** Part I: Fire and Ash **
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Author:  spike [ Thu Jun 23, 2016 6:48 pm ]
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OOC: No, blood lust isn't triggered unless you loose HP's in blood e.g. piercing and slashing, not bludgeoning.

When IDRYS came to, he was riding in the fanciful coach of a wagon. His injuries, such as they were looked to have been completely healed. He was staring face to face with a very beautiful, auburn haired woman clad in dark gray robes, her skin and features were delicate and chiseled and she had a gleaming keen that exuded from her eyes. Outside the window was an escort train of twenty black guard.

The woman smiled naturally toward you, 'Ah, you've awoken' she said with a sincere smile, 'tis fortunate, I'd thought I was...too late' she seemed to sigh in relief. She smiled sheepishly for a moment then said 'Ah them, fret not. They're merely my tools, nothing more. Don't judge a lady by the company she keeps. Their despot lord assigned an attache of these elite guard as a token of his esteem rendered.' she left it at that, then said 'your equipment and weapons are in the back, leave them you are safe for now. We nearly caught that wily fox before he gave us the slip and killed ten of my best men in the process...filthy cur! Oh good heavens, how lacking in manners! Call me Nyra, I'm a priestess of Lor. You can thank my deity for your healing, my friend"

Out the window you were gazing upon a beautiful countryside landscape that seemed to stretch for miles on end in every direection, it looked like a painting come to life.

Author:  TristenC [ Thu Jun 23, 2016 8:25 pm ]
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He stared at this fire-haired beauty, so calm... so capable... He had cared little for women in the past beyond momentary urges for blood or... something else. She struck him as someone with knowledge, true knowledge, even before her revelation of being a priestess. Lor... he asked hoarsely, Grandfather of Secrets? Luck... luck that you survived, he chided himself silently for his brashness, but not luck they had found him... they knew all secrets... didn't they? Perhaps they would have answers... Shaking himself from his thoughts, he responds more cohesively.

Pardon for staring, Mistress Nyra... thank you for your aid... The man that escaped... what is he? The fat man... he had false fangs like some kind of joke... was he... as I am? Or was he just some fat fool playing a part?

[Ooc: given my plan for him to join the Religious Group dedicated to Lor for gis assassination guild, is this the initial meeting, or a result of him having already joined in?]

Author:  spike [ Fri Jun 24, 2016 5:37 am ]
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Nyra 'Ah, no he's not a dhampir my friend, you're one of the few. The one you mentioned is a mere cog in the grand scheme of things, really. He goes by many false aliases and runs many shadowy enterprises, from slave trade to underground cults. I believe his name is Deberron, or Valtor. I would not worry too much concerning him, or his empire of shadows (she says this sarcastically). He has the unique ability to steal other beings bodies, a D'rini technique. Oh which he stole the talent from our archives. His usual strategy is to inhabit anothers body then destroy his previous form, though how its done is not known. He stole the secret and killed all who knew of it.'

'Your meeting at Boarshead Inn is in five hours, you'll be contacted there by a mage named Alzor Dam. He is assembling a party of talent to perform discreet works, one of these particular missions will take you to a place we cannot escry though we know not why. Usually our perception of predestination allows us to pierce such veils, so this enigma has cause for consternation amongst my order. Keep a journal and collect as much information about these missions of his as you can, with as much detail as you can. We do not like contracts, as you can imagine. However, beside the false teeth Valtor also had these which he left behind before giving us the slip." she shows you a pair of dark gloves that the man had worn. 'Observe' she said. Extending a hand she plucked a dagger from the belt of a nearby soldier, then the dagger hovered in the air above her hand as though she were levitating it. 'Magnetic gloves, it's not magic. These are Dwemer craft, quite rare actually. Dwemer were an ancient and terribly brilliant Dwarven elder race, their smiths used such to bring their tools and hammers to them instead of having to walk and fetch them all over their workshops. Not certain what application Valtor had for them, yet I'm certain it was for his usual nefarious schemes. Perhaps you can put them to better use in your work for my order, that is if you deign to 'perform' as required' she said the later with a hint of subtle flirtation. 'Mull it over, you would make for a useful instrument to our God"

OOC: no, but it could be since you brought it up :)

Author:  TristenC [ Fri Jun 24, 2016 11:40 am ]
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Idrys was surprised how relieved he was to learn the bloated toad was not like him, sharing in his 'dark gifts'. He will pay for that one day... I will do whatever I can to destroy him.... once I am able... he said, murmuring the last.

