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Author:  Jenara [ Tue Nov 29, 2016 5:18 pm ]
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"Something came, I could tell." She keeps her eyes on the window and wraps the blanket around herself fighting the cold as she shivers once more. "Perhaps 'she' is tied into this place, the nightmares.. perhaps killing you isnt the idea, its to taunt you?" Mira suggests, he had to tell her, not her ask.

Author:  kerap [ Tue Nov 29, 2016 5:40 pm ]
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"Taunting me? That's a possibility. But...but she almost had an expression of compassion...why? I was the one that...killed her. And why the warning or announcement that "He Comes"? He who? Coming where? When? How? Did she mean Eldroth? But he ordered them killed. He who?"

Author:  Jenara [ Tue Nov 29, 2016 6:03 pm ]
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"Perhaps she forgave you." Resisiting the urge to hug him she keeps her distance. "This place does things to you, wait long enough and you might just figure it out." holding the blanket close she ponders this new infomation, this had obviously shaken him, looking close she could see his eyes, the haunted look.. A girl was invloved.. would he ever trust her?

"Do you think he would come here? Eldroth?" She asks, that question was possibly too much.

Author:  kerap [ Tue Nov 29, 2016 6:16 pm ]
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Artanis continues to try and wrap his head around this. Am I going mad? I enjoyed the being happy mad more than the frustrated mad.

"It's possible that he is here. We were in the woods together, fighting that werewolf. He was injured...disappeared into the mists before me. Forgave me? From the grave? crazy as this sounds, I was saving money to try and hire a priest to bring her back. But she died in the Realms - we're not in the Realms. How..." He shakes his head as if clearing cobwebs out of his skull.

"Wait. Mira? What dreams have YOU been having? Where are the others?"

Author:  Jenara [ Wed Nov 30, 2016 3:08 am ]
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"No we aren't, we are here and all we have is each other. Even that silly Kender, it's probably best if we don't think how we got here." She replies kindly, "Nothing is impossible, it's just how you go about doing it, at home I was struggling to survive, here.. I appear to be adored by many."

"Me? I see us all falling to temptation, Yasir.. Elsa.. me.. we succumb to the darkness, and like the book says one by one we fall till the last one standing ends the blackness." Shuddering despite the blanket she wishes someone would hold her. "I saw you all coming, when I was here alone. My dreams seen to have foretold us meeting.."

"The others are here, they are getting together downstairs, Jerry... Shes one troubled lady, I left her cuddling Merrick in her room.. that howl.. All I could think was its Yasir, he'd die before becoming that, he did it to save me, to save us all." Her eyes flashi with intelligence as she regards him. "You think me a whore, because I fell into his arms, but if this it... I'd rather end it knowing I was loved, that I had a single ounce of pleasure."

Author:  kerap [ Wed Nov 30, 2016 4:26 pm ]
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Artanis regards the woman for a moment as his head clears. Was she lecturing me? Or is this how most women act? And why the comparison to Jerry? Gads! Now THAT woman was a s*ut if he ever saw one! She slept with the first man that gave her the time of day! But this woman, Mira, seemed to be...well...I have no idea.

"I have little to no interest in returning to the Realms. I left nothing there and no one behind. I plan on learning the language, culture and residing here - perhaps hire on with the town watch. Use my woodsman skills to hunt those creatures. Why do you say that all we have is each other? To date, all the "group" has done is shop and eat. Yasir is an interesting fellow - strong, brave, excellent swordsman, a good story teller, but a drunkard. A question for yourself to answer: Would you say it is love you found with him, or simply lust?"

Author:  Jenara [ Wed Nov 30, 2016 4:56 pm ]
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Mira allows herself a moment to congratulate herself, her plan had worked, he was focusing now.

"Consider this, what if we were doing those things to get the people to accept us, these people like me, I have Friends here. I have located a History of this place, a way to get us to this Crown. Perhaps this Dr. can give us money, or leave this place." She keeps her voice calm, relaxed.

