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 Post subject: Places and People
PostPosted: Fri Dec 21, 2012 12:42 pm 
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A quick reference guide for players about the places they've been and the people they've met.

This first post is dedicated to the fiefdom known as Dragonwine. It's a Lawful Neutral area in the most southern part of the kingdom of Swadia, on the continent of Gontoria.

Rotwein is the largest town in Dragonwine, and where the local countess dwells. The town is famous for its vinyards where it produces a number of unusual wines that are exported all over the continent and beyond. The town is protected by a large stone wall. The center holds the castle, then further out is the commercial district, and finally there's the residential district. A small creek runs through the town, separating the commercial and residential districts. Small stone bridges are used to cross it. Although crowded, it holds at least 1,000 souls.

Rotwein Gate.jpg
Rotwein Gate.jpg [ 154.18 KiB | Viewed 12701 times ]

Rotwein Residential.jpg
Rotwein Residential.jpg [ 185.85 KiB | Viewed 12702 times ]

Rotwein Creek.jpg
Rotwein Creek.jpg [ 209.79 KiB | Viewed 12702 times ]

The Snow Queen Inn is the only inn in Rotwein, although there is also a hostel and a tavern, as well. The place is comfortable, serving a variety of wines, both spiced and regular.

People of Rotwein

Orelel Kimiril - Orelel is an attractive elven woman that appears to be in her late twenties, at the oldest, but is in fact 145 years old. She was (and still is) fairly promiscuous, which led to her having a child so young (and because Echo is half-elven, the two now almost appear to be the same age). She has jet black hair, dark brown eyes, and tends to wear clothing that accentuates her curves.

Ol' Deg - An old man well into his nineties. He is just about entirely bald and stooped with age, but somehow still manages to run the Snow Queen Inn everyday. Presumably 'Ol' Deg' is short for something, but Echo never had asked. He has beady black eyes and a white beard. He has little patience for Echo.

Cyprian - A handsome young man that Echo found attractive when she was seventeen. After a month of wooing, he finally talked her into sleeping with him. It then turned out this was part of a bet among the other young men in town on who could 'defrost' the 'ice queen' first.

Unnamed NPCs include: the cooper, the cobbler, the tavern-keeper, the stablemaster, the weaponsmith, blacksmith, and the Magni warrior.

Brotherhood of Baerin

The Brotherhood of Baerin is a sect of the Gonto faith that feels helping others is just as important as maintaining order. Although they worship Gonto, they also strongly revere the great hero, Baerin, a paladin of Gonto that was said to have slain the mighty green dragon, Vile and carried a powerful, holy shield now known as the Shield of Baerin. The Brotherhood now seeks the shield in hopes of giving legitimacy to their growing faith.

Brotherhood of Baerin Pilgrims

Hollidan Redstone - A human paladin of Gonto. He looks to be around thirty or so, with short red hair and lightly violet eyes. He's handsome and clean-shaven, and his clothes are remarkably clean considering he's a traveler. He's polite, but fairly snarky and sarcastic. He's very laid-back, and has a tendency to shrug a lot. He is the son of a Countess up in Praven. He often sneaked out of the castle at night to mingle with the commoners. He has a strong desire for social justice, especially among the lower castes. He's friendly toward Echo.

Pharise Pietas Archonson - He is an old aasimar, meaning he is part-angel (specifically, half-Archon). Aside from his long, white beard he also has an alien face, green-tinted skin, golden eyes that almost seem to glow a bit, and slightly pointed ears. He seems to genuinely care about his people. Initially, he didn't think much of mages, and even less so of Echo. But she earned a bit of respect for him after saving the pilgrims from the two-headed trolls.

Cadegund - A human paladin of Gonto. She's a tall woman (six feet) with fiery red hair and burning brown eyes. She carries a dwarven arquebus in battle. She's hot-headed and fiercely loyal to the Pharise. She does not like it when people badmouth or disrespect him. Consequently, she does not like Echo. However, for whatever reason, she did not rat the mage out to the Pharise after saving her from the wolf pack in the forest. She was once a witch hunter up north. Argis suspects she joined the Brotherhood to atone for her past actions.

