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0.2b Full Screen & Active Buttons!

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0.2b Full Screen & Active Buttons!

Post#1 » Sun May 10, 2020 9:08 pm

Another small, but irritating problem in 0.1b was the lack of button indication. Meaning, in the DM screen, you might click on Tavern 1 music and come back later and didn't know if you clicked on Tavern 1 or Tavern 2 music. Then if you clicked the wrong one, you'd have two overlapping audios running. MADDENING! :x

So today I added active-focused buttons to the game. Now if you open the new DM settings modal, you will see the old DM screen options. But now when you click a song, or any button for that matter on the screen it will turn RED. This indicates it's active and the focus will stay on that button until another is clicked (in that panel). So now you can click some mood music, snap the modal closed. Return later and it will still be RED... so you know what's playing and what isn't. BRILLIANT!

Also added the new "FULL SCREEN" button in the game log console. Just click Full Screen and boom, your browser will open into a whole new view with no ugly crap cluttering up your gaming experience. :up:

As always, screens attached. Enjoy!
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