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Author:  TristenC [ Fri Aug 28, 2015 6:28 am ]
Post subject:  Artanis Auir (Kerap)- Private Thread

Artanis Auir by Kerap

Half-Elf Ranger/Druid (4/3), NG
XP: 9,665/6,484 xp (18,000/7,500 TNL)
Stats: Str 13 (wt allw 45, OD 7, Bb/Lg 4%); Dex 16 (+1 mssl attk, +1 react adj, -2 AC); Con 14; Int 12; Wis 14; Cha 15 (+3 loyalty base, +3 react adj)
Ht: 5’6” Wt: 152 lbs
AC: 6 (-2 dex, -2 Leather)
Current Hp: 18/26. Status: Normal (Mv 10/12)

Saves: PPDM (10); RSW (14); PetPoly (13); BW (16); Sp (15).
(+2 evasion from Dex, +2 vs Fire/Lightning druid)
Special: Fear: (9); Horror (12); Madness (17) [Includes Half-elf bonus of +1 to fear and Horror]

WP: Longsword +1 (1d8+1/1d12+1) sf 4, Shortbow (1d6), Shortsword, dagger. Thac0: 17 (16 w/missle weps, 16 w/+1 longsword), 2-Wep style (no penalty to 2-wep fighting. Can use 2 med weps)
NWP: Tracking (15 class), Survival Woodland (12 class), Direction Sense (14), Weather Sense (13), Local History Faerun (15), Bowyer/Fletcher (15), Animal Lore (12), Alertness (15)(CR),
Languages: Common, Elven (Shadoweir), Druidic (Class), Dryad (Shadoweir), Pixie (Shadoweir), Orc, Hobgoblin, Gnome.
Harmonian (8+5%) = 13%

Racial bonuses/abilities: (Half Elven)
30% resistance to sleep/charm, Infravision (60 ft), +5% Hide
Detect Concealed or Secret doors (10 ft): Inactive(0;1/6); Active(2/6;3/6)

Class/Kit bonuses/abilities
Ranger: 2-weapon fighting (no penalty in Std Lea or less), Animal empathy, Species Enemy (Ghast/Ghoul: +4 to hit, -4 reaction), Hide/Move Silently (Base 20%/27%)
Druid: +2 saves vs fire/electric, divine spellcasting,
@L3: Identify plants, animals and pure water with 100% accuracy
-free bonus woodland language every 3 levels
Shadoweir: No armor penalties in Elven Chainmail

HS: 25%(20 base, +5 race), MS 27% (27 base). Halved in urban setting.

Equipment: [weight in lbs], {objects in container}
Worn: Leather Armor[15 lbs], Sturdy leather boots, cotton shirt, brown breeches, Longsword[4], Silver Longsword[4], Gold Longsword [6], shortbow[2], quiver{24 flight arrows, 7 iron, 9 silver}[5.2], dagger [1], spell components bag (1gp)[1 lb], survival kit [0.1], Wilderness Harness [1]: Wt Carried: 39.3 lbs

Backpack (worn) [2] {silk rope 25’[4], flint and steel[0.1], waterskin (nearly empty) [1], Bowyer/Fletcher tools[1], 100 ft strong wax fishing line, 21 flight arrows [2.1], Parchment 5x, ink[0.1], quill} Wt Stored: 10.3 lbs
5pp 142gp 5ep 141sp 29cp [6]
Total Eq wt: 55.6 lbs (Lt enc with pack, Unencumbered w/o pack)

Magic: (Priest)
Major access: All, animal, combat, elemental, healing, plant, time, wards, weather.
Minor access: Divination, travelers

Spells Memorized: (2+2/1/-/-/-/na/na)
1st level: Cure light Wounds, Cure light wounds, Endure heat/cold, Entangle
2nd level: Produce Flame

Author:  thefallenson [ Fri Aug 28, 2015 7:32 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Artanis Auir (TheFallenSon)- Private Thread

Tall and broad shouldered for a half-elf. At 5'6" and 152 lbs he can even look down on some humans. He has long flame colored hair and piercing green eyes, which he got from his human side. He has a dark tan, and weather burned cheeks, covered in a bushy beard the same color as hot iron. His skin is scared with the marks of ritual and advancement within his circle, the Shadowiers.

He is normally found in his uniform of station, a suit of leather armor. He carries a minalmalist amount of gear for survival in the wild, and is armored with a matching long and Shortsword. He also carries a shortbow that originally belonged to an elf girl he met in the woods by the name of Glinel. They met in the woods near Shadowdale, as she was on her way to Rashtan. She had recently obtained a new bow, and seeing Artanis without one, the chatty, bubbly elf girl kindly gave him her old bow, which was and remains in good condition.