At first the meeting didn't appeal to him much beyond the normal job... That was until she mentioned their inability to see within the place was disturbing. He growled a little when she demonstrated the gloves, Knew there had to be some stupid trick to it... He accepts the gloves reverently from her, not for the object or the giving; but for what she represented... knowledge. The potential to find the secrets that burned within him since he was a young child... she could answer them... about himself... about others like him... she among precious few others could pierce the veil of ignorance... to Idrys that was more precious than gold or power or even his own lifeblood... This woman herself... she had wit, she had knowledge and power and beauty. She had secrets... secrets he needed...

I will take this job, and do as you ask. I have certain... questions... about my nature... about my parents... If these are things you can answer... he hesitates only the barest moment. How does one become a follower of Lor?

[Ooc: I'll add motivations and quirks to the sheet today. It might be a bit longer before I can put up his full background, though. And I'll try to finalize my eq list soon.
-for carrying Capacity, is it 10 lbs* str for unencumbered? So 170 lbs for me + 500 'coins' of weight (another 50 lbs)
Sorry, it's just a little confusing ]

Author:  spike [ Fri Jun 24, 2016 12:58 pm ]
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OOC: cool, sounds like you already have a great deal established so far.

STR17 LIGHT:86 lb. or less MED: 87-173 lb. HEAVY: 174-260 lb.

Nyra smiled, she seemed to blush for a moment then said "Prior to being a lowly acolyte, the clergy of Lor brings all before them for a series of tests: the test of life, discipline, courage, the test of death, the test of faith, and the test of wit. All tests have an equal chance of failure and success, some are designed to be impossible to pass and others impossible not to pass. They are designed to reveal the true character of the potential priest, and many are flatly rejected for a variety of reasons. There have even been princes and house lords who have been denied entry to our ranks. It is less about choosing the worthy, and more about choosing the ones our order requires. Fortunately Lor is also the God of knowledge, and most of my brothers and sisters are exceptionally brilliant at sensing the aura of others."

She pauses to drink some water and offers some to you, then says 'Mmmm, yes of course, perfectly natural you should be curious.

Your father was a scion of House Telemvor, a master of swordsmanship and was known as the more chivalrous knights abound. Also as one of the greater swordsmen in Nyr.
He was to wed the Lady Countessa Bianca, however a female vampire seduced your father and brought him to her. He made love to your true mother one last time before being born into darkness. As revenge, he used a rod of ressurection to cause his vampire maker to grow into a old haggardly woman who withered away. Some say he allowed the twin suns of Scarlor to claim himself, though none can attest to that. Your foster father was his pupil and faithful servant for many years, they even campaigned together during the undead wars.

As for dhampir, the ones I'd met were exceptionally bright, gifted, sensual, apathetic at times and always beautiful, talented, smart. I've seen some gain incredible strength, powers, and abilities and others who simply wished to lead normal lives as normal people. Some are able to regenerate from mortal injuries, others can see things like no other, and some move with stealth or are resistant to poison, disease, magic that afflicts the mind, and can smell the motives of others through keen senses."

Author:  TristenC [ Fri Jun 24, 2016 2:26 pm ]
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[ooc: I tried to flesh him out pretty well, yeah. I’m enjoying this a lot :D
By the way, did Valera die or should he be keeping one eye over his shoulder for her?]

