Earthquake Druid Destroys 1 random enemy building
Summon Iron Golem Wizard Creates an iron golem to destroy 1-20 of your enemies defensive line.
Summon Bone Horror Wizard Slays 10d10 of your enemies defensive troops.
Meteor Storm Wizard Destroys 1 random enemy building
Summon Dragon Wizard Summons a red dragon to destroy 20-120 of your ememies offensive troops.
Rebuke Undead Necromancer Takes control of 1d10 of your ememies undead warriors.
Soul Burn Necromancer Drains an enemy hero of 10d100 skill points.

Attribute Benefits/Bonuses;

There are 6 main attributes in-game, they include; STR (Strength), CON (Constitution), DEX (Dexterity), INT (Intelligence), WIS (Wisdom) and CHR (Charisma).

Each of these attributes give bonuses or allow actions to be completed and they are used as follows:

STR = Adds a hit/damage modifier to your hero's personal combat bonus.

CON = Adds a skill point modifier to your hero as they level up (consider it bonus hit-points). CON also gives you bonus turns to represent your hero's physical endurance.

DEX = Adds a dodge/ac bonus modifier to your hero's personal combat bonus.

INT = Restricts what spells your hero can cast.

WIS = Adds a mana modifier bonus during production.

CHR = Allows your hero to command a larger army. The higher your CHR score, the more troops your hero can lead into battle!


There are 13 stages of ranking in C.o.A. You start off as a Mayor and as you earn more rank points, you're rank or some call it "your title" will gradually increase. Rank is determined by taking your hero's level, dividing it by 4, then adding prestige to give a total score. Ranks are as follows;

Points Rank/Title
1-4 Mayor
5-9 Magistrate
10-14 Lord
15-19 Baronet
20-24 Baron
25-29 Viscount
30-39 Count
40-49 Marquis
50-59 Duke
60-74 Prince
75-99 Royal Prince
100+ King
Rule over 2 or more kingdoms Emperor

Shipping In C.o.A;

As of version 1.1 you can now ship commodities via the Shipping Panel. Choose to ship either stone, wood, iron, mana or crops. You can also choose the method of shipping via the pull down menu while choosing what you wish to ship. 3 different methods of shipping can be selected, they are as follows;

Land: Shipment by land is by far the safest way to export goods, yet has the smallest return value as shipments are very small. The amount of gold earned every 12 hours equals 2 gold per unit x # of Shipping Ports.

Maximum Shipment = 100 units


Sea: Sea shipments are by far the most profitable. Large amounts of product can be shipped at one time, but run the risk of being raided by pirates, thus losing all profits/cargo. (See Pirates for details). The amount of gold earned every 12 hours equals 4 gold per unit x # of Shipping Ports.

Maximum Shipment = 2000 units


Air: Shipping goods via air-ship are the happy medium of exporting in C.o.A. You can ship more goods at a time then that of a land shipment, yet not as much as a sea shipment. You only have to worry about weather downing the airship. There is a 5% chance per hour of the ship plummeting to the earth, losing it's cargo and killing 5 crew (lowers population by 5). Pirates can't raid the skies, well, not yet anyway. The amount of gold earned every 12 hours equals 3 gold per unit x # of Shipping Ports.

Maximum Shipment = 1000 units

*NOTE* All methods of transportation require 12 hours of real time to complete their shipments.



Pirates in C.o.A;

Pirates in Coat of Arms are used to keep other kingdom's in check. Using pirates in "raid" mode, allows your pirates to be sent on missions targeting opposing kingdom's sea shipments (see above). If your pirates intercept a kingdom's shipment, they pillage and loot it for all it's worth, giving you the booty! However, if that would be victimized kingdom has their own pirates, the battle is on and IF your pirates defeat the opposition pirates, they can then make off with the booty. Sometimes they'll just have to except defeat and all is lost.

Pirates can also be set to "protect" mode or some say duty. In this mode they protect your shipments from the above occurrences. Pretty simple eh?



Ninja's in C.o.A;

Ninja are by far the rarest troop type in C.o.A. They specialize in stealth and assassination and can swing the tide of battle with one or more of their special abilities. In order to earn ninjas you must attract them. To do this, you must earn honor! To earn honor in C.o.A you must defeat opposing kingdom leaders in personal combat. Once you gain honor, you receive a % chance of gaining a ninja every in game hour (honor x 2 = % chance of attracting ninjas). A maximum of 9 ninjas can be acquired.

The first of these talents is their ability to spy on enemy kingdoms. When sent to spy on another kingdom, your ninja (if successful) will return a tally of all constructed buildings.

The second special talent a ninja possesses is that of assassination. When deployed to assassinate, your ninja slip their way behind enemy lines where they receive a chance to assassinate the enemy hero you select. Results are based on a ninja vs all odds scenario (this is rare to pull off). This is considered a dishonorable act and will not count as a personal victory.

