CH. 6: Nobody Expects the Occupation
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Author:  BishGada [ Sun Jul 26, 2015 11:49 am ]
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"It could be that the guards don't have to detect the magic, but the magic itself put their mind at ease with its presence and without it they suspect. They may have been trained to detect the magic effect on them." Tulbas suggests. "Indeed, this is an interesting concept. I could be wrong but I rather not test it tonight." Tulbas quietly discusses the matter with Haaque as far as they routes converge and then bid his farewell and go on with his errands.

Author:  TristenC [ Sun Jul 26, 2015 3:04 pm ]
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Letting the spell end, Grubnick replaces his holy symbol around his neck beneath his shirt. Digging a rag-wrapped oil fkask from his pack, he stashes it in his large belt pouch. He leaves his pack, weapons and shield in his room (save for the dagger in his pouch) just as before. He closes his window and locks his door as he heads back downstairs, beer in hand.

He takes a seat at the table between the Khas game and human 13. He will spend some time watching the game and listening to the lute (if the guy starts playing) while mulling over what he's learned.

If nothing else happens tonight, he will stay downstairs until late watch (10pm) before heading to bed intending to get up at morning watch (6am). He will do his best to keep from drawing draconian attention.

Author:  djhyland [ Sun Jul 26, 2015 8:09 pm ]
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"A...handshake?" she thinks. "After all that he has done for me, a handshake hardly seems to be enough..."

Despite her thoughts, Arulia does not dare to express her thanks otherwise. She takes the knight's hand in both of hers and holds them tight for a long moment. "I will be careful, and I will look for those who seek the light in this darkness." She squeezes his hands one last time before letting go. "Thank you, Sir. I am grateful for your guidance."

Author:  JadedDM [ Mon Jul 27, 2015 10:27 am ]
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Haahqae (Steel Tankard)
Haahqae examines the original document, but whatever magic is hidden within is invisible to the naked eye, so he can't learn anything about further about it. Taking the forgery, he makes his way back to the Tankard.

There is one checkpoint along the way. When he reaches it, he is immediately stopped. The draconians are quite pushy and are ready to arrest him straight away, but they relent when he shows them the forged permit. It seems to convince them, at least this time, that he has permission to be out. They let him pass reluctantly.

Once back inside, he heads up to his room to get some sleep. His situation hasn't changed at all today, but it's only been one day. Perhaps tomorrow will be different.

(OOC: End scene.)

Gregeddin (300 Market Street, Gregeddin's House)
Gregeddin heads to bed for the night.

(OOC: End scene.)

Tulbas Erogund (Alley behind the deserted building, Harbor District)
Tulbas leaves Gregeddin's, the real permit in hand. He has to cross five checkpoints and trek half way through the city to get there. Each and every time, the guards stop and hassle him. Even once he shows the permit and his ID papers, they seem skeptical, but eventually they let him pass. But it is very time consuming and it takes over an hour for him to get there.

After he says his piece there, he heads to the small graveyard near the temple of Takhisis, where his uncle was buried. This involves crossing only two checkpoints, but again, he finds it very time consuming to get through them. The draconians are naturally suspicious of anyone out after curfew, much less a young elf. This all takes twice as much time as it would have if he had simply waited until morning.

Once he reaches the graveyard, he finds it empty of any living souls. He returns to Raetmal's tombstone and says his piece there, as well.

Tulbas then heads back to the deserted building. The guards at the checkpoints recognize him now, but they still waste his time with lots of questions about where he is doing, what he is doing, and so on. By the time he finally reaches the building, it's fairly late, after Late Watch.

He wanders around the deserted building next to the brothel, a mere apprentice, alone and unarmed at night in an area of reported kidnappings where the only people nearby that could help him are monstrous elf-hating guards.

He uses a few cantrips to try and sense any magic nearby, but they all fail to find anything. During one such cantrip, three men in heavy cloaks emerge into the same alley, blocking his path. His keen elven hearing detects two more men coming up behind him. One of the men in front of him begins chanting while the other two draw daggers and move toward him. He can hear the ones behind him approaching, as well.

(OOC: Surprise roll for Tulbas (1d10): 8, he is not surprised.)

File comment: Key:
T - Tulbas
1 - Dagger
2 - Dagger
3 - Caster
4 - Dagger
5 - Dagger

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Arulia Seroth (323 Three Forks, Seroth residence)
After Arulia finishes speaking but before she releases the knight's hand, her mind is suddenly flooded with knowledge. What would have taken months or even years of training is imparted to her in seconds. She learns how to pray for spells, how to turn undead, how to use the divine power she is loaned to protect others. She learns that this deity she is touching was called E'li by her father's people. But most humans know him as Paladine the Platinum Dragon.

