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Author:  spike [ Tue Jun 21, 2016 5:28 pm ]
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Rules of the game

be courteous, obviously. This is ultimately a social game, a pen & paper game. Respectful is good. Those who are disrespectful will have their pinky chopped on a sushi guillotine. That was my joke :)

rules lawyers: I cast power word kill to smite you. Jk, If you know more than me on a ruling or are generally smarter with obscure rules, please share. I'll make a ruling in your favor for $5 :). Seriously, I follow the general rule of thumb in trying to rule in favor of the PC's but I also won't make it a constant standard. If I did then some characters would eventually become Demigods.

characters die - life is harsh. I don't actively seek to destroy characters, I don't. Sometimes, randomness kills them for me.

team work: if you want to succeed, this is crucial. Things tend to collapse easily when everybodies doing their own thing, veering away from goals.

cohesiveness if you want to opt for a certain class combo, see what others are choosing. Sometimes a group full of fighter clerics might work, and other times you might find yourself asking why oh why didn't I choose a simple mage, thief, or fighter.

Choose a party leader: a party leader actually helps and is hard work, but they help tremendously and make the game even more organized, dynamic, and flowing. One isn't always necessary right off the bat, but eventually.

roleplay: you gain additional xp bonuses for solid, consistent roleplay. Additionally:

gain additional xp bonus for creating, executing plans
xp bonus for leadership
roleplaying IC
acting as a team
creative spellcasting
creating combat (e.g. I attempt to parry multiple blows with a swing parry!)
doing crazy stuff
roleplaying alignment
developing certain quirks, quotes, habits and roleplaying them (+10%). Example:

Gloron Lassar, 10th level barbarian:

Hates troll(s): nothing worse than a bandit its a troll
Curious: always has to see whats at the end of that tunnel
Loyalist: will stick with group even if it makes stupid decisions
insatiable: eats twice his own body weight in food each day
emotional drunk: : foul tempered when drunk

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