(Not implemented yet) Lastly, your ninja can be deployed to infiltrate the enemy kingdom as a friendly counterpart. If successful, your ninja will slowly undermine your enemies political core and eventually lower that kingdom's morale.!

General Purchases In C.o.A;

There are quite a few things you can spend your gold on in C.o.A. Major products/commodities include; Buildings (see building list below), Land, Mercenaries, Offensive Troops, Defensive Troops, Troop Upgrades, Castles and Castle upgrades.

Land: Land can be purchased for $500 per acre until one exceeds the rank of Lord, at which point your hero's status is one of delegating land, rather then purchasing land from a local Lord or higher ranking official.

Mercenaries: Mercs can be purchased for 50 gold each. Your purchase amount of mercs cannot exceed 1000, as the local areas are effectively drained of resources at that point. You must attract mercs at this point. ALL mercs are consumed upon invading another kingdom or defending your own kingdom.

Offensive Troops: Off Troops are purchased at a rate of 75 gold, plus 5 iron each. You are limited in the number of Off Troops according to your land total and available barracks/sleeping quarters.

Defensive Troops: Dff Troops are purchased at a rate of 75 gold, plus 5 wood each. You are limited in the number of Dff Troops according to your land total and available barracks/sleeping quarters.

Troop Upgrades: The meat of your trained troops. Purchase troop upgrades at a rate of 100 gold, plus 5 iron for each point. Upgrades are commonly thought to be training, weapons, equipment etc.

Pirates: Pirates are the ultimate way to pester your enemies. Pirates can be set to patrol the seas and raid (raid mode) the kingdom of your choosing. An alternative is to set your Pirates to protect (protect mode). In protect mode, your Pirates will battle opposing kingdom's Pirates and help protect cargo shipped by sea. (See Shipping). Pirates can be commandeered within the Production Panel for 250 gold each.

Castles/Castle Upgrades: YUP! You can even build a castle in C.o.A. The is the main goal as a builder. A castle provides sleeping quarters for troops as well as defensive power against enemy attacks. Each upgrade for a castle allows for 50 more troop quarters and bolsters your Def Power by 25. A castle initially cost 10,000 gold and 5,000 stone. However after the initial castle is constructed, you can continue upgrades for 10,000 gold, plus 1,000 stone per level. A maximum castle level of 5 can be attained.


Castles are the backbone of your armies defense. Once a castle is constructed, your defensive power increases quite a bit. As you progress in-game, you can increase you castle's size for up to 4 more levels. Each tier increases your defensive power and makes your army increasingly more difficult to defeat. Each castle level also provides your kingdom the ability to house more troops at a rate of 50 troops / level. Here are the following tiers.

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Level 4

Level 5

  • Adds 50 additional troop capacity
  • Adds a 25 pt per tier modifier to total defensive power.
  • Adds 100 additional troop capacity
  • Adds a 25 pt per tier modifier to total defensive power.
  • Adds 150 additional troop capacity
  • Adds a 25 pt per tier modifier to total defensive power.
  • Adds 200 additional troop capacity
  • Adds a 25 pt per tier modifier to total defensive power.
  • Adds 250 additional troop capacity
  • Adds a 25 pt per tier modifier to total defensive power.


Building Type
Alchemist Hut
Alchemist Huts will allow the ability to transmute iron into gold. Each additional Alchemist will increase the percentage of material being transmuted. IE: 1 Hut transmutes 10%, 2 Huts 20%, 3 Huts 30% etc. Limit (10).
Altars reduce the price of mercenaries by 1d4 x the number of Altars constructed. Limit (6).
An Aviary increases the "Eagle Eye" spell's effectiveness. Each time an Aviary is constructed you are increasing the amount of airborne spy's your kingdom deploys. A maximum of 5 Aviaries can be built within a single kingdom. Limit (5).
Banks double in usefulness. A Bank protects against the "King's Ransom" spell as well as earns your kingdom general interest on gold accumulated. As you build more banks an additional 5% of gold is shielded from the enemies clutches. Interest is also gained at a rate of 1% per 24 hour period, per bank on your kingdom's total treasury. Limit (10).
Barracks are the forefront of any great kingdom. The more barracks you have, the larger army your kingdom can house, thus support. You gain an additional 50 unit slots for every Barracks constructed.

Blacksmiths work hard and help increase your troop upgrades by forging better weapons, making better armor, casting better molds and much more!

For each blacksmith shop you construct you add a x1 multiplier to your turns spent when upgrading troops. For example; If you have 2 Blacksmith shops constructed and purchase 5 points on upgrades. You will receive 5x2(+1) = 11 troop skill points. Limit (10).