She does not recall any further of the dream after this, if she dreamed at all. But when she wakes up the next day, she feels peace in her heart and strength in her soul.

(OOC: End scene.)

Grubnick (High Hand Inn, Common room)
Not much happens for awhile. But eventually, the man with the lute stops tuning it and finally starts to play. Many of the patrons turn to listen, although a few--like the khas players--ignore him. Before he can even get started, one of the draconians (13) approaches. "Knock off that racket or I'll beat you to death with that thing!" he demands.

The lute player pales a bit and quickly stops and silence falls again within the inn.

Author:  TristenC [ Mon Jul 27, 2015 11:08 am ]
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Grubnick takes a quick look into the fireplace to see if there is a chair-leg sized stick; or better yet, a metal fire-poker. Looks like things are heating up...

He waits to see how the lute player responds and what the draconian does; planning to intervene if the musician seems likely to be hurt.

Ooc: I presume a fire is lit with the cold. Does Grubnick notice anyone else preparing to do something (I.e. draconians coming to harrass, others preparing to help)

Author:  JadedDM [ Mon Jul 27, 2015 12:35 pm ]
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Grubnick (High Hand Inn, Common room)
Grubnick looks over at the fireplace and does indeed spot a metal fire poker leaning against the stone fireplace (which is lit). The goblin then looks over the crowd. Nobody looks particularly eager to come to the musician's defense. Some are watching the scene warily, some are deliberately avoiding eye contact with the draconian.

The draconians, however, are watching with interest and look ready to jump in if needed.

Satisfied, the harassing draconian turns away to return to his fellows. Tensions in the room seem to lift a bit. The lute player nervously stands to leave, but his hands are sweaty and he drops the lute. It hits the ground with a loud 'CLANG' sound. The draconian stops in mid-stride, cringing. He turns back to the lute player furiously.

The lute player holds up his hands defensively and tries to say something, but it comes out jumbled nonsense. The draconian stalks back toward him. The lute player backs away, not watching where he's going, and trips over a chair, falling onto his back. The draconian picks up the lute and then smashes it against the table, destroying it. He then tosses the remains into the player's lap.

Author:  TristenC [ Mon Jul 27, 2015 2:55 pm ]
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Assuming the draconian isn’t looming too closely over the musician, Grubnick helps the man to his feet and slips him a couple of steel pieces; careful not to let the lute fall again. Perhaps you had better cut your losses and head back to your room when they aren’t looking, Grubnick whispers to him.

If the draconian is still watching (which I presume he is), Grubnick stands in front of the fireplace. Yeah! that stuff was too noisy anyway, he says to the draconian. What you want to see is a real show! Sirrion preserve me, what in the nine hells am I doing??

Taking out the flask, Grubnick tears off a strip of cloth from the rag before wrapping it around the head of the fire-poker and tying it tight. Grubnick treating the strip with enough lamp oil for his performance; but carefully so any excess only drips on hearth stones and not the wooden floor. Re-corking the flask he Keeps it in his left hand with the rest of the rag for wiping and re-fueling.

Nothing has been a greater symbol of power, of danger, even of life since the dawn of creation like… tipping the head of the poker into the flames he holds it before him, letting his eyes catch the light as he almost-whispers reverently …fire!.

Leaning back he tips the new torch towards his mouth and extinguishes the flame (ooc: proficiency check necessary for regular performance?) Re-lighting he holds the flame to his mouth, trapping vapors, and holds a small flame above his lips as he exhales. I hope that musician is taking the hint and getting out of here!

He continues with simple fire eating, holding and transferring tricks; all the while gauging the draconian reactions. If uninterrupted Grubnick finally proceeds to blowing powerful but quick bursts of flame into the air; careful to avoid any of the patrons, the draconian or any wooden surface (blowing into the stone fireplace if he must, but up into the gap in the balcony area if he sense that more spectacle is needed to keep the draconian attention.

Author:  JadedDM [ Tue Jul 28, 2015 9:52 am ]
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Grubnick (High Hand Inn, Common room)
Suffice to say, Grubnick grabs the attention of everyone in the room. Even the khas players look up at the pyrotechnic display.

Even the angry draconian seems impressed. He laughs and says, "Look at this, guys. Goblin must be part dragon." Some of the other draconians approach to get a better look at the impromptu show.

