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 Post subject: INNER KINGDOMS - The 13 realms
PostPosted: Sat Jun 25, 2016 6:19 pm 

Mon Jun 20, 2016 7:44 pm
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The 13 realms, referred to as the Inner Kingdoms are a collection of realms that are loosely allied with one another, some have strong time tested alliances, others ancient feuds that have never been resolved.


A coastal kingdom by the sea, this realm is extremely wealthy and powerful with the most envied naval armada in all the lands. The Nyrians pride themselves on mass manufacture of high quality warships, barges, frigates, and even schooners which sail across the icy wastes of Nyriddia, or the dune seas of the deep south.

The land is coveted for its evident beauty, abundant resource, and peoples of high beauty and indomitable will. The north and south have always been at odds with one another, the south being more courteous and educated, the north more fierce and prone to bold endeavors.

Seven houses dominate the ancient city Lor:

House Grayzul

Altruistic and benevolent, the merciful Grayzul family prides itself on being the beloved of their Goddess of Love, and are known to produce priests and priestesses of deep conviction. That was, until recently when battle commander Haradan Bladebearer came into power, former priest of Wrath turned mercenary for hire.

Sigil: Heart with crown.

House Altradeaus

Most ancient of houses, founder of the arcane brotherhood and typically has produced magic-users, fighters, or artistes in the past. Sigil: Pseudo-Dragon


The Telemvor family have a military lineage and credited with tactical genius during warfare in the past. They not only produce some of the best fighters in all the realms, but entire armies can be said to be their bread and butter.

They own and operate an elite fighters school in Lor and Corealus. Additionally they forge siege weapons and warships as their primary enterprise.
Sigil: Panther


The Scoth’s are generally despised and seen with a mixture of envy, hatred, and fear. It is because they have been known historically as seducers, deceivers, and skilled assassins, and that’s not precluded within the family.
Sigil: Scorpion


This merchant family rose to elite echelons of power because of its mastery of coin, becoming the wealthiest bankers in all Nyr and the 13 kingdoms. The Duke-Commander Lord Daynar, head of the family rules his house with a cadre of ‘knights’ who are really seasoned adventurer’s. He is heralded as the head of all houses because of his high charisma and tactical knowledge of warfare.
Sigil: Pheonix clutching a quiver of javelins.


Despised and hated, the Zhartanians are known as money lenders, debt collectors, and merchants who also collect taxes for the crown. They own all the import and export of the city.
Sigil: hourglass


A mixture of fighters, assassins, and thieves who hail from deep southern bloodlines. They are overly ambitious, predictably dirty, and none too sly about taking battles to the street. They have been accused of bloodiest gratuitous violence in Lorian streets that the priesthood itself had to discipline them severely in past times. However their greatest weakness is lack of arcane power.
Sigil: Dragon bordered by a shield

Black Forest Kingdom

The largest elven kingdom is a collection of five elven states: Celene, Aerith, Cloakeep, Elberen, and Harvest. It is ruled by the immortal empress Lady Isiona who is said to be 3,500 years old, the oldest elf alive. She is thought to be on par with a demi goddess in terms of power. Many an adventurer, houselord king or queen have desperately sought to dwell in her realm, for it is known to expand the lifespans of mortals those who dwell in her dominion.

Each realm is noted for crafting different talents, sundry goods, and other artistry. Some are master bowyers and fletchers, others make toys with elven craftsmanship, and yet others forge some of the best imperial weaponry today.

Isiona permits a select few to dwell on the outer fringes of her vast empire so long as they play the role of border patrol and ensure any who come are authorized to travel the queens woods.

Gate Mountains

Seat of Dwarven Imperial power, the Dwarves are prosperous, rich, and remarkably brilliant. They have a strong alliance with the Elves and together they put aside differences in times of duress.

Dark Elf Lands

A small stretch of woods, where a colony of surface dwelling renegade drow are permitted to exist. The ones who are here are neutrally aligned and indifferent to the outside world.

Nyriddia- the cold ice ridden wastelands of the north are home to a fierce race of survivors and warriors known as the Nyriddians. They are fierce fighters and constantly war against the orc tribes who fight for dominance over the cold kingdom.

Some Nyriddians are said to be able to do incredible feats of physical power that defies description. They dislike the warmth of the southern lands feeling it makes them weak and soft.

Bandit Kingdoms:
The Bandit Kingdoms is a land of rogues and mercenaries bent on carving survival from the inhospitable soil that is their birthright Some talk that a secret evil rules the kingdoms.

Harkkonia: a protectorate fiefdom of Nyr, most alluring and charming of provinces. The Harkkonians are riddled with a free thinking spirit, and richness in magic. Many of them are exquisitely fair and exceptionally intelligent, and share a distant kinship with Elvenkind. They make toys and high quality common goods to sustain themselves.


Known as the shield-lands, is a theocracy that venerates Wrath, the God of Storms and Blades. The Holy See ensures his country is a deterrent against the capricious mischief that comes forth out of the brigand realms.


The horselands is a matriarchal society governed by fierce willed warrior maidens who are the scourge of orcs and pirates. These hellions are trained at birth in horsemanship, combat, and survival. What makes them especially respected is their ability to fire their composite shortbows on the backs of their steeds, which has allowed them to destroy invaders time and time again. As they did against the Bone Gnashers orc tribe in the past, or the Tiger Nomad clan from Nyriddia.

Black Kingdoms: also known as the ‘black empire’, is a series of seven realms under one ruler, Dezloz Rygoz. He is a sorcerer king that dabbles in the forbidden arts of technology. His armies are highly organized, tireless, and unquestionably faithful.

While his own people try to assassinate him, Dezloz is thought to be invincible. Despite his hunger for power, he has a warped sense of honor about him.

Jez’zur: a large realm east and south of Nyr, it can be considered medieval France in terms of culture. It is full of romance and intrigues, adventure and action. Its cities are teeming with thieves and artistes, philosophers and the aristocratic sophisticates who epitomize social snobbery. Regardless it is here that culture is defined, and style is extolled. Many regard Jez’zurians as a race of assassins and snobs, tricksters who could dupe even the most astute minds.


The stormlands are inhabited by the D’rinni, outcast humans scorned and shunned by society for having ‘devil’ powers. In reality, they are a psi-aware people too terrified to use the gifts bestowed upon them. They live out their lives as simple farmers who do honest work, and live in simplicity etching out a minimalist society that toils hard and lives by humble means. Everything that they own and possess is made by themselves, and they do not rely on technology for their day to day living. Instead they use their mind powers to compensate for lack of farming instruments and tools.

While D’rinni have power, it is not cultivated or matured. At most some can levitate a book, open a door, or jump real high. However those who are truly gifted are able to do far more and sometimes are hunted for their powers. Some can turn invisible, walk through walls, or even suspend time.

Sterich: Sterich is a realm that was completely overrun by Giants and Goblinoids conspiring together under the rule of a demi-lich. The former rightful rulers are in exile and struggling to form a reclamation plan of action of their overrun homeland. Sterich serves as a prime example of the need for good rapport betwixt neighboring realms, and the need for men to cooperate to survive.

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Forum locked This topic is locked, you cannot edit posts or make further replies.  [ 1 post ] 

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