CH. 14: Darkest Hour
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Author:  Chris1234 [ Sat Apr 08, 2017 3:49 pm ]
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"Well, I've got a few scratches," Shima agrees. "If you've finished eating, we can go for a walk. It's good for one's health."

When Gobax is ready for walkabout, and they're on their way without eavesdroppers, the dwarf quietly relates, "I offered to help Ne-Chanz to a job.On completion, someone's supposed to tell us where to get the two women that stole from him and some of the rest of you, too. I got damaged and made the mistake of going to the temple for healing. They wanted me to do another job that I've changed my mind about but that means some spell they put on me cut in and apparently my luck gets worse every day. Oh and the bastards confiscated all my special weapons." Shima shrugs. "Now, what's your story?"

Author:  JadedDM [ Sat Apr 08, 2017 7:26 pm ]
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Tulbas Erogund (Tower of Wayreth, Unknown Floor on AT 15)
Wand in hand, Tulbas leads Selowen through the rest of this floor without further incident. Although along the way, they hear sounds from both above and below them of people yelling or screaming, minor explosions, and even the roar of beasts. Eventually, they make their way to the stairs leading down to the next floor.

Author:  HorizonsDream [ Sat Apr 08, 2017 7:50 pm ]
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Kendra lets out a small sigh, and goes about making breakfast for the both of them. Once done, she eats in silence, then wakes up Sadron after she is done eating. "There is breakfast if you want it," she says. "I have to go."

Author:  BishGada [ Sun Apr 09, 2017 11:20 am ]
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Tulbas peeks down the stairs. Verifying the noises are far away from them he starts descending and once the floor below is visible looks for a place they can hide, at least partially while considering their next move. "How is your leg?" he whispers to Selowen.

Author:  JadedDM [ Sun Apr 09, 2017 6:01 pm ]
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Kendra Synclair (2527 Market Street, Greylock's Gorgeous Gems)
"Fine," Sadron says simply, getting up. "Have fun bringing glory to the Dragon Queen's name." Not even looking at her, he starts for the kitchen.

Tulbas Erogund (Tower of Wayreth, Unknown Floor on AT 15)
As they are descending the stairs, Selowen says, "Same as before. Still busted up."

When they reach the bottom, they find themselves in a very large room where a battle has clearly taken place recently. There are burn marks on floors and walls, furniture has been overturned and scorched and there are a few bodies strewn about. Some are wearing white robes, some red robes and other black robes. It looks like it was quite the fight, but it's all quiet now.

Author:  HorizonsDream [ Sun Apr 09, 2017 8:13 pm ]
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Kendra frowns deeply as she watches Sadron's back, then lets out a sigh and leaves. What else was she going to do? She heads to the armorer, as she knows that the armor that she doesn't really want is ready.

Author:  TristenC [ Mon Apr 10, 2017 5:31 am ]
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The goblin finishes his meal, thanks Shima and walks with the dwarf after, speaking on the sensitive subjects only when he can be sure they're not overheard. The ones that stole from us?... I already found them.. they are part of the group that... that captured that renegade cleric about 10 days ago... They're somewhere in the noble district now... and agents of the church, no less...

As the conversation rolls on he becomes more curious, Oh... so their price for healing you was this job? If it wasn't something you were willing to do, why did you take it? There are herbalists and natural healers in town... Even I have some skill in binding wounds... Wait, they put a spell on you to ruin your 'luck'? What, like a curse or something?

Author:  Chris1234 [ Mon Apr 10, 2017 10:20 am ]
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"Renegade cleric? One from the dragon-temple?" queries Shima, visibly surprised. "No, two jobs. One was to help Ne-Chanz. Do that job and we get information on where the two women are. In the course of that, I got fairly badly damaged, so I thought the temple would fix me for nothing but they gave me another job. It's the second one that I subsequently decided not to do. OK, I thought I could do that and then they wouldn't fins me in the city. Or I could leave the city. Nothing has really shown up so far, but I have this nagging feeling that bad luck is accumulating for me. I suppose you could call that a curse, yes. Whatever it was, it was a spell cast on me before the cure spell."

Author:  Haahque [ Mon Apr 10, 2017 2:48 pm ]
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The days when Haahqae would cheerfully greet the new day with a big smile at the waitress and ask her what was on the menu for breakfast before figuring out who he could help with their problems were long behind him. These days he merely entered the common room, barely registered the other guests and ate his meal; the same thing as the day before; in solitude, not speaking to others unless they spoke to him first. Occasionally his old personality would surface and he would make an effort to be friendly, but usually his distrust from his betrayals, grief from losing Ismene and guilt for the misplaced blame left him sulking in a corner as he ate.

Today was a usual day.

Haahqae was often uncertain of if he should strike back at the army or if that was just going to make things worse for everyone, as usual, and he should just wallow in despair. His practical side told him that wallowing wasn’t going to solve anything, but it hurt to even think sometimes after all that had happened. Still, it would feel great to punch the smile off a baaz if he was allowed. Neither method seemed to be helpful and both just drove him further into despair.