With everyone distracted, the lute player slips upstairs and disappears.


Grubnick gives the lute player 2 steel pieces.

Author:  TristenC [ Tue Jul 28, 2015 10:48 am ]
Post subject:  Re: CH. 6: Nobody Expects the Occupation

Once the musician is gone, Grubnick takes a quick break to cool his mouth off with his beer from the table next to the Khas game. So much for not being noticed... Setting the empty mug by the fireplace, he continues his show for a little while longer.

Pretending to rub his stomach with his left hand, Whew! I'm full from all that fire!. Grubnick lets out a long, quet belch; Blech! That stuff tastes better going down.... He then takes a couple of short bows and staggers a step. I think the fumes are getting to me... I'm gonna call it a night

Grubnick sets the head of the poker in the fireplace so the cloth strip will burn off quickly. He re-wraps the flask with the rest of the rag and returns it to his large pouch. Collecting any coins he might have gathered in his mug, he heads upstairs to bed.

Any protests to continue are met by politely declining. If the draconians or others become insistent, he responds with; If you guys really like the show, maybe I can do it again tomorrow night... Holding his chest lightly, his breathing becomes a little ragged; I'll have to get plenty of sleep tonight, though... It's not nearly as easy as it looks...

Once Grubnick is upstairs, he glances around quickly to see if there is any indication as to where the musician went.

(ooc: what time is it now?
edited: to fix a bunch of little typos. Hard to write so much on my mobile phone's tiny keypad :) )

Author:  BishGada [ Tue Jul 28, 2015 12:21 pm ]
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As Tulbas sees the trio and hears the chanting, he immediately raises his guards. 'It seemed a good plan at the time...' he thinks to himself, regretting not thinking it through and looking for a way out. He would have conversed with them, try to negotiate himself out of the situation, but hearing the chant he know he must act now. He quickly starts chanting preparing to cast the Sleep spell on the trio as his counter attack, and hoping the spell would knock them down, he runs to their direction as soon as he casts the spell hope to avoid the other two attackers.
(OOC: Does Tulbas sees any escape route? If possible in less then a round he will try to get out of the trio line of sight. Otherwise he will cast sleep on the trio.
Initiative: (1d10=1) nice...)

Author:  JadedDM [ Tue Jul 28, 2015 1:03 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: CH. 6: Nobody Expects the Occupation

Tulbas Erogund (Alley behind the deserted building, Harbor District)
Tulbas acts quickly, remembering his training. If he can disable the three ahead of him, he can run past them and hopefully escape the remaining two. Failing that, still it will improve the odds as it will be one against two instead of one against five. Speaking the words of magic, he points to the other caster and tosses a handful of sand. The sand flies forward, engulfing the three ahead of him in a cloud. Tulbas then rushes ahead, expecting to run by their slumbering forms.

However, something rather unexpected happens. The assailants seem to be fighting off the spell! Two, including the caster, fail and drop to the ground asleep. One of them, however, shakes off the spell completely and intercepts Tulbas, preventing his escape.

This allows the two behind him to catch up. With confidence, they lash out at Tulbas' unprotected back with their daggers. But to their surprise, some invisible shield deflects them. Good thing the elf had cast Armor on himself earlier!

The remaining assailant in front of him strikes with a dagger, as well, but is likewise thwarted. "What is this? He's...he's a magic user!" he says in surprise. "Get him! Don't let him cast!" he warns the others.


Tulbas (1d10+1): 1+1 = 2
Assailant 01 (1d10+2): 3+2 = 5
Assailant 02 (1d10+2): 8+2 = 10
Assailant 03 (1d10+1): 3+1 = 4
Assailant 04 (1d10+2): 5+2 = 7
Assailant 05 (1d10+2): 1+2 = 3

Round 1!

Tulbas casts Sleep, centered on Assailant 03, affecting (2d4): 3 HD worth of enemies.
----Assailant 01 resists magic [20%] (1d100): 36, fail. They fall asleep.
----Assailant 02 resists magic [20%] (1d100): 13, pass. They resist.
----Assailant 03 resists magic [20%] (1d100): 62, fail. They fall asleep.
Tulbas moves forward but is intercepted by Assailant 02.
Assailant 05 hurries after Tulbas. They attack Tulbas from behind (+2 to hit) with a dagger (1d20+2): 8+2 = 10, miss.
Assailant 03 is asleep.
Assailant 01 is asleep.
Assailant 04 hurries after Tulbas. They attack Tulbas from behind (+2 to hit) with a dagger (1d20+2): 9+2 = 11, miss.
Assailant 02 attacks Tulbas with a dagger (1d20): 6, miss.

