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0.2b Strategic Maps

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0.2b Strategic Maps

Post#1 » Sat May 09, 2020 7:08 pm

Onto the Strategic Maps!

Some screens are attached. Not much has changed since 0.1beta, but we did manage to get fog of war working. ;)

If a DM wants to implement a strat-map, just click this icon Image and you can instantly upload any map on your PC or any one you can find online. Just use the "rick click" on your mouse to grab the image links from pics on google. That's easiest. It will upload to our server. Then proceed to step 2.

Step 2:
To activate the Strat-Map DM's just need to click on this icon Image to open their screen. While players can click on Image

Once open, players need do nothing. The screen will auto refresh every 30 seconds, but if your impatient like me, you can just click the optional "refresh button". The DM is in charge of ALL placement, movement of everything and everyone. If you want to move your PC to somewhere different where the DM is not aware of, you'll need to request a move via chat and ask to move. For the most part the DM should be able to guess what's going on right? It's not a board game after all...but the option is here for those that need it.

As for the DM's. We've added a bunch of icons for you to use... so many in fact that I'm not going to post them all until I've made a complete list in game (which isn't ready yet). But for now, you can simply type in whatever you like.

IE: The DM can click on the strat-map wherever they want to place a monster/person/object. Type in "orc" and boom! Orc is on the map. It's so fast, it takes less time then real life to fill in YOUR MAP. :) It's works very similar to FaceBook's Photo tagging feature.

You can try typing in dwarf, paladin, fighter, warrior, elf, gnome, halfling, chest, crate etc and most likely a custom icon will appear on your map. This allows the DM to separate physical appearance of certain icons.

If no icon is available, a default black dot will be used instead and that icon is referenced by whatever you type in. For example; if you typed in "Big fat Waffle Eating Orc"... the system won't recognize that as an icon, but it will be placed on the map with a black dot and that dot will be called "Big fat Waffle Eating Orc". This allows 100% totally custom names.

If you want to place 3 orcs on the map, you simply need to type in "orc" three separate times. The scripts will simply tag each orc "Orc 0", "Orc 1", "Orc 2" etc.

LIMITS: None, the DM can place as many icons as they want.

MULTI-MAPS: For now, the DM just needs to upload a new map and off you go. The old map is dumped. However the icons from the old map will remain, so each time a DM uploads a new Strat-Map, they need to click the "Clear All Icons From Database" button, then they can carry on.

FOG-OF-WAR: To use this feature you need to place your F.O.W.'s first DM's. Lay them out where you like or where you want the player's visibility to be diminished or for that matter completely gone. Then place your icons where you like. You can remove the F.O.W. icons whenever you like by clicking "remove" option below the map, in the same queue as all the other icons.
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