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 Post subject: Whisper Altradeus
PostPosted: Thu Jan 19, 2017 5:12 pm 

Tue Jan 10, 2017 6:01 pm
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Whisper Altradeus
XP Threeve
HP: Total:22 Current:22
AC: 9 (Clothing)
STR:8,INT:18,WIS:11-10% chance of spell failure ,DEX:10,CON:11,CHA:14+2 Reaction Adjustment
High Int = +2 1st level, +2 2nd level, +1 3rd, +1 4th

Current Spell Allotment with bouses:
1st level 4 total
2nd level 3 total

Contents of the Runestick currently carried
0: you can cast x3 of these per day
1: charm person, chromatic orb, sleep
2: web, invisibility

Current spell inventory
0 Acid Blob
Acid Blob
Acid Blob
1 Charm Person
Charm Person range 120 yds
Chromatic Orb - pg 3020 - can be hurled up to 30 yards away ranged atack
Sleep - pg 279 range 30 yds
2 Web pg 301 range 5 yds / level so 15 yds

Inventory: clothes, satchel, dagger, spell components(in satchel), runestick (traveling spellbook), bracers of thievery*, purse with 350 gp, signet ring of house Altradeaus (2000 gp value), old tattered journal with missing pages and some entries describing past adventures, cloak*, beetle*, empty ancient lorian amulet - repaired by beetle, leather pouch with - an agate, an amethyst, four rubies, 50 platinum pieces. Tiny scroll tube ! to be opened in 2 days(?). Glaive +1*. Platinum ring(*?) - has a rune that represents beguilement and charisma. A cube of wood and glass - a piece of parchment is inside with gears and blades that is likely to shred the paper if not opened in an exact manner. A palm sized book of portraits of different faces.

beetle*: you have an animated spherical scarab insect creature made of living metal, impervious to fire, cold, or electricity/poison/mind spells. You can communicate with it via empathy and telepathy. It is a special creation of Lor, and you can see through its senses. It can help you find hidden things, interrogate others, or translate various languages and access obscure knowledge. It keeps watch over you while you sleep and can set off traps, steal things, or hunt for small prey. It can create structures or repair broken things e.g. a log cabin, or fix a sword, staff, etc It can be given tasks such as go into next town and fetch water and supplies, or go deliver a message to the mayor of the next town. It speaks in your exact voice if commanded to speak. If damaged, its metallic form regenerates as a troll might. The beetle is the size of a large apple and is of dwemer make.

bracers of thievery*-?


amulet of Lor - broken relic - amulet is 35% repaired, arcane blacksmith needed and 5 diamonds worth 10,000 gp to complete next stage.

languages spoken: common, Dwemer (ancient dwarven), ancient common, high elven (royal elven)e via , Jez'zur (French in Scarlor), orcish
written: common, elven, dwarven, ancient common
nwp: etiquette, diplomacy, appraising, tactics of magic, spellcraft, navigation
wp: staff, glaive (on each throw it returns to the thrower who must make an AC 10 to hit check to catch, failure on that requires a DEX check at 1/2 to avoid damage)
secondary skill: Trader/Barterer


You have vague images of a past that no longer actually exists, as you were thrust down a different treebranch of an alternate reality by the deity Lor. However, these beings some of who actually were previously slain are still at large in this universe and may be different from before. You remember being part of a family, and involved in some struggle against the black imperium. I have a vague notion of having lived in a castle in Lor. I also have a sleek feline physique. tiny scar on left side of neck, that when touched I experience a flashback of a drow-elf, fighting goblins, hiding in trees with a pair of fierce women, a knight, a fate elf with a funny mustache, and me.

Memory 2 - I recall running through a thick wood, pursued by a flock of assassins from the city of my birth Tunis. I was dressed in the gear of a true rogue at the time. I was able to make elaborate traps and over the course of a couple of days had thinned out the assasins enough to make good my escape.

Alternate Power:
as recompense for playing with your existence and reality the priesthood of Lor grants you the ability to become a fire elemental once a month, for an entire hour. In such a form you're able to also unleash fire based spells gratuitously (e.g. burning hands, fireball, etc.) You cannot be dispelled or banished in this form, fyi. If you die in this fire elemental state, you simply revert to your human form intact and unscathed. The transformation requires 1 hp. Transformation into fire elemental also cures poison and disease, madness, fear, blindness, or enchantment. can tap into the elemental power for effect and demonstration with no impact. Can unleash a flamethrower like attack without diminishing much power.
(Used up: days remaining to full recharge 30)

Missing two teeth - does that lower CHA or impact spell casting?

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