Artanis is known to be reserved, observant and a good listener. His sense of humor tends towards irony and light hearted sarcasm. He is a friend to all manner of beasts. He can be nervous around women at first, but as people get to know him, his listening skills seem to draw the women to befriend him just because he’ll listen. Often it will seem like he is a counselor.

Step 1: 5 character defining concepts
1. Artanis was raised within the faith of Mielikki, specifically a fundamentalist version of her church. Brought up in a communal environment, where the concept of self was replaced with love for the whole of creation. All creatures have a place.
2. He has been raised with the knowledge that his people, the half-elves, are tainted by the touch of civilization and that this taint causes them to be the perfect vessel to maintain the balance in the world. Blessed to forever to protect the natural order, and serve the good of all. He was groomed to become a Shadoweir, a guardian of the balance.
3. His mother, a human Druid, and his father, an elven Ranger, assisted in his upbringing as part of the commune located in Cedartops Grove.
4. Life in the wider world is confusing for Artanis, who was raised in a much more regimented, and supportive environment. He doesn't relate well in large crowds of people, but is more comfortable in smaller group settings. He’s most at ease with members of his own faith, or animals.

Step 2: List two goals for Artanis
1. The guiding purpose in Artanis' life, is to find his place. To understand why he is needed in the world. His mission in The Spine of The World, has brought him much satisfaction, but he yearns for more.
2. He would like to find another like himself to apprentice into the fold of the Shadoweirs. This goal was given to him by the Shadoweirs, and may or may not be a goal he is adamant about pursuing. Time will tell.

Step 3: List two secrets, one you know, one the character knows.
1. (known) Artanis has committed what he considers a murder. Early in his teen period, he was out with a hunting party from the Cedartops Grove commune. They came across a group of young hunters chasing a large bear and her cubs, the Grove party fell upon the unaware human youths. One face, haunts Artanis, a beautiful young girl...a girl he had run through with his sword. This memory will sometimes cause him to question the whole “balance” doctrine.
2. (Unknown) the Shadoweir sect he belongs to has perverted the message of his Goddess.

Step 4: Describe at least three people that are tied to the character. Two of them are friendly to the character, one is hostile.
1. Pollut Tallfellow, is a powerful member of the clergy of Mileikki, a high ranking Druid and the leader of the Cedartop Commune. He was the man who taught Artanis all he knows of the woods and of his Goddess.
2. Nora DuBoius, a hedge witch and community alchemist. She lives in Coldtrees, a small village in his patrol area. He brings her hard to find reagents and she would feed him a spiced meal.
3. Bheakum the Everlasting, a Ghul Lord and powerful necromancer, has hunted Artanis for the past 13 years. He has a personal vendetta against the Artanis for sealing him beneath an ancient ruin in the Moonwood.

Part 5: List 3 important memories for Artanis
1. Artanis remembers the birth of his little sister, it was one of the first real memories he has of his family being more than just the commune. Of his mother and father acknowledging him as their son. It was a wonderful time for him.
2. He remembers the first time he killed for his faith, the first time his teacher held him and blessed him for his bravery, he remembers the scared eyes of that young girl. He'll never forget.
3. His first love was a Dryad, Elm Sister Metellia, she hardly knew he existed, but his memory of her emerging from her home to soothe an injured fawn gets him through cold and lonely nights.

Positive Traits:
: Reserved, observant, listener
: Dedicated to his faith

Negative Traits:
: Prone to brooding over past events

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Author:  TristenC [ Wed Sep 02, 2015 11:25 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Artanis Auir (TheFallenSon)- Private Thread

Almost utter silence accompanied Artanis as he moved through the familiar undergrowth. Only the barest whisk whisk of leather and the quiet panting of his faithful companion Winnix, the wolfhound he had rescued what seemed ages ago, made any indication of his passage.

Beside him was Erodh; a Shadoweir like he but older, more experienced, and the leader of his small sect. The three moved as one, as they had so many times before… though not so much lately. Lately Artanis had been allowed to investigate and patrol on his own. Well… with Winnix, anyway, he thought to himself.

A gentle breeze stirred his Auburn hair and his mind drifted to the reason he was not here alone. An old mentor, a friend really… almost a second father, had asked him to accompany Erodh on this particular investigation. Further he drifted, he could see old Pollut Talfellow in his mind’s eye. Not then in his priestly vestments, seated beneath an elm on a lichen-covered stone by a babbling brook.