He listened attentively, already deciding to take these tests if it could reveal the answers he longed for. Life, death, unlife, it didn’t matter so long as he could learn what he needed. Something about her demeanor was bothering him... her behavior… His weary mind was straining to grasp what it was, though he knew he should be able to puzzle it out… He watched her carefully. Gods she was beautiful… was that it? Had he merely been dazzled by her? No… gorgeous though she was, it was something else… but was it connected? She had known of the Boarshead meeting.. but if she was behind it that was simple enough… She had blushed when there was no need to… nothing he had said… wait… Can you read my thoughts? he blurted out, quite out of character for himself. He instantly regretted asking, but he still wanted to know the answer. Fool. he chided himself. Why not tell her you’d… no, don’t even think it… He watched her closely to see if she gave any other indication that she could sense his thoughts. How else would she know she could trust him? Or was she simply powerful enough not to worry if something as insignificant as a fledgling Dhampir could harm her…

He accepted her information and the water gracefully, though he drank deep of the former and hardly touched the latter. Fortunately he hadn’t taken much water when she began speaking again, because he probably would have sprayed it everywhere when she began speaking of his father. He gaped for a moment, before he was able to compose himself. His mind spun as she revealed not only who his father had been, but how he had become the way he was… how his mother had borne him after his transformation… how his own father had dealt with the woman who had afflicted him so… He sat there, stunned for a time; unable to speak. At least Bortaan was important to them… somehow that comforted him that his own guardian was someone his father trusted… and his mother… it made the memory of the stern man that much more precious… If it was true, that his father had been destroyed… there was nothing he could do about it. Silently he made himself an oath to somehow discover if it were true… nobody could verify it? Good. It could still be an elaborate ruse to escape the world… And his mother… it was possible she still lived!

Nyra spoke on, though his mind was elsewhere. Finally he snapped out of it and searched his thoughts for what she had said… it was about Dhampir she had met, and how promising they could be… is that why she values me? A rarity? A potential talent? Still, it was a purpose… a way to advance his own skills and to find more answers… He was stunned that she had revealed so much, so easily… that she had, in a single motion, wiped away the biggest secrets of his existence… that she had so willingly given him everything he could ask… were such secrets so simple? So easily had? But each answer sparked more questions… each revelation a new puzzle exposed. Did his mother live? Where was she? Had his father truly died or not? And these others… other Dhampir… Are… he paused, but there was no going back. Are you Dhampir? Would it be possible for me to… learn these hidden powers?

Author:  spike [ Fri Jun 24, 2016 3:55 pm ]
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Nyra smiled at our query, then said 'No, I cannot read your mind. Though I'm an empath, I can sense and feel your surface emotions. It's a gift of the spirit, something I was born with. And as for a dhampir you would instantly know, your eyes are infinitely superior to mine, and even those of elves. You'd been able to detect certain details if I was one of your rare ilk." she chuckled. 'You needn't bother, it doesn't work as you think it. These abilities are not the same with each dhampir, some manifest at different times, and through different situations. Some dhampir are afflicted by sunlight and others are not, some are evil others good, and some can recover from wounds or even regenerate at an alarming rate while others cannot regenerate at all. The dhampir I knew was able to see around corners and smell fear, deceit, or terror in others. She was able to walk on ceilings and leap straight up so high you would think she were flying. She laughed at injuries she sustained. However she was strangely affected by gaseous spells, the kind wizards employ in battle. Clouds of stink or blinding gas. This was a rare one however, you see she'd been the daughter of the former king of vampires"

After you drank it all in, she added 'In due time, Idrys. the archives are presently off limits to all outsiders, including the royal houses of the city. There was some scandal recently involving the theft of highly kept secrets, secrets which we wouldn't even dream of releasing into the wild. "


The wagon comes to a screeching halt. Nyra's delicate features contorted to a brief look of annoyance. The coach driver yelled 'broken wheel mistress'. Nyra opened the door and sauntered over to examine the broken wheel, 'Aye, it's broken. And we left the spare back in the druid's encampment if memory serves me. And it always doth. Where are we? Ah, looks like we're nearly made it there. Commander, lets make campe for the night. '

Commander: "Err, out here along the highway?"