Gimog - Gimog is a dwarven cleric that was born in Crizza, far to the north. His clan was composed of smiths and ironmongers, but Gimog broke with tradition and became a scholar instead. Shunned by his clan, he traveled south to Gontoria until he met with the Pharise and was hired for his expertise. He then became a cleric of Gonto, in an attempt to find his place in life. He is indifferent toward Echo.

Argis Bulwark - A human paladin of Gonto, and leader of the paladins among the Brotherhood of Baerin. He's a handsome man with blond hair and a square jaw. Supposedly, he has a short temper. Echo has yet to actually meet him. He's married. His mother was a paladin, and he followed in her footsteps. He and the Pharise served in the same temple.

Nuvain - A young elf acolyte of Gonto. By human standards, he couldn't be older than seventeen, at the latest. His skin was a dark brown, but his eyes were a startling blue. He has a dreamy, far-off look to him. He's intensely curious about everything, and seems rather confused by humans (especially their strict taboos regarding sex). He has a fascination of magic. His older brother was a mage. The two once discovered what his brother believed to ancient ruins from Ruara. There was a demon guarding the ruins, though, and Nuvain's brother sacrificed himself to save Nuvain. The Pharise later found Nuvain wandering around aimlessly with a fever. He cured the sickness and invited him to join their pilgrimage. That was ten years ago, and Nuvain has been studying to become a cleric of Gonto ever since. He has a crush on Cadegund, but the paladin slapped him when he asked her to sleep with him. He is friendly toward Echo.

Issac - A man in his 20s with black hair, he was a minter in Rhodok before joining the Brotherhood. He was one of the people Echo helped rescue from the two-headed trolls. He's a tad irreverent.

Juban - A man in his 40s with red hair, he was a tax collector in Praven before joining the Brotherhood. He was one of the people Echo helped rescue from the two-headed trolls. He was also the one who gave Echo the tip that her father might be in Praven, serving as a tutor to the royal family.

Leonor - A widowed mother in her late 20s whose daughter, Sofia, was rescued by Echo. After her husband died, she asked a cleric of Gonto what her destiny was, and he suggested she join the Brotherhood. She has a crush on Hollidan.

Sofia - A six-year old, daughter of Leonor, who was rescued by Hollidan and Echo. She wants to be a 'flame sorceress' like Echo when she grows up.

Unnamed NPCs include: the young woman rescued, the old woman rescued, the other old woman rescued.

Village of Amere

A small village to the north of Rotwein. It once had a temple to Gonto, but it was destroyed by a dragon long ago. All the clerics abandoned the village, and the nobles no longer really care about it. Consequently, there's a sense of bleakness and resentment among the few people that still live there.

The Almond Inn is the only inn in the village. It's small and 'rustic' but warm, dry and at least fairly clean.

People of Amere

Unnamed NPCs include: the bartender, the old gnome, the old man, the young elf woman.

Vile Forest

The Vile Forest stands between the village of Amere and the Guardian Mountains. It is inhabited by wolves and owls, among other things. An abundance of blue mountain flowers grow here.

Inhabitants of the Vile Forest

Keet - A kobold thief from a small tribe that dwells in the Vile Forest. He was captured by Echo pilfering her stuff in her tent at night, and she hired him as a thief to help with the expedition. He seems very meek and cowardly and treats Echo with an enormous amount of respect. Once he got to eat twice in a single day; it was his best day ever. He is used to sleeping on rocks. He had never owned a possession until Echo bought him a cloak.

Unnamed NPCs include: the talking tawny owl

Guardian Mountains

The Guardian Mountains are home to a city of gnomes that are seeking isolation from the outside world. It is also home to an ancient temple of Gonto that has long since been abandoned.


A hidden city of gnomes within the Guardian Mountains. After a long war with the kobolds and dealing with humans, elves and dwarves, the gnomes sought isolation and built the city in secret before withdrawing from the world.

Unnamed NPCs include: the innkeeper, the tailor.

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