Artanis… Art… he had seemed almost uneasy, very uncommon for the confident man.
Art, I want you to go with him… I need you to go. Something… unseen… is happening. We need to know what it is. It’s not just about the investigation. I need someone I can trust. Fully. Letting out a long sigh, his old mentor truly looked his age for a change. No more would he say about it.

Artanis had heard, and he had gone. Gone on an investigation that either he or his partner would have been more than enough for. Gone as a favor, but not understanding why. Partner… Again his mind wandered, now in a direction it sometimes took when he was around this older Shadoweir… to her.

She couldn’t have been more than 14 when she died. He had not been much older himself, back then. Rushing through the trees, his adrenaline high, his panting breath and rapid heartbeat sounding thunderous to his own ears; Artanis ran. Nervous, but unquestioning, he had followed Erodh. Erodh was the strike-leader. Erodh was training him, he had to impress him. Erodh was young too, leading his own first mission. They were hunting men who were hunting bears. The poaching of animals enraged the young Shadoweir; Artanis too. They would find these irreverent humans and mete out Justice. Such a powerful word.

Erodh signaled to slow and he did, along with 3 other trainees; all half-elves like he, all destined to be Shadoweirs like Erodh if they completed their training. Together they crept up on the group of humans who had in turn been creeping up on a mother-bear and her cubs. The young half-elf trainees made more noise than they should, but the dull ears of the humans failed to detect them anyway. The hunters were all young, young like them. Erodh signaled again, and they spread out to each cover a hunter. Fortunate, they were matched in numbers. With surprise on their side, the Shadoweirs would easily prevail. Erodh watched the leader of the hunting party, a boy of no more than 19 years, as the human drew his bow.

Finally the signal for attack came, and as one the young fey descended upon the party. Erodh struck the leader who fell with a pained cry and turned on his back to face them, fear in his eyes. Artanis lunged for the nearest human, his youth and anger fueling his strike, he would fell this man in one swing! And then she turned… an unarmed girl. The frightened shock in her eyes froze his blood as he stood there stunned, his sword still thrust through her chest.

NOOOOOOO! A cry of utter anguish erupted from the hunt-leader as he crawled and clawed his way towards the girl. With a flourish, Erodh stepped on the man’s lower back and drove his blade into his spine. The young man's final glare of loathing and anguish siezed Artanis’ eyes as the light of life drained from his face. Frantic, Artanis pulled his eyes away only to find those of the beautiful young girl before him. In panic and fear he took up a stone and smashed it into her face; anything to break that haunting visage, persistent even in death. Again and again he struck her, until her body fell clear of his blade; her face a ruined mask of blood that he could no longer identify with those innocent eyes.

Great work Art! Erodh said proudly. Look here, men. Art finished his with one sword-blow! The other half-elves nodded appreciatively and murmured admiration. Dropping the stone, Artanis moved away as much to check on the she-bear and cubs as to escape the praise that wrenched his soul.

Snapping back to reality, he realized Erodh had been talking quietly for some time. … why we have to be proactive about this.

Wait, what? Artanis responded.

With a long-suffering sigh, Erodh said, The Humans, Art. We have to be proactive! We can’t keep waiting for them to do something horrible, we have to stop it before they get the chance! Half of the time they’ve already butchered everything by the time we even hear about it. Shaking his head, anger crept into his voice, We need to stop them beforehand. Now. We should show them we won’t be lax anymore… the only way they understand… the last was said with a tight grip on his longsword. What do you think? Are you with me?

(OOC: sorry for the first-post-flood)

Author:  thefallenson [ Wed Sep 02, 2015 8:28 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Artanis Auir (TheFallenSon)- Private Thread

"What are you talking about? We are supposed to observe and report, that is what master Pollut ordered." He hated the talk of renewing the old violence and strife, why should it matter that the humans wanted to expand at all? Weren't he and all of his 'brothers' blessed because of their human blood? He thoughts raced as he watched his friend and nominal superior...they had all belonged to Erohd in some way since that day. Micah, had died five winters after that...but Grouse was still very much alive and a part of Erohd's circle. Artanis had always tried to keep his distance, but the deaths of those young people had become a primal connection he shared with Erodh.

He took a knee and checked for trail sign, signaling for Winnix to give the trail a sniff. The two shifted naturally into this practiced old routine. He moved slower than normal, he was distracted...his thoughts elsewhere. "Why would we provoke them at this point?"

Author:  TristenC [ Thu Sep 03, 2015 6:47 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Artanis Auir (TheFallenSon)- Private Thread

I'm not talking about this investigation. I'm talking about the future. I'm a little further along than you... I'm not supposed to tell anyone this, but I may be advancing soon. He glances at Arturis to see his reaction.