Nyra: "No, there's some elven ruins less than twenty minutes in these woods here. That shalt suffice, commander. Form a perimeter I wish to have some privacy. No need for my tent the coach should suffice as lodgings. Build a fire and send a rider to that hamlet yonder. Which town is that again?

Commander: "Maiden's Rock if I'm not mistaken. Very well, priestess.'

Nyra: "Come, we can camp in these woods, A little respite from all of this...excitement should help to dispel all of this seriousness in the air. Some libation and merrymake if you care for such. You'll look soon enough young Idrys that there is more to life than mere swordplay and adventure, and if you ever wish to become good at your craft you need to master the refinement of etiquette and blending into society. A mark would see you from miles away, as would his bodyguards"

You both camped amidst the elven ruins of an ancient elven watch tower thats been overrun with animated vines. They do not menace you, but they react to your touch and slither about. The commander had his two aides prepare a fire and fetch water, he set two sentries and a third in the tree with a crossbow. He then dispatched a messenger to Maiden Rock and all became cozy and comfortable.

The commander walks up to you and says 'stay alert, we're in safe land but you never know. It's my arse on the line if anything happens to the cleric"

Author:  TristenC [ Fri Jun 24, 2016 9:57 pm ]
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An odd mixture of disappointment and relief came over him... disappointed that she was not like him... relief that she couldn't simply pluck thoughts from him. So she could sense his emotions... that fit... it made a certain sense with what he'd thought, yet left the comfort of keeping his thoughts tp himself... as long as she wasn't lying, that is... So... he could tell a Dhampir by looking? That would come in handy... As she continued to describe powers of other Dhampir, his mind flooded with possibilities... she couldn't teach him those things... but if others learned how, surely he could given enough time... off limits to outsiders... I will take your tests... but I suppose there isn't time before the meeting at Boarshead. he says wryly. Is that where we are going now?

[Ooc: so 10 coins are 1 lb?]

Author:  spike [ Sat Jun 25, 2016 5:42 am ]
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[ooc: yes, 10=1lb]

Nyra: 'Indeed, we are. Once we arrive, that is where we will part company. I will take the snake river back to Lor immediately."

You manage to gain a bit of rest from the days activities near the fire, and the commander asks you to spar with him for a little exchange then the men turn to a game of dice out of boredom.

Suddenly, as a soldier roused you from sleep with an offer of a tin cup full of coffee you noticed an azure blue disc of pulsating light rip open in the fabric of reality. Out of it emerged six burly black orcs, and two what appeared to be hobgoblins yet far uglier even, if such a thing were possible.

Both of the hobgoblins immediately turn invisible.

'rukmok groth mograth' one of the invisible hobgoblins croaked.

Two of the orcs advanced upon the commander, the third moved toward the coach wagon and the remaining three began cutting down sleeping soldiers killing three in their sleep.


Author:  TristenC [ Sat Jun 25, 2016 12:55 pm ]
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Idrys throws his hot coffee in the face of one of the orcs approaching the commander. He has a better chance against those two than those sleeping men against three.... Idrys rushes as quietly as possible behind the three orcs attacking the sleeping soldiers. He draws his twin longswords and backstab/assassinates the two nearest. Rous! We're under Attack! idrys shouts into the night. Rouse the wagon! Orcs and Invisible hobgoblins! Rally! Wake your rotting bones!

Attacks: Longswords Thac0: 17 (2x)
dmg: per assassination. Or 1d8+4 each
Idrys 2-Longsword assassination orcs [1d20] = 9[1d20] = 4
Umm... +2 for surprise? :D

Author:  spike [ Sat Jun 25, 2016 5:51 pm ]
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IDRYS FLINGS the hot liquid toward the eyes of black orc #1, though it doesn't connect withthe orcs eyes directly it does splash against the orc regardless (-1 hp dmg).

