Part I: Spy Games (Karlene Blackcloud intro)
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Author:  spike [ Mon Mar 13, 2017 4:38 am ]
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(13, 7) Idrys swiped at the ogre, missing. You note it has rune tattoo's adorning its flesh.

'belzebul gormyre' it bellowed and released a green gaseous cloud upon you. You are unaffected by the nausea but feel an irritation in your senses (-2 to hit/damage/AC).

(6, 3) Idrys swung and missed the spellcasting ogre. You spot the husband come out of a door and moving in your direction, a glazed look set in his eyes 'oh darling you didn't tell me we had a a guest! He looks quite delicious' he croaked. Yet he did not shapeshift into a ogre himself. You could sense he was just a ordinary mortal man.

The ogre paused and said 'why fight, dhampir? We allies.." it said in perfect, articulate common.

Author:  Chris1234 [ Tue Mar 14, 2017 12:15 pm ]
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"You want to make an alliance after attacking me?! Do you take me for a fool?" responds Idrys, blinking in surprise.
"What kind of alliance are you offering," he continues, guard up, listening but not losing focus on either resident.

{OOC: Spike - How about opening up a thread for Idrys? Then Idrys's story (where it wanders away from group efforts) could be captured there and we can reinstigate using this thread just for Karlane's story (where it wanders away from group efforts)...}

Author:  spike [ Wed Mar 15, 2017 2:57 pm ]
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At the riverside hideout Karlane thanks Valtor for trusting her with this secret and compliments him on how impressive the set up is despite his efforts to downplay it.
"I propose I set up a portal here so we can manhandle through all of the small stuff, she asks. "Probably offer a small part of the weaponry to the elves as a sign of good faith that may pay returns later. So, where do you want the portal? Doing it this way, no one else need know just where this place is. Who, if anyone, from our group, will thereafter be needed to transport the big, heavy artillery stuff to here by road? Who also will be needed to load all the weaponry onto the ship. assuming that is your intent? And then who from our group is required to move it all to the ranger in the south?"

Valtor: 'the portal should go on board the wraith, and you can transport the goods to the ranger down south by way of the snake river, but will require some of your wind magic to get us there and back. Some of the weaponry we will use to outfit my ship, she's already armed to the teeth but I need some added auxillary weapons in case.

Garosh, as promised took care of the real weapons shipment's escorts, they're all put down. He took out fifteen men, a male magic-user and a female cleric. He sustained a magic missile spell but isn't really hurt at all.

You return to the decoy site.

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