Act 2 Scene 1: “Legend of The Crown” (Game Thread)
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Author:  TristenC [ Thu Feb 22, 2018 4:46 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Act 2 Scene 1: “Legend of The Crown” (Game Thread)

The music plays long into the night, fears and concerns for the moment forgotten; driven back by laughter and camaraderie. Friends and acquaintances and strangers mingle in the modest public house; the dark and the cold at bay for now. The long and difficult journey before lies waiting on the morrow, but tonight... tonight fellowship struck a chord to galvanize the soul.

Author:  TristenC [ Fri Feb 23, 2018 7:24 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Act 2 Scene 1: “Legend of The Crown” (Game Thread)

This scene was a bit shorter than usual, but I wanted to go ahead and calculate xp before the expedition. I also found it helpful for myself in realigning the flow of the campaign after my impromptu hiatus. We also have a few new characters in the mix (Adrastia arrived recently, Adran returned this scene, and one more PC will be showing up along the way). But enough of that..


XP and Rewards (for game day 3/2/736)
Party: Follow the map found in Jackques’ cabin (hopefully) to where the Crown of Souls/Soldiers lies
Party: Retrieve the Crown and bring it to Akriel, whose betrothed can (hopefully) discover a way to use it to send them home!
Adran: Find clues to decipher Tannis’ manuscript
Adrastia: Follow the lead to (hopefully) find the source of her hated prey.
Artanis: Gather supplies for Rautant (listed) partial completion
Jerry: Somehow use the crown to lay her father to rest

Group Rewards:
Story xp:
“For the Crown…”: 100 each (getting more details, accepting the quest to find the crown)

Act 2, Scene 1: "The Legend of the Crown"

Individual XP:
Adran [ThaWizKid] Male Elven Mage (3) Militant Wizard Kit
[Current 5,990 xp]
Group Reward: 100 xp
Misc Rp: 75 xp (sharing about journal, offering to let others inspect it, interest in Tannis’ missing journals)
“Under the Radar” 75 xp (agents of aglos could be anywhere, calming pyros, not wanting to attract attention in inn)
“Helping Hands”: 100 xp (insisting on helping Akriel, interest in library, friendly with group, planning,
Subtotal: 350 (+10% for high Int) = 385
Total: 6,375 xp (10,000 TNL)

Artanis [Kerap] Male Half-Elven Ranger/Druid (3/3)
[Current 5,662/5,182 xp]
Group Reward: 100 xp
Breakdown: General 100 = (50/50)
Total: 5,712/5,232 xp (9,000/7,500 TNL)

Cross [Rivi] Male Elf Mage (3)
[Current 8,849 xp]
Group Reward: 100 xp
“Fine Feathered Friend” 100 xp (rp w/familiar Fenrir. Questions, explanations, repeated engagement. Take him outside)
Subtotal: 200 xp (+10% for high Int) = 220
Total: 9,069 xp (10,000 TNL)

Jerry [Chris1234] Female Half-Elf Cleric/Mage(Dweomerkeeper) (2/2) Undead Slayer kit
[Current 5,075/4,565 xp]
Group Reward: 100 xp
Cantrips 10 xp (Mage Only) (5/ea cleaning clothes, fixing hair)
Cantrip Chantry: 10 xp (little flavor)
Misc Rp: 75 xp (Papermaking, jewelry for protective amulet, w/ group about father)
“The other half (elf)”: 75 xp (about father w/merrick, relationship w/merrick)
“All a bit… personal…” 50 xp (intensive questioning of Akriel, about ‘new faces’, in keeping with her suspicious personality)
Breakdown: General 310 = (155/155) + (0/10)
Subtotal: 155/165 (+10% for high Int ) = 155/182
Total: 5,230/4,747 xp (7,500/5,000 TNL)

Mira [Jenara] Female Human Bard (5)
[Current 11,664 xp]
Group Reward: 100 xp
"Girl talk": 75 xp (with Elsa w/Allison and Sabrina)
Cantrips: 5 xp (5/ea; perfume for Elsa)
Cantrip Chantry: 5 xp (little flavor)
Misc Rp: 100 xp (Defending Akriel against Jerry, insisting on one last show, talk with Erris, kender wrangling)
“The masks we wear” 25 xp (upset over yasir)
Performing: 50 xp (minor performance)
Subtotal: 360 xp
Total: 12,024 xp (20,000 TNL)

Pyros [Nocturno] Male Kender “Handler”[Theif] (5)
[Current 11,347 xp]
Group Reward: 100 xp
Roguery: 600 xp (200 each; pick lock to meeting with Akriel, going upstairs, hiding)
Kender Antics: 100 xp (coffee!!! Fidgety and impatient at table, at meeting, all about the journey, no punctuation)
Kender-boy, awaaaaay! 75 (solo exploration at the Old Kartakan, picked lock before realizing they had the key)
Misc Rp: 25 xp (with Mira, with others)
Subtotal: 800 (+10% for Dex) = 880 xp
Total: 12,227 xp (20,000 TNL)

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