Cladmont Goings - Tornak and Adrik
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Author:  Squirrellord [ Tue Sep 03, 2019 8:09 pm ]
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Tornak listens politely and then starts firing off questions "Will the temple be guarded by anyone other than us? If so, have you verified them and their affiliations? Will the temple be cleared out prior to the meeting? Who have the family made enemies of? Have the flooded foundations been secured against intrusion? Have the fishmen been active in the region lately? Is the meeting outside of normal hours for the public to access the temple? Have you planned a route to the meeting and who knows of it if you have? Are we disguising the fact that we are heading to the temple with the Lady's son?" Magic. What defenses do you have prepared for magical intrusions? He pauses at this point to draw breath as well as allow Yongoth a chance to answer a question or two.

Author:  Nocturno [ Wed Sep 04, 2019 6:26 am ]
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Yongoth chuckles.

"The other party will have their own guards. The temple will be secured by the temple guards. I trust the temple and the Shagos delegation implicitly. It should be empty. We picked a time that no one would normally be there. There are large ledgers or enemies and allies for our family, and the other have made, but typically only for the course of the negotiations that are currently in the works. At this point we will need to be worried about the drug dealers who are trying to infest our Cities. The underside of the temple is part of the Triton community. I dare say it is more secure than most places above water." Yongoth does not make it nearly as long without a breath as the Goblin.

"The Sahuagin have been no more active lately than normal. They are always looking for ways to get in and penetrate the Cities defenses. We have not planned a route. We should be taking a random circuitous route. No, other than the random route no disguising. The temple is fully guarded against magical attacks. I trust them as I said before."

Author:  Nocturno [ Wed Sep 11, 2019 9:04 am ]
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"If there is nothing else, I will go ready myself. I will be back to collect you, please be ready."

Author:  Nocturno [ Sun Sep 15, 2019 8:01 pm ]
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"Keep up." Yongoth will find the trio and then depart. As he approaches the main doors, you notice a figure waiting. A Dwarf sized figure stands dressed in a cloak that covers their head.

"Yongoth! About time!" A slight impatient yet slight pleading tone can be heard from under the cloak.

"AH, young master Lunmumi, you seem to always be one step ahead!"

It will take about 30 minutes to reach the temple. From the maps you have seen, it should probably have only been a 15 minute walk at the pace Yongoth was setting. But this path had many turns, and it double backed in a few places.

You will see shops of all kinds. I will label up the map later if you want to make notes of any kind of shops. Every kind of shop you can think of is available.


You approach the Temple from the main doors. You are greeted by two heavily armoured Triton guards, and two Water Elementals.
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Yongoth will straighten to his full height and address the guards.

"Yongoth of House Onyxarm. I have with me Lord Lunmumi Onyxarm, and our guardsmen Lasher Tornak, Adrik Ungart, and Renwick Evenkeel."

The guards will look over the group. "The other party is in the waiting area."
Each X is another duo of Triton and Water Elemental.

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Author:  Squirrellord [ Mon Sep 16, 2019 6:02 pm ]
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Prior to leaving the Lady's residence, Tornak pulls aside his two companions and tells them "If things go bad, do your best to keep the baddies off me. I work best at range."

Tornak gives each guard the thorough once over eyeball, and nods after inspecting each one. He will keep silent and close to the lord he is here to guard.

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