They're going to give me a team of trained Shadoweirs, and we can pick our own investigations and missions! he continued excitedly. We can do the stuff that really makes a difference! There is a fervor building in his voice that makes Artanis uneasy. Grouse is already on board... I need people I can trust. People I know share the same passion.... I wish Micah were still around, he'd leap at the chance to do some real good...

Artanis checks the faint trail as Erodh talks. It seems to be nothing more than a stag. Judging from the depth and quality of the tracks, it was taking its time and being overly cautious. It was also a very healthy specimen, perhaps one of the largest in this region. At Artanis' command Winnix snifs back and forth over the trail several times until he has the scent fully, which only takes him a couple of minutes.

[OOC: don't forget to pick a fourth 1st lvl spell to have memorized in your next post. we'll just assume Art prayed for it this morning. So far I have you down for:
Cure light wounds (2x), Entangle, blank slot.
If you want to change any of the other ones now that's fine too; but we'll need to have them picked out before we go much further]

Author:  thefallenson [ Fri Sep 04, 2015 7:21 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Artanis Auir (TheFallenSon)- Private Thread

Be careful that darkness does not swallow you and those that choose to follow you, brother! I will follow the teachings of Master Pollut for now, though I will ongrgulate you on your forthcoming promotion to aspirant pack leader. He spoke in a slitely subdued manner, his head bent in difference to the older and more skilled member of his order, an almost animalistic show of respect.

"A Large stag came this way, looks healthy...Winnix could track its scent.He seemed very sure of himself, but his face betrayed the warring emotions wishing. Grouse and Erodh were good friends, and actively pursuing the men who harmed the woodland s seemed a good idea...but death would follow, lots of death.

(I choose Shiliegh)

Author:  TristenC [ Fri Sep 04, 2015 9:10 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Artanis Auir (TheFallenSon)- Private Thread

[OOC: Shillelagh, excellent choice! Do I detect a hint of celtic heritage IRL in your spell/hair color/class selection?]

Erodh shakes his head at Artanis' first comment, looking further into the woodlands to avoid the topic. He nods hia head offhandedly at the younger Shadoweir's congratulations, as if it were expected.

Once he hears of the stag he begins to speak, but a tumultuous crackling crash of the underbrush to the east silences them both. Winnix crouches, ready for attack

Author:  TristenC [ Mon Sep 14, 2015 2:16 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Artanis Auir (TheFallenSon)- Private Thread

[Ooc: Haven't heard from you in a little bit, thought i'd post one in case you missed the last one. No time limits or anything during the solo-runs so no worries. Just wanted to make sure everything is ok. ]

Author:  TristenC [ Thu Dec 03, 2015 9:14 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Artanis Auir (Kerap)- Private Thread

[OOC: Kerap, glad you're taking over Artanis. It always sucks to se a good/unique character go to waste. We'll just pretend Winnix is Erodh's dog, so he has a reason for still being around at the moment. You may begin to post here whenever you are ready and done with the re-work.]

Author:  kerap [ Thu Dec 03, 2015 5:09 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Artanis Auir (Kerap)- Private Thread

I copied and pasted the background info into Word. I'll tweak it and then copy and paste it into a PM for you. Then you can replace that portion with a simple edit. I'm keeping most of it with just a few changes. One in particular will be the personality - it's impossible for me to role play someone that is humorless.

For my final equipment tweak (really trying to get him unencumbered) I'll reduce the length of silk rope from 50' to 25'. That will save him 5 gp and 4 lbs. (It seems like no matter how much rope a PC has, it's always 1' too short! :lol: )

Edit Add: I'll add 5 pieces of parchment (5 at 1gp ea = 5 gp) + vial of ink (8gp) + quill pen (A druid/ranger should find it easy to get a feather quill pen). I think this will tie in nicely with the Local History NWP - Notes.

Edit Add #2: Unless I missed it in the character creation thread, the PC's need to purchase clothes? If so, this dude didn't have any! 8O And while he has a high Charisma, I don't think the locals will appreciate him running around in nothing but Leather Armor.

Author:  TristenC [ Fri Dec 04, 2015 1:00 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Artanis Auir (Kerap)- Private Thread

Pasted in your revised background. One set of clothes is free, you can purchase more if you want. I'll add the other equipment soon

Author:  kerap [ Fri Dec 04, 2015 4:08 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Artanis Auir (Kerap)- Private Thread

OCC: My tweaks are done, other than buying a set of extra trousers and shirt. And to make sure he has a pair of boots. No barefoot druid/rangers for me. Ready to roll.

