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 Post subject: Re: Idrys Stormcrow
PostPosted: Thu Dec 01, 2016 8:38 am 
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Thu Jul 16, 2015 3:23 pm
Posts: 8994
somewhere in the aether
Personal xp
roleplaying: +500 (roleplaying alignment, race, class, personality) this could have been higher but he drew too much attention to himself, not something assassins typically do.
killed blonde woman in catacombs (+50)
killed prostitute at Boarshead Inn (+50)
killed two masked cultists (+100)
disguise ability: +50
sabotaged billistae w/o being caught +250
gaining Dwarven influence +150
training: +50
Dwemer magnetic gloves: +200
gained useful asset (Nyssa) +125xp
new: defeated assassin: +600
Killing blow: +50
Invisible longsword: +350
=> 2525

XP for Karlene and Idrys

roleplaying: +200
rescuing Meagan: +550 xp
broken ones: 950 xp
tricking Karnak: +100 xp
finding magic item: +250 xp
treasure accumulation: +300
Letter to Lomag: +150
black guard: +75
charmed Azonia: +250
enlisting Erodan: +200
gained divine knowledge (Celestial): +400
discovered death attack technique +100
=> 5175

Group xp:
Assassins (x7) 1,150 (/3 players? = 383)
Gained useful eq (acid, glue, climbing twine) +50
working as a team: +50
Adopted 2 dire wolves (+100)
=> 583

==>8283 => ftr/asn 4141+414(10% for str)/4141
Total xp: 4,555/4,141

Assassin & Fighter level ups?

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 Post subject: Re: Idrys Stormcrow
PostPosted: Fri Dec 02, 2016 2:48 pm 
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Thu Jul 16, 2015 3:23 pm
Posts: 8994
somewhere in the aether
Added 132gp 5sp from sale of blackloak eq and other things, 7gp 12 sp,
added abilities spider climb and spectral vision as well as rogue skills.

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 Post subject: Re: Idrys Stormcrow
PostPosted: Thu Feb 16, 2017 11:28 am 

Wed Nov 25, 2015 11:58 pm
Posts: 7861
Posted for Char Sheet maintenance while Tristen is unavailable.


Idrys Stormcrow by TristenC
Male Dhampir Warrior/Assassin (3/3), TN
XP: 4,555/4,141 (8,000/6,000 TNL) +10% to Fighter xp for high Str
Stats: Str 17 (wt allow Lt/Med/Hvy 86/173/260,+500 coins?, + 1 to hit, +1 to dmg, OD 3, Bb/Lg: 13%); Dex 17 (React/attk adj +2, Def adj -3); Con 15 (+1 hp, SS 91%, RS 94%) ; Int 14 (4 bonus lang); Wis 12; Cha 11
ht:6'1 wt:175 lbs, age:19
Hair: white, close cropped
Eyes: Cold blue ice. Turm red during bloodlust
AC: 1 (-3 dex, -6 Chimera leather, fitted)
Current Hp: 33/33 Status: Normal (MV 12/12)

Saves: PPDM (13); PetPoly (12); RSW (14); BW (16); Sp (15) [3 def adj Dex for dodgeable saves]

WP: Longsword (Str +1 hit, +1 dmg; Double specialization, +3 to hit, +3 dmg), Longbow (+2 to hit for Dex) Thac0: 20 base
Longsword: 1d8+4/1d12+4 (Dmg: +1 str, double wep spec) spd 5 (Thac0: 16)
Longbow: 1d6/1d6 (Range 7/14/21; RoF 2/1) spd ? (Thac0: 18)
NWP: Parkour (Dex)[17], Voice Mimicry (Int)[14]
Bonus: Alertness (Wis+1)[13], Animal Empathy (Cha)[11]; Discipline, Horsemanship Rapid Healing Factor (Con)[15],
Two-weapon style
Languages: Common, Ancient Common, and a smathering of Jez'zurian, (a french-ish local dialect)
Read/write: Common, Ancient Common

Thief skils (as thief 2 lvls lower than assassin level)
PP 35% (base 30+5 dex); OL 40% (base 25+10 dex +5 race); F/RT 20% (base 20); MS 30% (base 15+5 dex +10 race); HS 25% (base 10+5 dex +10 race); HN 15% (base 10 +5 race); CW 85% (base 85); RL 0% (base 0)

Racial Abilities/Weaknesses:
-Infravision 120’
-Animal empathy.
-Rapid Healing factor: (NWP, CON) you heal faster than others through normal rest/sleep. This is checked vs. con at 1/2.
-Blood Lust (Special weakness): If you lose 1/2 your hp in blood you go into a mindless frenzy and attack the nearest being whether friend or foe
-spider climb: x3/day, requires concentration/INT, 1 hr duration
-spectral vision: x3/day, one hour duration

