** Part I: Fire and Ash **
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Author:  SARRMATT [ Thu May 25, 2017 4:33 pm ]
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"Where do I leave this token to get a meeting with this being? I am confused on the lord and his son who brought you harm. If he had so angered his enemies that they visited harm upon the man's son the lot of them can't be worth saving. Is it not easier to scrap a poorly made blade and start again then to reforge it?" Whisper moved in close after taking the offered calling card and placing it into his spell pouch of sand containing his family ring.

I thought the smith wanted the evil baron and his kid removed and now he doesn't? Did he want them taught a lesson on how to properly treat people?

Author:  spike [ Thu May 25, 2017 6:17 pm ]
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The blacksmith said 'Aye, because of the crippled son, the father has become evil. If you ever visit Graysmere, go visit that pair and teach them a lesson. Be careful, the father is a powerful warrior monk, they use the body weaponry of the east' He shrugged then said 'It isn't known, these assassins are disguised and live among common folk until activated. You'll have to do a bit of investigating due diligence friend, I don't have all the answers.'

Author:  SARRMATT [ Fri May 26, 2017 11:20 am ]
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"Should my travels bring me to this Graysmere I shall see to it that what you ask comes to pass." Whisper assured the smith, completely unaware of what he might be promising. The young mage leaves the smithy to find a quiet spot to rest and regain spells before the group leaves Longhallow, preferably within sight of the keen eyed Azonia.

Author:  spike [ Fri May 26, 2017 11:55 am ]
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Whisper finds some peace and tranquility in a clean looking alley, atop of a rooftop where a boy runs a pigeon messenger service.

You begin to rest. Whisper saw his vampire self within the halls of house Altradeaus. He strode through, greeted by guards as he passed several doors. He enters a chamber and seated himself on the throne, and there beside him was a beautiful red haired priestess, clad in gray robes.

The priestess said 'your peasants have come up short on this years harvests, some of them are holding back. I sent some of the men to show them the folly of their foolishness'

vampire whisper said 'recall them, my subjects are loyal. If they snag a bit of the harvest here and there, let them. It is the fruit of their own toils. As long as they are loyal, it matters not'

Author:  Chris1234 [ Tue May 30, 2017 2:29 pm ]
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"So if we double up and rotate, one trotting while the horse walks, then we can get to the falls in what, about about half an hour?" asks Karlane. "Two to guard the horses, five to explore and one single rider to rest the horses in rotation. Will that work? And if so, who's best suited to go?"
She looks pointedly at Whisper to avoid him chickening out.

Author:  spike [ Tue May 30, 2017 3:03 pm ]
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Nym: 'I'll accompany you, sha'kla, if any of my evil ilk are behind this I would cross blades with them'

Valtor: : 'one more fighter besides the drow elf, any one of you will suffice. Garosh, might I be so bold that you tarry behind in defense of this village? Your old commander friend might find better use of your skills here. You and the black cloak. Personally I would have him aboard the wraith and oversee the unloading of her cargo holds'

Azonia: 'I will go, and you will witness my spear's kiss against those black skinned devil kin of yours, dark elf'

Author:  Chris1234 [ Tue May 30, 2017 3:17 pm ]
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"Nym, Azonia, Idrys, me," cites Karlane, nodding to those named. "Whisper? Are you in? You are quite useful, despite trying not to be."

"And you have anyone that you want to send to tend the horses? They should all leave of course if things get difficult."

Author:  SARRMATT [ Tue May 30, 2017 4:43 pm ]
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Whisper sought out the company after getting a spot of rest and recovering his spells. He wondered why his other self would bother expending the magics necessary for dream messages on such a benign message. That was then that he recalled the flashes of himself as a thief eluding foes in these very woods, perhaps these were memories of the other him? Lost in his thought until catching sight of Azonia and the others in a dwelling near the smithy Whisper approached at what he guessed was the end of a conversation or planning. At being asked if he would be joining some sort of expedition the young mage agreed, eager to curry favor for his family with the elves.

Author:  spike [ Tue May 30, 2017 6:57 pm ]
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Azonia chimned in 'We needn't any to control the horses, Karlene. In case you haven't known, we Elsmyrians are able to communicate and command horses, they will follow my lead'

Barg Wilts 'This force might even be a bit too....excessive, but you've my blessing. Here, have these. They were of the last band that went in thinking it would be childs play'

The white bearded fighter opened a drawer and hands the party:

6 vials of elixirs of extra healing

a ring made of elemental fire: this ring is made of elemental fire, encased in glassteel.
a ring made of elemental water: this ring is made of elemental water, encased in a glassteel ring

a suit of holy armor and shield

Author:  Chris1234 [ Tue May 30, 2017 11:01 pm ]
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"We can't take the hoses behind the waterfall though. Can they return safely by themselves? Or defend themselves?" says Karlane, keen to explore her point about safety of the horses.