Haven Alley 02.jpg
Haven Alley 02.jpg [ 77.32 KiB | Viewed 6584 times ]

Grubnick (High Hand Inn, Common room)
These Baaz may be intimidating and rather hostile, but they seem easily distracted. They 'ooh' and 'aah' at the display, completely mesmerized. When the show is over, several people drop some coins into his mug, even the draconians. He counts about a score of coppers within. Not enough to cover today's expenses, but not bad for an impromptu performance.

By now it is Late Watch. Grubnick heads upstairs and spots the lute player, still carrying his broken lute, over in the northeast corner, looking down from the balcony, having apparently observed the performance from there.


Grubnick earns 20 copper pieces.

Author:  TristenC [ Tue Jul 28, 2015 1:44 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: CH. 6: Nobody Expects the Occupation

Hey, Grubnick calls quietly to the musician, motioning for him to come over. Do you mind if we talk privately for a moment? I'd rather not stand up here where those things can see me... he says quietly, giving a small shiver.

Author:  JadedDM [ Wed Jul 29, 2015 9:25 am ]
Post subject:  Re: CH. 6: Nobody Expects the Occupation

Grubnick (High Hand Inn, Common room)
The man walks over to Grubnick. "Figured there'd be a catch. Nothing is free, after all," he says. "So out with it. What do you want from me?" he asks. The goblin gets a better look at the man now. He's in his early 30s or so with brown hair, dark eyes and brown skin. His clothes are finely made, or were; they have worn down a bit.

Author:  TristenC [ Wed Jul 29, 2015 11:15 am ]
Post subject:  Re: CH. 6: Nobody Expects the Occupation

Such gratitude… No. Patience Grubnick, he silently chides himself. Some seeds take longer to grow than others… Shrugging his shoulders, he replies I wanted to hear you play, that’s why I sat nearby in the first place. Handing him the coppers from the performance he continues; Consider that a donation to the ‘instrument repair’ fund… It was your audience, anyway.

Grubnick unlocks his room (since they are standing right in front of it) and lights a candle or two so the human can see inside. So, you mind if we talk about music a bit since I didn’t get to hear you play? Gesturing to the broken lute, Careful not to drop that again, I think we must be right above those draconians right now… You weren’t injured during all of that, were you? If the man seems hesitant to enter the room, Grubnick says; I’d rather have a door or a wall or even a whole floor between me and those things at the moment…

If the man agrees, Grubnick closes the door but doesn’t lock it so as not to make the man nervous. Sit anywhere, he says, moving his pack off the bed to the floor. He then closes the window and leans against the wall near it. What’s your name, by the way? Mine is Gobax Redbug. Once the man answers, he continues on; I’ve always loved music myself, though most of my kind don’t appreciate the lute. I like mostly intricate music, with a clean sound an interlacing fabric of notes and melodies… Of course, I love folk music too… You can tell a lot about a culture or people from the kind of folk music they produce….

Grubnick continues by asking questions about music and musicianship in general. After a little while, when the musician hopefully seems more relaxed, he says; It’s a real shame I didn’t get to hear you play. Those draconians are something of a menace. I was worried they were going to pummel me like they did to Znot, this goblin I know. Shaking his head sadly, he continues; The guy is a soldier, too. They just roughed him up for no reason. He had his papers and everything. Told me he’s heard of it happening to lots of others; goblins, humans, anyone… It’s even worse for the women…

Author:  BishGada [ Thu Jul 30, 2015 4:04 am ]
Post subject:  Re: CH. 6: Nobody Expects the Occupation

Seeing himself trapped, or at least unable to outrun his pursuers, the only defense Tulbas is left is attack. Knowing his 'Burning Hands' spell has its limitations, Tulbas moves a step towards the sleeping opponents and turns making sure none of the remaining opponents will be at his back and all of them will be concentrated in front of him.
Without a farther moment to think he casts the spell.

'No matter what direction you'll turn,
engulfing flames your flesh will burn.'

He quickly mutters and throws his arms forward, the bases of the hands touching one another and the finger creating a fan of flaming rays.

(OOC: crossing my fingers to survive...
Initiative; Dmg (1d10+1, 1d6 = 7,6) Dmg = 6/2+6 = 9
Init is not a great help to accomplish that...)

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