As Idrys runs toward the flank of the orcs, he tenses up and his muscles stiffen, and your hair stands on end as a Hobgoblin with cackling blue electricity emanating from its left talon delivers a shocking grasp on your right shoulder (-5 hp electrical damage). The Hobgoblin snarled 'now you're face to face with a Thoul, you little farthead!'

You felt a sudden cold permeate your body all around, then it ebbed as quickly as it started. It felt as if your limbs were sluggish from this cold effect. (save vs. spells: succeeded)

The second Hobgoblin faded into existence, its invisibility eroded outstretched a clawed hand you saw white light shoot forth and enveloped your left handed sword, the sword instantly became warm to the touch, and was growing hotter now. It sneered at you evily, revealing rows of its jagged yellow teeth. It sniggered and grabbed at its crotch in a obscene mocking gesture.

NYRA emerged from the coach, became wide eyed and alerted then chanted swiftly, causing a shimmering azure colored two handed sword to materialize above her head. 'Lor smite these foolish heretics!' she crooned in a powerful voice that resonated.

The commander whistled and his tree sniper roused then took a bead on one of the Orcs, preparing to fire his crossbow at it.

Two of the sleeping guardsmen rolled and leaped up to alertness, unsheathing their swords one stood guarding his friend, while his mate began yelling real loudly 'WAKE UP! WAKE THE FUCK UP YOU SCRAGS!'

The defending soldier is cleaved as the first orc brings a spiked warclub down on his helmed head, the spike pierces his brain and ends him. The orc snarled in triumphant ecstasy, bolstering its fellow orcs with renewed bloodlust, 'weak human' it croaked.

BLACK ORC #2 swung its double bladed battle axe and cut down Guardsman #2 with a deft stroke, using its left leg to pry its weapon free and kick-shoving the soldiers dying body away.

ORC #3 swings and missed a guard who was getting out of his bedroll. The guard rolled like an animated log, grabbed his sword and was on his feet, and five more joined the fray. 'Protect the priestess!' he hissed.

The commander comes in at HOBGOBLIN #1 to deliver an impressive slash across the foul goblinoid's chest 'die you scum!' he roared.

The sixth orc standing against Nysa kicked the priestess hard in the stomach then backhanded her until she went flying into the campfire and burns herself, just a little. The orc laughs in evil glee, muttering something in orcish under its breath.

SPELL IN EFFECT: Spirit Blade (Nysa)
Heat metal on Idry's second longsword.
Wounds sustained: -5 electrical
Hobgoblin #1: damaged , the commander inflicted a good stroke against it.

The entire camp is now roused, the guards are awoke and preparing their weapons and you gain the initiative this round.


File comment: Nyra, Priestess of Lor
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Author:  TristenC [ Sun Jun 26, 2016 9:59 am ]
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[Ooc: hubba hubba! Sorry :lol:
Aaah, lvl 1... where you're always 1 good hit away from an early grave :D. Is there a melee map si I don't end up accidentally provoking attacks of opportunity?]

Let's make our way towards the priestess, so we can hold as a group! Idrys calls to the commander, as he drops the rapidly heating longsword and draws his dirk in the now-free hand. He cuts with each weapon at the injured hobgoblin before withdrawing cautiously towards the priestess' position

[Ooc: by the way, what are your rules for firing into melee?]

Author:  spike [ Sun Jun 26, 2016 10:26 am ]
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Fire away! :)

You mean point blank range firing? Well, you get an attack of opportunity against you with a +2 bonus to your enemy thac0. Unless you take point blank range as a WP later on which then negates that bonus.

Author:  TristenC [ Sun Jun 26, 2016 11:00 am ]
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[Ooc: actually, I meant shooting from normal range at opponents engaged in melee with allies. What's the penalty for the shot to hit the opponents]

Author:  spike [ Sun Jun 26, 2016 2:32 pm ]
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Actually none whatsoever. You simply shoot at your target no penalty for it. Even if you were surrounded on all sides by melee combatants you can still simply shoot at the target.

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