Churches are a place of worship, no matter who your kingdom's main deity may be. For every Church constructed your morale will increase by 5 and your Hero's prestige will also increase by 1 . Churches are the strongest way to build morale throughout your kingdom. Make note however that morale increases are floating levels and the morale gained here, can easily be lost again through poor rulership.
Defensive Walls
Want to bolster your defensive power. Here is how to do it fast. Each Defensive Wall adds +10 to your kingdom's overall defensive power.
Dragons! Dragons are the backbone of any offensive attack. Crushing enemies on the ground and breathing fire from the heavens, these bad boys add +15 to your armies overall offensive power.

Tired of your population dying off? Build a farm, hell build a few. The more farms you buy, the more food you can gather when using your turns to gather food. Each farm adds an additional x6 modifier to your initial turns spent. For example; If you spend 5 turns gathering food and have 2 farms the amount of food gathered would look like this; 5 (turns) x 1d6 (random roll) + 2 (farms) x 6 (a maximum d6 roll).

*NOTE* Racial modifiers may also effect this total.


Foundries turn raw metals into iron. For every Foundry constructed, you gain a x6 modifier towards iron production. Example; 5 turns producing iron and have 2 foundries the amount of iron produced would work out to be; 5 (turns) x 1d6 (random roll) + 2 (foundries) x 6 (a maximum d6 roll). Limit (10).

*NOTE* Racial modifiers may also effect this total.

Can't keep up with your growing populace, then build a few Granaries! This structure produces food on the hour, every hour. For each Granary constructed, you'll earn an automatic 4 units of food per hour, using 0 turns.
Guard Towers

Guard Towers are dual purpose. They each add x5 multiplier to your kingdom's law level and +5 to your kingdom's overall defensive power.

*NOTE* The x5 multiplier is used in a total calculation of law. It is NOT a static bonus to law like a Townhalls law bonus.

Harbors increase your market sales by 1 per Harbor . Normally you sell any commodities at the market for 1 gold per unit. A harbor can increase the amount of gold per unit. Example; With 1 Harbor being constructed sales of 10 wood for sell for 20 gold, instead of 10. Limit (10).
Each herbalist hut represents a single herbalist. Herbalists travel along during exploration or kingdom assaults and help injured troops after battle. For each Herbalist you purchase, they save 1 life when it might otherwise be lost.
Inns a place of gathering. They also just happen to be a place of recruitment in C.o.A. For every Inn you construct, you will gain 1 additional mercenary per hour.

Lumbermills provide your kingdom with additional wood. For every Lumbermill constructed, you gain a x6 modifier towards wood production. Example; 5 turns spent gathering wood and having 2 Lumbermills would produce; 5 (turns) x 1d6 (random roll) + 2 (Lumbermills) x 6 (a maximum d6 roll). Result being from a minimum of 14 to a maximum of 42.

*NOTE* Racial modifiers may also effect this total.

Mage Towers

Mage Towers are designed to produce mana. For every Mage Tower constructed, you gain a x6 modifier towards mana production. Example; 5 turns spent producing mana with 2 Mage Towers would produce; 5 (turns) x 1d6 (random roll) + 2 (Mage Towers) x 6 (a maximum d6 roll). Result being from a minimum of 14 to a maximum of 42.

*NOTE* Wisdom and Racial modifiers may also effect this total.

Ranger Guilds
Ranger Guilds are the hangout of the outdoor adventurers. Building Ranger Guilds will up your anti at exploration. For every Ranger Guild you construct, you will further your land total by 1 acre during each round (turn) of exploration, plus gain a x1 multiplier towards your explorations success rate.
Slave Pits

Slave Pits are the bane of civilization, however, they CAN be very useful for that certain evil overlord in all of us. Slave Pits, increase population and production levels across the three standard commodities (wood, stone & food), yet will hinder your hero's prestige levels by reducing your overall prestige level by 1 for each Slave Pit constructed.

It can also effect your morale score by lowering it by 1, per Slave Pit, per hour if a random % dice roll is not exceeded. To determine this total, multiply your Slave Pits by 5 and you'll have your percentage chance of losing morale each hour.

Here is where your kingdom produces the finest calvary. Light and heavy calvary, frontline Knights, flag bearers and more all require steeds for combat. Constructing a Stable is a surefire way to accomplish this. For every stable you possess , your kingdom's overall Offensive Power will increase by 5 points.
Stone Quarries

A Stone Quarry produces stone for your kingdom. Stone is the core of your defensive ability. It allows castle construction and permits you to build most of the dominate buildings in the game.