Class bonuses/abilities:
Weapon specialization
Backstab (2x dmg)
Rogue Skills (at lvl 3)
Thieve’s Cant

Background skills:
Two-Weapon style
Discipline [+1 to hit/damage/saving throws for every first encounter of the day]

Equipment: [wt in 'coins']{objects in container}
Worn: 'Invisible' Longsword [60], Longsword #1[60], Longsword #2[60], dirk #1[10], dagger, Leather armor [150], Longbow (across back), Quiver {Arrows 15x [30], Silver Arrows 5x[10]}, pouch small {0gp 11sp 6cp, scroll w/crazy writing, key#12, guards keyring (4 keys)}, 10 bulbous darts (contain poison), Dagger in boot.
Worn eq wt [in coins]: 405 coins (40.5 lbs)

Backpack[2]{dirk with nude lady handle [10], Arrows 15x [30], Silver Arrows 5x[10], rope[], oil[], crowbar[], 10 sheets of parchment [], griffon feather quill [], bottle of ink [], Metal mirror large, waterskin, spikes metal 10x, hammer for spikes, sack lg, sack sm {441 gp 19sp }, rations 1wk, Tinder Flint & Steel}
Pack wt [in coins]: 398 coins (39.8 lbs)
Total Wt Carried: 803 coins (80.3 lbs). [Unencumbered with or w/o pack]

Stashed: 150GP in Safehouse.

New Equipment:
Longsword: : you can see it when you grasp it. The handle has grooves for superior grip, the design is very aesthetically sophisticated and intricate, many small details such as the crossguards are a dragon and a lion squaring off with their tongues extended, a hilt with a protruding spike for skull bashing, some fanciful gems engraved into the blade. You note that it weighs less than your own longswords, about half the weight. He had a scabbard that seemed to be quite luxurious.

Black chimerae hide eclipse armor, inky black and non reflective, molded and fashioned to resemble the anatomy of the human body. The rib cage portion has a row of 4 dagger sheathes on left + right sides.The boots have dagger sheathes on the outer and inner portion, and the tips of the boots have hidden spring- blades in the toes that extend when you depress the toes (bladed boots). There is also a garrotte woven into the wrist bracers for easy strangulation.

Religious Faction of Assassins dedicated to Lor. He will have joined to discover the secrets of his race and origins, with a goal to find both his parents (particularly his father).

[gains spiderclimb
while on the ceiling, his eyes tingled. Then his eyes flashed with crimson light momentarily and his vision extended then bends to turn right and proceeds further down the passage you had traveled to arrive in this chamber.

gains spectral vision you can extend your vision and bend it around corners ahead of yourself, through keyholes and small cracks which helps you to see what dangers lie in wait.]

Knowledge: Idrys’ main driving force is to learn about his parents and his own vampiric nature. He wants to find both of his parents someday, and potentially join their worlds as an ally (particularly his father). He becomes associated with the Church of Lor, working for them as an assassin in exchange for information about his parents and his own nature. He might sometimes abandon other jobs or even allies to difficult situations for the chance to glean a secret about his mother and father.

Self-Improvement: Bortaan was a prime example to Idrys of the need for one to be able to rely on their own skills. His guardian taught him many things and Idrys internalized a constant thirst for improving himself so that he may be have the power and ability to find the answers to the questions he has.

Need to Feed: The desire to drink blood has dwelled in him for some time. Idrys tries to keep it in check, but ever since he took that first drink it has been very difficult for him. He typically has to feed about 1/week to keep it from crowding his thoughts. Bortaan’s discipline is the only thing that helps him keep it in check longer than that. (discipline check /day after 1 week? Can I get details on the ‘Discipline’ thing? Is it NWP?)

Money: Idrys knows he needs money for training, to buy secrets, to buy silence, to squirrel away in caches in case he runs into trouble. It is merely a means to an end for him, but he does work hard to get it because he knows that having it will make meeting his other motivations much easier. He saves up.

Apathetic: Idrys only cares about two types of ‘people’: Those who have some connection to his past or vampiric nature (other Dhampir, Vampires, people who knew his parents), or those who have what he considers valuable skills (fighting, assassination, stealth, etc). Everyone else might as well be wearing a sign that says ‘for food’ or ‘for money’.

Obsessed: Consumed with finding his parents and the specifics of his own origin. He will carry this so far as to occasionally abandon extremely lucrative jobs or put allies in jeopardy to learn even a small scrap of information.

