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NWN:EE (How to Install Zwerkules Facelift HAK Patch Collection)

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NWN:EE (How to Install Zwerkules Facelift HAK Patch Collection)

Post#1 » Wed Mar 13, 2019 8:50 pm

In using Zwerkules Facelift HAK Patch collection, the following was done.

Step #1 - Copy all associated haks to C:\Users\USER_NAME\Documents\Neverwinter Nights\patch

(basically under your "Documents" folder you'll find you NWN:EE user directory, just make a folder inside of there called "patch" and dump all of Zwerkules .hak files into it)

Step #2 - Edited nwn.ini and added the following under [Alias] :

PATCH=C:\Users\USER_NAME\Documents\Neverwinter Nights\patch

(This line should already be in this file, if not add it)

Step #3 - Placed nwnpatch.ini to C:\Users\USER_NAME\Documents\Neverwinter Nights

Step #4 - Renamed nwnpatch.ini to userpatch.ini

Fire the game up and whala!
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