For every Stone Quarry constructed, you gain a x6 modifier towards gathering stone. Example; 5 turns spent gathering stone with 2 quarries would produce; 5 (turns) x 1d6 (random roll) + 2 (Stone Quarries) x 6 (a maximum d6 roll). Result being from a minimum of 14 to a maximum of 42.

*NOTE* Racial modifiers may also effect this total.

Townhalls are help control the peace in your kingdom. These buildings help regulate law and order and boost your citizens morale. For every Townhall constructed your overall law score will increase by 1 level. However the +2 morale boost is a floating increase meaning that although your morale will go up 2 points after construction, it can be lost again later through poor management. Limit (10).
Wood Workers
Woodworkers are required for the construction and maintenance or Siege Equipment. You must construct 1 Wood Worker for every 3 pieces of Siege Equipment.
Breweries are at the top of the list for increasing your citizens morale. They supply all the local Inns with the finest brews, allowing your populace the ability to take a load off after a hard days work. Breweries work for you in multiple ways. First each Brewery will increase the kingdoms Morale level by 1 point per hour (5% chance per brewery). Secondly Breweries generate income from the many kegs of booze shipped abroad and drank within the kingdom. Each brewery generates 5 gold per hour. Limit (10).
Siege Equipment
Siege Equipment is part of every fine kingdom's offensive army. Siege towers, ballistas, trebuchets, battering rams, catapults and more are all part of these elaborate mechanisms. For each piece of Siege Equipment you construct, your kingdom's overall Offensive Power will increase by 7 points, however you will require 1 wood worker for every 3 Siege Equipment units.
Shipping Port
Shipping Ports do all the work for you. After you have constructed a Shipping Port, visit the production panel and ship off any of your unwanted commodities to far off lands. When the ships return (each hour), your kingdom will profit 3 gold per item, per Shipping port. A great way to make some quick cash if your patient. Limit (2).
Plantations are a combination of Farms & Granaries , well kind of. Plantations consist of many different types of crops, including coffee, sisal, sugar cane, alfalfa, oil seeds and many tropical fruits. In C.o.A Plantations work for you, once constructed they produce 1-20 useable crops per game hour each. These crops can be converted into food for your kingdom's populace or shipped abroad for monetary gain. Raw food cannot be shipped.
Evil Temples
Evil Temples...whooo! So your into the dark side of reality eh? This is where it's at then. Constructing Temples are difficult and require allot of resources, but they are the fastest way to cross into the realm of evil. Evil Temples produce undead through the use of summoning circles. For each Temple constructed, undead will produce themselves at a rate of 1 per hour. You will suffer a -9 morale penalty on initial creation and will suffer a -1 static prestige penalty. Morale checks are also made against evil temples by the hour at a rate of 10% per temple. Failure indicates a negative 1 penalty to morale.
Pirate Dens

Pirate Dens work in a similar way to that of Inns. For every Pirate Den constructed you will gain 1 Pirate per hour. You also receive a 10 gold piece deduction for each Den constructed when commandeering additional Pirates. Limit (10).

*NOTE* You do NOT have to feed Pirates, they forge for themselves on the open seas.

This building cannot be built. It remains a hidden treasure of C.o.A and reveals itself when a secret task is completed.
C.o.A Item Listing

+1 Open Faced Helmet
Metal Helmet
Spartan Helmet
Wolf Helm
Shaman Helm
Mask of Dictation
Helm of Gor
Winged Helm
Barbarian Band
Horned Helm
+1 Great Helm
+2 Open Faced Helm
+3 Open Faced Helm
+4 Open Faced Helm
Padded Armor
Leather Armor
Studded Leather Armor
Scale Mail Armor
Chainmail Armor
Breastplate Armor
Woven Scalemail Armor
Splint Mail Armor
Ring Mail Armor
Half-Plate Armor
Field Plate Armor
Full Plate Armor
Gothic Plate Armor
Hard Leather Armor
Broad Sword
Broad Axe
Great Axe
Great Sword
Great Maul
Long Sword
Double Axe
Morning Star
+1 Bastard Sword
+1 Medium Shield
Metal Shield
Tower Shield
Tower Shield +1
Tower Shield +2
Tower Shield +3
Tower Shield +4
+2 Medium Shield
+3 Medium Shield
+4 Medium Shield
+5 Medium Shield
Large Shield
+1 Large Shield
+2 Large Shield
Leather Gloves
Light Gauntlets
Heavy Gloves
Chain Gloves
Heavy Gauntlets
Monk Sash
Belt of Ogre Power
Belt of Skills
Girdle of Storm Giant Strength
Belt of Endurance
Heavy Boots
Chain Boots
Light Plated Boots
Boots of Constitution
Boots of Speed
Ring of Wisdom
Ring of Power
Ring of Defence
Ring of Command
Ring of the Ruler
Amulet of Protection
Scarab of Power

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