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 Post subject: Re: Act 1, Scene 4: "Eroding the Wetrocks" (Main Game Thread
PostPosted: Thu May 28, 2020 5:29 pm 
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Thu Jul 16, 2015 3:23 pm
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Linar refreshes his Armor spell as the group contemplates the choices and challenges before them.

Afternoon turns to night and they set watches as the possibilities and hazards of each whirl in their heads. One in particular knows that before long, a hither-to unspoken journey should begin...


Closing this thread and locking. Next we will begin Act 2, and get away from the Wetrock Goblins for a little while (the dirty little buggaroos). As a side note, I am going to try to fix (and find!) my (previously defunct) campaign calendar! So we will have days, months, years, etc. Much better for tracking the passage of seasons and events. Once it is found [dug out of the trash] and refurbished [beaten with a hammer until it works] I will subject the group present it in the Party knowledge thread... [cough]

The tribe had basically holed up and sent for aid (in the form of three goblins in a bearskin suit, tee-hee). There were a couple of ambushes set, one at the falling-rock trap near the entrance, and another that was basically where the final fight happened. Though the party managed to take the initial guards out in the first ambush and not raise an alarm, the other encounter was different. All of the goblins had orders to 'get everyone' if the PCs showed up.

The party tried to draw them out for their own ambush. It was a decent plan that might have worked if the aforementioned orders had not been in place. The orders were mainly due to the fact that this location has been attacked three times in the last few days, (Though only twice by the FULL party). The group worked fairly well together and gave a good accounting of themselves, despite the challenging conditions of the ambush.

The party also acquired some intel in the form of the maps and notes. Some of it is just to understand the goblin motives, some things (like the map) have other uses the party has guessed at already. And it is becoming clearer and clearer that there are more and more fanatics among the Goblins (at least in the leadership) for this Ossunin character... But what are a bunch of dead goblins worth? Some peace and quiet perhaps? a few thousand silver and copper? and oh yes, XP TIME!

Group Rewards: [The total will be included in individual Awards posted on the character threads]

Freed captives from the Wetrocks Sub-Chief Lair: [11 captives x15 xp] = 165 xp ea
#3: tribal Hum F, h Elf M (B), Hum M (B), Hum M (Mv)
#4: tribal Hum M (teen), half Elf F (L), Hum M (TJ), Hum M (TJ)
#5: Earthaniel, Hum F (TJ), Hum F (Mv)

Avoided Alarm: 50 xp ea (Finally)
Found Treasure: 100 xp (all found)
Stopped the goblins going for help: 50 xp (3 goblins in a bear-skin suit!)
Items found: Goblin Map 2, Note 1, Note 2: 75 xp ea
Cleared the Wetrocks Sub-Chief’s Lair!: 250 xp ea
=> 50 + 100 + 50 + 75+ 250 => 525

Monsters: (taken Dead or Alive)
[Goblins 15 x18] = 170
[Krok, Krak, Mixeg & Guards 35 x15] = 525
=> 795 xp / 7 (Dellinanth, Elden, Indendien, Jordek, Katten, Linar, Nocturno) = 114 xp ea (rounded up)

=> 165 + 525 + 114 = 804 xp

Group reward Total: 804 xp ea

Combat HD
1 x33 = 33 HD

Treasure found:
3,030 sp
2,654 cp

==> 329.54 gp total
329.54/7 chars => 47 gp equiv ea
+ (now polished) Silver Bowl

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