Artanis Auir

Artanis became alert at the sound of the crashing to the east. He had his weapons at the ready - the short sword in his left hand, and the long sword in his right hand. Still the conversation was disconcerting - This wasn't about maintaining the "balance", this was terrorism! He thought to himself. His thoughts continued: Is this why Pollut Talfellow wanted him to tag along with Erodh? To uncover this plot? Or did Pollut want him to join Erodh? Artanis was unsure at the moment, an emotion he did not care for at all.

He scans the underbrush for the source of the sound.

Author:  TristenC [ Sat Dec 05, 2015 11:52 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Artanis Auir (Kerap)- Private Thread

Artanis draws his weapons, though his thoughts still drift to their conversation… Pollut had been… vague at best. Perhaps this was a test… or perhaps this was deadly serious. Erodh’s comments were quite disconcerting, but he had little time to reflect on them at the moment

The trio don’t have long to wait at all, as the crashing sounds draw near. Suddenly a massive Hart bursts forth from the thick woods around them. He stops, in surprise. The magnificent animal has a ruddy hue to his fur and the shaggy wool at his neck is thick and speckled grey. His broad antlers bore branches upon branches of points, and Artanis stopped his quick count at twenty, though there were at least a dozen more. It was probably twenty hands tall, and neither of the Shadoweir’s would come so high as his shoulder if they stood beside him.

The stag stared at them for a moment, and gave a short shiver. The animals of the wood were well known to the half-elves, but this one he could not recall. A collection of deep gouges and claw marks littered the deer’s flanks as if it had been torn at by something the size of a bear… but the marks were wrong… Glancing quickly behind him, the stag came to stand behind them. Winnix whined and sniffed the stag’s flank, licking the wound once in a comforting gesture.

A faint mist had started to gather in the direction the wounded animal had come from. It was somewhat common in the deep of the moist forest where sunlight was faint, especially this time of year. It threatened to hinder their visibility however. Never seen one of those so large… Erodh practically whispered, though whether it was about the Hart or the thing that had attacked it he could not be certain. He made two quick hand gestures in the silent way of the Shadoweirs; A command to advance with caution. Winnix took the lead, padding silently through the trees and avoiding the path the stag had taken.

[OOC: added your equipment stuff in. It’s obvious to the two half-elves that this is definitely the creature that made the tracks]

Author:  kerap [ Sat Dec 05, 2015 5:06 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Artanis Auir (Kerap)- Private Thread

Artanis Auir

Artanis followed behind Erodh as the trio silently advances. Artanis' mind is processing what he has just saw and so recently heard. Those were not the claw marks of any bear he has seen before. And most bears would not attempt to bring down a hart that large. The past fifteen minutes certainly has given him much to think about, and none of it was positive. And now the forest mist is developing. There seems to be a pattern of bad things happening, whenever he's with Erodh.

Artanis stops his musings and focuses on observing where they are going and the surrounding area.

OOC: Another minor thing to add to the character sheet, for the swords and dagger. This goes WAY back to my tabletop playing days in 1982-1984. For each sword and the dagger, he will take a nice, sturdy leather thong (like a decent sized leather shoe lace) and make a loop strap that is secured to the hilt of the swords and dagger. When grasping the weapon, the hand will go through the leather loop strap first and then grasp the hilt. Thus, during those instances where a weapon could be dropped, it slips out of his hand, but does not fall to the ground. It just dangles from his wrist. :D

Author:  TristenC [ Mon Dec 07, 2015 12:38 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Artanis Auir (Kerap)- Private Thread

[OOC: I do that with my chars melee weps too ;) Only problem is when he needs to swap to his bow fast :p ]

The Shadoweirs advance slowly, hardly making a sound. Winnix moves forward far enough that he blends in with the thickening fog. As they follow, doubts and fears about his ally moved to the back of his mind and he focused on the moment at hand. A chill seeped into his skin with the mist, and it felt significantly colder in this obstructed space than the shaded wood before. A quick shiver ran through his companion said that he had felt it too. On they crept, until a low growl from ahead froze them in their tracks. Winnix had found something… Risking a few silent steps more the other half-elf approached and focused on a dark blur low to the ground that must be the wolfhound, before waving Art forward to join him.

Before he could respond, a pair of glowing golden orbs appeared in the dim. They hovered at least six feet above the forest floor and moved in concert with each other. Erodh stared at them with curious confusion. A numbness sank into Artanis as realization broke like the dawn… eyes…

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