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Interface Upgrades (0.2b features)

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Interface Upgrades (0.2b features)

Post#1 » Tue May 05, 2020 1:13 pm

Next on my list was flexibility. After some more debating we came to the conclusion that there were just to many different devices out there will a million different resolutions. The interface needed to be modernized in a way that allowed users to customize the screen in any fashion they desire. Again though... NIGHTMARE when not using some fancy unity code, or some sort of actual gaming engine... but it was doable! At least that's what I seen on rare occasions online.

So, off I went, coding away and came up with another beautiful design. Movable interfaces, with instant snap location memory and completely closing options as well. You can even re-size them still like in 0.1b, although this takes some talent.

I have attached a preview of the interface in action. Here is shows the interface almost completely closed off. The next screen shows the user, other images, strategic map and character portrait modals all open. The last screen shows them all moved around like a puzzle. Just click, drag, re-size if needed and bam! Your gaming son! :archer:

All done with browser code only! Yep, keep in mind, this VTT is browser based only. No downloading, no patching ... just log in and play! ;)
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