"Thank you, Barg. What can you tell me of the armour, shield and rings?" she asks.

What would Karlane already know about "standard properties" of Rings of Elemental Fire, Water & Holy Armour?

Author:  spike [ Wed May 31, 2017 2:54 am ]
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Barg: 'very little I'm afraid, they were just recovered by my spy, Foxxy. She will escort you and bring your horses back, protect her well she's my favorite niece. These recovered items were gifts of the empress, so their elfin craft by way o' design'

Valtor chuckled, 'you needn't worry your pretty noggin about the horses, they can find their way back easily'

A young teenaged girl with a mane of thick red brown hair entered the hut, 'uncle, you summoned me?'

Barg said 'This is my niece she'll guide you to the heart ruins, she's explored every inch of this wood against my wishes, takes after her mother in that regard. Take these people to the Heart and do not take any shortcuts I don't know about. Oh, if you can be on the lookout for one of my runners, he disappeared a fortnight ago along crazy ghost road. That road's the most secure so I can't rightly see any foulness befall him. Now go, since time is pressing'

When Karlene touches and examines the armor she sees that it is elegant and aesthetically beautiful, yet sturdy enough to withstand spear or arrow blows. It is adorned with clerical runes of power that appear to be wards against evil and demons.

Barg: 'That armor belonged to the last groups cavalier, he was employed by the church of wrath who gave him that in exchange for five years service'

Author:  SARRMATT [ Wed May 31, 2017 6:08 pm ]
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Whisper thought Barg to be a fool when only providing them a pair of days worth of rations and water. 'We shall starve before finding our way back to this tiny hamlet in the midst of these vast woods should either of our woodsman perish in this effort.' Whisper planned to buy 10lbs of iron rations or dried meats, a few empty water skins to be filled later, and a set of saddle bags to place upon a horse or to carry over his shoulder if needed.

[OoC] Would Whisper or Valtor looking closely at either the rings or the armor be able to know something more?

Author:  spike [ Thu Jun 01, 2017 6:45 am ]
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Neither Whisper or Valtor saw the rings or heard anything pertaining to them.

fyi: each party member gets 2 days worth of food/provisions.

Foxxy: 'very well, let's be off then. Hopefully you can keep up and stay quiet, I'll scout ahead of the group, and listen for my signals. If I make the sound of a goshawk that's meaning it's clear, if I make the sound of a owl that means to stop, hide, and prepare for trouble. Simple, really. If I throw a pebble at any of you that's for you to come to me. If I scream or yell, come help me I'm in deep trouble!'

Outside, a young boy slow in the mind brought the horses, and he seemed to do an amicable job of brushing them and getting them prepped. Whisper bought extra meat and water, Azonia said 'afraid you might have to fast for an hour, city dweller?' she snickered sarcastically.

Valtor: 'I sure am, woman, I pray your hunting skills are keen as thy spear. Let's be off then, I'm eager to get this over with'

Foxxy says 'we're taking the black wolf trail, when we make the fifth marker you'll know we're almost there. Stay on the trail and don't move off of it except to relieve yourselves. Don't drink the water in the pools either'

After 10 minutes of hiking through the thick woods, the party hears feminine giggling echoing from all around, like surround sound you cannot quite pinpoint its exact precise origin. Whisper found himself pulled to the irresistible sway of a beautiful, lithe girl with emerald green hair and eyes, he was a distance away and she was beckoning him with tantalizing innuendos, promises of ecstasy and euphoria. A minute later she was caressing his hair and pouring him some wine, and he was fully under her power, 'you might as well give in' she purred flirtatiously, giggling wryly.

'Where's the wizard?' Azonia called out, and then pointed to him 'there!' when the party noticed him a distance away with a glazed look on his face, thoroughly enthralled by what appeared to be a Dryad.

Author:  Chris1234 [ Thu Jun 01, 2017 2:34 pm ]
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{OOC: @ Spike - placeholder. I will edit up this post tomorrow. Still a conversation that must be had with the fellow that appeared with a giant as a guard.}

Author:  spike [ Thu Jun 01, 2017 3:20 pm ]
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Chris1234 wrote:
{OOC: @ Spike - placeholder. I will edit up this post tomorrow. Still a conversation that must be had with the fellow that appeared with a giant as a guard.}

fyi when you returned you see that hes gone but a little girl hands you a note and says 'when you've finished your affairs, you will find me at this location' he has drawn a hasty map to a castle on an island directly 5 miles south of Longhallow in the Dark Elf Lands.

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