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Line By Line Story - IT's BACK!

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Line By Line Story - IT's BACK!

Post#1 » Mon Apr 27, 2020 1:42 am

Dug out from the pits of hell, today I found myself looking through 20 years of PADnD archives. Lots of good laughs for sure ... which included such things as "play orc magazine", adventure stories, PBMB posts, the monster ranker, NPC ranker and much more... but one thing really stood out. "The Line By Line Story" feature that was last posted on in 2001! 8O

I got looking through the files for it and seen it was super popular, had over 16 stories archived, with over 100 lines for each story. Yes, some are quite funny and worth the time to read along. :)

So I set out to restore this ... the code was old, really old and it would even open in modern php. So I went over it for at least 2 hours and whala.. it started working... kinda ... a bit more bashing my head into my PC and poof! It's back baby!

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