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Neverwinter Nights (Arkuth PW) - Best PW Online!

Forum for our dedicated NWN server. Server IP and instructions all within these topics.

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Neverwinter Nights (Arkuth PW) - Best PW Online!

Post#1 » Fri Aug 17, 2018 3:26 pm

Well, it's taking me almost 16 years to get to this point. Built 2 worlds from scratch, both of which had over 500 areas to explore and never heard of any other server exceeding that standard. UNTIL NOW!

Yes.. this new realm (module) is based on my new PnP world and I've been working extremely long hours with a few of my players to get all of the bugs and options put into the game they so dearly wanted to see in NWN.

This new world combines BOTH of my old modules/worlds into a single realm, along with hundreds of new areas to explore. I work on this module almost daily and it's growing fast! I often wonder if they engine can handle this size and that there must be a limit on how big the module can actually get.

I've logged into quite a few online servers to see what kind of competition is out there and I can openly say not much. There are a few very popular servers online and have been for some time, which seem to dominate the player lists. These servers are great, they offer and abundance of options and seem to keep people entertained for hours. However...

Our goal/My goal for Arkuth was to keep the world so populated and so detailed beyond the norm, that not only does our server not require DM's, it will FEEL like a real world in vastness. I wanted all aspects covered to the best NWN's engine can provide and that is coming along very very nicely now thanks to the CEP 2.65 and the amazing public content one can download for free.

We want good... no great people to play on this server. Dedicated and truly good RPers are what we are after. Yet I want it to be beyond that. I want to see players of all walks of life, good players... because if your not smart on this server... your DEAD!

With over 850+ areas now in Arkuth the sky is the limit. You'll never get bored and you'll never finish all areas, there are just to many! You can work you way to 40th level and then go beyond as an immortal PC! Battling other immortals and working your way through all 9 levels of HELL!

This server offers it all, from custom races, to auctions, to player houses, to persistent banks, from gambling houses to whore houses. If D&D is your thing and you don't have any friends that you can play PnP with, then purchase a copy of NWN from and come join us. I promise... you WILL LOVE IT!

~ Produced by me; Cole Austin (owner of
The Borg of Dungeons & Dragons

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