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 Post subject: Character Creation
PostPosted: Sun Dec 28, 2014 4:19 pm 
Elven Princess
Elven Princess
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Sun Mar 21, 2010 12:00 am
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All characters_have eight prime attributes, three mental and five physical. Attribute numbers are used to evaluate the strengths and
weaknesses of your character. For example: "P.P." means Physical Prowess (IE Dex)- how smooth and agile a character may be, especially in combat.
- A P.P. of 4 indicates that the character is pretty clumsy.
- A P.P. of 8-1 I indicates a character is fairly average.
- A P .P. of 16 or higher indicates a character with exceptional agility and reflexes.

The first step in creating a character is to roll up the eight attributes:
I.Q (Int)
M.E (Wis)
M.A (Chr)
P.S (Str)
P.P (Dex)
P.E (Con)
P.B (Chr)
And Spd.

Each should be rolled sing 3d6 linked from Invisible castle, I'll allow you to roll 8 dice, and put them in whatever order you choose.

If an initial attribute roll using three six-side dice (3D6) adds up to a 16, 17, or 18, that attribute is considered exceptional and the player rolls one additional six-sided die (1D6), and that resulting number is added to the total for that attribute. If another six is rolled (a rarity), roll yet another 1D6 for that attribute.

Each score over 16 gives bonuses to certain skills, as shown below.
File comment: Modifiers
Att Scores.JPG
Att Scores.JPG [ 31.97 KiB | Viewed 10281 times ]

These scores are affected by the skills a character takes, which you can find below.

The whole character creation rules are here:

Characters have Hit Points (Ie life) and SDC (bruising etc)
All Chrs have:
SDC of 1D10+12 (modified by skills)
HP equal to the PE score (this goes up by 1d6 per level)

A good list is found HERE
But in essence, there is NO Neutral Alignments in this game, there are:
GOOD ALIGNMENTS: Principled (LG) & Scrupulous (NG)
SELFISH ALIGNMENTS: Unprincipled (CG) & Anarchist (CN)
EVIL ALIGNMENTS: Miscreant (LE), Aberrant (NE) & Diabolic (CE) [I might accept Miscreant..]

I'm starting all PCs at first level, and the classes you can choose are:
Autistic Psychic Savant (Think "Rain Man" with psychic powers)
Diviner (The Diviner is a psychic who is sensitive to mystic, psychic and supernatural energy)
Genius (Turned Potential Psychic Energy toward a particular area of skill expertise or physical perfection)
Latent Psychic (An individual who possesses some psionic abilities but neither fully accepts nor understands them.)
Medium (Talks to Ghosts)
Psychic Sensitives (Sense the presence of others, feel evil, see the invisible, glimpse the future and ride the Astral Plane)
Physical Psychics (Able to exert influence over the physical world with the power of his or her mind)
Fire Walker (A Physical Psychic whose focus and powers involve heat and fire.)
Psi-Mechanics (Build machines that will help him tap into his psychic potential.)
Psychic Healer (Think your average healer on TV, but can actually do something)
Parapsychologists (Think Ghostbusters),
Ghost Hunter (Think Dean and Sam Winchester)
Nega-Psychics (psychics whose great disbelief in the supernatural actually disrupted its presence)
Ordinary people. (You or me)

Each Class is listed here:

Each class gives you a list of equipment, which we can tweak (the game was written in 2004.. so we can include tablets, smartphones and the like..


All Characters have the following:-
Mathematics: Basic- Can count and do simple math.
Language: Native Tongue- Speaks the common, local language).
Literacy: Native language- Reads and writes local language).

Your remaining skills are created based on your actual "Job" you can roll it at random or choose, I'm happy either way.
01-02% Antiquities Consultant
03-04% Antiquities Dealer
05-06% Antiquities Rare Book Dealer
07-08% Artist: Illustrator Freelance
09-10% Artist: Fine Arts or Crafts
11-12% Athletics: Amateur Competitor
13-14% Athletics: Extreme Sports
15-16% Athletics: Fighting Competitor
17-18% Athletics: Sportsman/Outdoorsman
19-20% Automotive Mechanic
21-23% Bounty Hunter
24-25% Communications Engineer
26-27% Computer Programmer
28-29% Computer Technician
30-31% Construction Worker
32-33% Criminal: Con Artist
34-35% Criminal: Hit Man/Assassin
36-37% Criminal: Professional Thief
38-39% Espionage Agent
40-41% Entertainer
42-43% Factory Worker
44-45% Firefighter/Fire & Rescue
46-47% Journalist/Media Reporter
48-49% Landscaper/Grounds Keeper
50-51% Medicine: Medical Doctor
52-53% Medicine: Paramedic
54-55% Medicine: Psychiatrist
56-57% Medicine: Veterinarian
58-59% Police Officer
60-61% Police Detective/CSI
62-64% Police Undercover Officer
65-66% Police Tactical Assault/SWAT
67-70% Private Detective/P.I.
71-73% Professional Driver
74-78% Psychic Investigator
79-84% Psychic Professional
85-88% Scholar/Engineer/Scientist
89-91% Security Specialist
92-93% Skeptic/Debunker
94-95% Stage Magician
96-97% Survivalist/Militia
98-00% Writer: Freelance

So thats the basics of the rules. Character Sheets will be added soon.

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Forum locked This topic is locked, you cannot edit posts or make further replies.  [ 1 post ] 

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