Cold: Idrys nature is typically very cold and antisocial unless he is taking on a persona in part of his disguise. He can get quite emotional in certain situations (particularly bloodlust) but he is very good at hiding what few emotions he does feel from others.

Confident: Idrys is very confident in his newfound skills and ‘dark gifts’ sometimes overly so. He won’t take unnecessary risks due to his cautious nature and training, but he may overestimate himself in certain situations.

Background Pt1:
background (by dm)

you never knew your parents, they never were a part of your rearing.

You were raised by a hermatic retired soldier, strong of character, a realist, pragmatic and tough. He was Bortaan. The local farmers paid him for protection against countryside brigands that demanded tribute in harvest crops. You bore witness to Bortaan slaughtering an entire gang of the outlaws twirling two longswords in unflinching skill.

Bortaan was tough and unrelenting, teaching you swordsmanship, horsemanship, to read and write, simple maths, and general geography as well as discipline. Time to time, as you came to puberty and discovered your new eyeteeth had sprouted, he would sporadically bring a whore from some neighboring village and thrust her toward you, saying 'take her' calmly. He would grow irrate and agitated 'don't fight it lad, it's part of you...the bad. Don't pay any heed to this slut, she'd murder her own family for a silver coin' .

As time progressed you were able to exert self will and control the size of your fangs, the terrible awful insatiable lust of blood. You discovered that your nails were glass-like and sharp and when starving your face and skin look porcelain and unatrual.

Bortaan was dying, he had the rot inside. The bone rot, the worse of all rots. As he was slowly dying he gives you you a sword, dirk, fitted armor, clothes, and other equipment. He said 'I promised your mother I would watch over you, and I fulfilled that oath. Don't seek her out, she wanted you to live but you're not part of her world, or his. I only lived to serve. **cough.. *Seek the Lords of Dis, they can provide you with answers I lack"

He died the next day, early in the morning.

You left the remote hill country of Thaldiz Glade, heading westerwardly along well maintained highways that cut a snaking swath through patches of dense forested terrain, rolling meadows, flowing streams, vineyards and farmlands.

In a small forest you came upon a group of men, women and children when a storm of arrows rained down...all goes black as two arrows sunk into your back and a pile of bodies smothered you...

Background Pt2:
Idrys never knew his parents, he was raised by a hard, disciplined man… an old retired soldier named Bortaan. He was responsible for Idrys’ education and well-being, and he drove the young man hard. At a younger age the boy occasionally resisted, wanting only a normal life; his only useful pursuit the solving of complex puzzles and riddles. As the years wore on, he gradually came to accept the relentless training as a simple fact of life. He went about his studies without vigor or commitment, and could tell Bortaan was disappointed. Not long after, Idrys witnessed Bortaan defeat a number of bandits single-handedly while fighting with two longswords… and a new fascination began to spark within him.

Eventually the young boy began to turn to manhood, and a terrible change beyond that of mortals came over him. Bortaan, expecting the transformation, brought him the first offering… the first sacrifice… Young Idrys resisted only briefly, quickly giving into the overwhelming urge to feed… Afterwards he stood there for a time, just looking down at the blood-smeared corpse of the woman beneath him… She had fought back, but even as a child he was stronger… her blood sated his new thirst. The exhilarating rush of adrenaline was stronger, more enticing than any ‘companionship’ she or any other could have offered. He considered the wretched thing, and a new understanding came over him of his place in the world. Then, he looked to Bortaan… He’s mortal… like her… but… he has purpose… Suddenly he understood. Bortaan had deadly skill… drive and determination, discipline, useful knowledge… Bortaan had power.

Thereafter Idrys threw himself completely into his studies, soaking up anything the old warrior offered to teach him with a thirst that paralleled his newfound sanguine desires. He trained hard daily, wearing himself out in mind and body; pushing until he was utterly spent, and driving for more. Finally Bortaan was proud. Throughout the years Idrys was filled with questions about his parents; where they were, who they were, why they had left him… Bortaan never answered them, no matter how many times he was asked. Eventually the old man grew sick; rotting away from the inside. 'I promised your mother I would watch over you, and I fulfilled that oath. Don't seek her out, she wanted you to live but you're not part of her world, or his. I only lived to serve. **cough.. *Seek the Lords of Dis, they can provide you with answers I lack"

These cryptic instructions raised even more questions... A burning desire to know grew within him. Who was this man? How had he known Idrys' parents? What was he to them, just some lackey or someone important? Were there others like Idrys out there? Even... siblings? Taking the gifts the old man had left him, Idrys set out to find true answers... and to find his parents.

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