"Yes, he is a drunk, there is darkness in those eyes, behind that bravado there is a secret I have yet to learn. I accept that and I accept that I don't know him fully, are things we experienced lust?" She shrugs, the blanket falling slightly, "Maybe, is there more behind it? I hope there is, but if there isnt I will accept that and move on with my life. If you don't experience anything, you might as well be dead." She regards him with bleary eyes, her hand on her head.

"You want to use those skills? To be useful? When we leave this place we are on our own. I.. we.. we need your help, your input, Pyros respects you and thats tough, the others... they need direction, I doubt many of them are used to the wild." She slides down the wall, her body slumping to the floor, the emotional drain finally taking its toll. "They look to me, I can't lead them to Skald, you can."

Author:  kerap [ Wed Nov 30, 2016 5:22 pm ]
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Artanis regards the slumped bard for several moments and leans against an adjoining wall. He now recognizes the strain Mira is under - as she was speaking direct and clear. "The songbird is not the eagle and the eagle is not the songbird. Mira, you cannot be everything to everyone - if you do, you end up exhausted, slumped against a wall, in the room of someone you don't particularly like." Artanis manages a slight smile at his attempt at humor.

"I have no idea what this Crown is or who this Dr. is, but I'll assist the group to Skald and back - as my woodsman skills may be useful. And it will get me out of town and into the outdoors. But only on two conditions: 1) That you take time in the evenings to teach me the local language, and 2) You quit running yourself to exhaustion. Everyone needs YOU to be healthy."

Author:  TristenC [ Wed Nov 30, 2016 5:47 pm ]
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Mira and Artanis hear Pyros calling from the top of the stairs:"Hullo! Where did everyone go?"

Author:  Jenara [ Wed Nov 30, 2016 5:48 pm ]
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"I believe I can do that." Mira speaks quietly, resting her head in her hands, red strands fall everywhere as she takes a deep breath.

"The langauage isnt too hard, once you know how." Her voice is small, lacking the usual bluster for once, "Who am I if I am not needed?" She asks, making no effort to move she rubs her eyes with the sleeve of her nightdress.

(And thats how Elsa will find her..)

Author:  TristenC [ Wed Nov 30, 2016 6:24 pm ]
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Elsa rushes into the doorway and motions for someone in the hall to wait. Carefully she approaches the bard, M... Mira? Did something happen? Are you ok? the diminutive cleric lightly scrubs at Mira's tears and touches her arms to help lift her up. Art, what happened? What was that sound we heard?

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Author:  kerap [ Wed Nov 30, 2016 6:28 pm ]
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Artanis calls down to Pyros: "The door's open mighty fisherman Pyros."

"Being needed and running yourself to exhaustion don't need to be the same thing, Mira. And for what it's worth, you have earned my respect. And I shall endeavor to work with alacrity so to earn yours."

Ever respecting modesty the ranger keeps two arm lengths away from the young woman as he continues to lean against the adjoining wall. "You have keen senses, Mira. As you still feel the chill from the spectre that was here - your proof that it was no dream."

Author:  kerap [ Sun Dec 04, 2016 2:56 pm ]
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I believe these were already what he had selected for spells, but I'll post it here so it's near the end of the thread (for now) and not buried somewhere.

Spells Memorized: (2+2/-/-/-/-/na/na)
1st level: [Cure light Wounds, Cure light wounds, Endure heat/cold, Entangle

And of COURSE I had to fit in that gravy/grave line. It was just begging to be said. :read:

Author:  kerap [ Sat Dec 10, 2016 3:15 pm ]
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One thing I personally am having trouble "tracking" is the blood. Does it appear to be all associated with the dead guards and Jacano? Because Jacano's would be well dried by now.

Author:  TristenC [ Sat Dec 10, 2016 3:21 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Artanis Auir (Kerap)- Private Thread

All of the blood in the kitchen seems to be from the guards blood in the cell area seems to have come from whatever was tearing open the portcullis.

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