I suppose I should try thinking strategy. I’ve been pretty cowardly lately, not very heroic at all. I say I’m a hero and that I can do anything, but I’ve been avoiding the places that could maybe help me out for far too long. Maybe I’ve grown too reliant on invisibility. Just because the keep and the manor are protected from invisibility doesn’t mean I can’t go there anymore, I used to be really good at remaining out of sight even before I had magical aid. I should go learn some more about my enemy, for if I don’t know what I’m up against, I cannot overcome it. Would you like to see the manor or the keep today?

Haahqae could strike a blow at the soldiers, at least with a little planning and utilizing his failing resources he’d wager he could still cause some substantial damage to the army’s rations, and with winter on its way and way too many soldiers-per-farmer in the city, any damage he causes to the army’s supplies would create plenty of headaches for whomever is responsible for feeding them all. However, if he did this, chances are the stupid brutes would just steal from the unprotected citizens of the city. Which is pretty much the opposite of what Haahqae wishes to achieve; fed soldiers with starving honest folk was already far too common in this town.

But is the alternative to do nothing? That can’t be right. Perhaps a scouting mission will give him ideas, or at least take his mind of despairing things for a few moments of peace.

Author:  JadedDM [ Mon Apr 10, 2017 4:49 pm ]
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Haahqae (Steel Tankard Inn, Room 15)
'Both of those places sound dangerous,' Miracle comments. 'It might be a better idea to find some food and someplace warm and wait out the winter.' As a lower animal that only recently acquired sapience, Miracle had a hard time grasping such abstract concepts like 'revenge.' She still viewed everything through the lens of eating, sleeping, and living long enough to create offspring. This meant avoiding predators that were stronger and more numerous than oneself at all costs.

Kendra Synclair (Osred's Armorer Shop)
It is around Second Watch by the time Kendra reaches the armor shop. She steps inside and encounters the same man who 'measured' her for he armor originally, Osred. Osred now worked exclusively for the army and outfitted all of the troops. "Ah, it's you. Well, you're prompt, I'll give you that," he says.

He steps into the back for a few minutes and when he returns, it's with a full suit of masterwork studded leather armor. The armor has been dyed black and custom fitted just for her. On the chest is the sigil of Takhisis, the five-headed dragon. On the right arm is a red ring resembling an armband, to signify she is part of the Red Dragonarmy, specifically. As dark and deadly as it appears, it's the most beautiful craftsmanship Kendra has ever seen. Not even the Seekers provided her with such well made armor before.

Author:  HorizonsDream [ Mon Apr 10, 2017 6:41 pm ]
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Despite the fact that the armor is probably some of the most beautiful armor she has ever seen, Kendra isn't sure she really wants to wear it. "It's beautiful," she says as she takes the armor from him gently. "You did a fine job," she adds. ~Even though you felt me up when doing the measurements,~ she thinks to herself.

Author:  TristenC [ Mon Apr 10, 2017 8:49 pm ]
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What? Renegade of the dragon-queen? No, that cleric that was captured served another diety. He was a Dwarf. I'm surprised you didn't hear that, everyone has been talking about it, theh even made announcements about his upcoming execution... So they put a spell on you, but so far it's just an ominous 'feeling?' And it only came i to effect because you wouldn't do the second job?

Suddenly Grubnick recalls the talk he had with the half-elf girl...

Author:  Chris1234 [ Mon Apr 10, 2017 10:18 pm ]
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"All correct. What dwarven deity would that be?" asks Shima, avoiding commenting on his non-relationship with other dwarves. " And why the interest?"

Author:  BishGada [ Tue Apr 11, 2017 5:00 am ]
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"I was being polite." Tulbas growls quietly to himself. Nevertheless he hands the wand to Selowen, "Keep watch. Shoot anything black robed. I'll give you a quick check." he says while kneeling and adjusting her binds to hold the leg a bit better. Although he is a bit nervous, and Selowen comment didn't help much, it is obvious he is working gently and caring. "Lean on the wall and let the leg rest. I'll quickly search the bodies for anything they may help us survive." He says and does, also looking at the room for the exits.

(OOC: I'm surprises mages don't hold their books on themselves. I though Jinali would have one and Tulbas will be able to give it to Haaque.)

Author:  TristenC [ Tue Apr 11, 2017 6:18 am ]
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What? Dwarven diety? I don't remember saying it was a Dwarven god... i'm not even sure if they announced who he followed. I only mentioned him because the people you and Ne-Chanz were searching for were among those that captured him.

He seems surprised by the dwarf's last question, Oh... I dunno. The dragon queen has changed everything around here. The reason i'm interested is that I just want to get a real idea of how the church operates. I'm running out of coin and i need work. They'll just tell me what i want to hear. I figure since you're new to town like me, and we kind of worked together once, and you have had actual dealings with the church that I could get an un-tinted view of how they deal with 'employees' from you.

[Jaded: Would the capture of Delharn not be public enough that Shima would know most of this? I feel like there is a lot of unnecessary confusion so far in this conversation.]

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