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New to Server

Forum for our dedicated NWN server. Server IP and instructions all within these topics.

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New to Server

Post#1 » Thu Jul 04, 2019 10:21 am

Hello, Everyone I wanted to introduce myself here on the forums.Im Baerlran and fairly new to nwn but played on the LOTR server for a few months and now Im trying to play on Arkuth Seems like an awesome server, from everything i have read here on the forums.

I have a question can you change your alignment on this server so that you can create classes like pally/bard/rdd and such. Also on the LOtR server you could be a wemic(until it was taken away) but transform and use the human or anyother races body. Is that possible here.

So I was put in jail for not putting away my sword which was fantastic, until i Realized I dont have any friends that play and cant bail me out hahaha. What is the work around for this I tried to log on as a pally to bail my ranger out of Jail went and bought a key opened the cell. Logged back on to my ranger and he was still in jail. This morning I logged on and found him (Ranger) in the tavern again, Assuming Server reset got him out. I dont plan on going back to jail right yet but i was wondering how to get out again if i Do.

Also do you guys have a discord?

I look forward to seeing everyone around in game. Thanks


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