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RPG pdocasts/Streams/whatevers, wat ya think?

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RPG pdocasts/Streams/whatevers, wat ya think?

Post#1 » Mon Mar 25, 2019 10:42 pm

With da board able to accept new users again, time to try to strike up some discussions. Weh!

D&D is boomin right now, and dis kobold think da lions share of dat credit is a little known online show called Critical Role. Da guys I roll with, a few of dem were big into it during it's first series, although most have stopped watchin da
second. Tried to jump on board with da second series, but damn, dat crew knows how to flee from plot hooks and generally be super annoying. Tried watching da first series for a while, but found myself just unable to care.

But da just personal opinion. Can appreciate dat it has, in fact, generated a huge amount of interest in da game and hobby, which is good, but I fear it's propping up a weak game system. Muh disdain fer 5th Ed has been briefly noted elsewhere, but I do not believe it would be remotely close, not by an enormous margin, to da success it has now if it wasn't for dis show, and da painfully slow progress on content woulda probably watered down da appeal long ago.

Being a lifeline to da current Edition of D&D aside, CR's influence on da hobby is noticeable, if you're aware of da show, anyways.

Heard more den a few tales of DM's trying to ape Mercer's style, and using his cutesy little gimmicks. Muh crew, playing Fantasy Flight Games Star Wars (wonderful system, but it requires da right type of players, which muh crew is decidedly not) had da GM using "How you want to do dis?" fer nearly da entire campaign, and I didn't ever click to what it was from until afterwards. Da delivery of it was rather forced, and I've seen a few of our other guys who try their hand at DMing it try to do it, and it's usually just a cringe fest, usually because no one ready for it as dey not expectin it.

The main DM in our group tried it on one of da new players, and she didn't understand wat he wuz askin of her. Wuz like, dude. She new. Gotta explain wat ya askin.

Set expectations folks! You wanna "HYWTDT?"? Let your players know ahead of time dat you intend to offer dat, so dat dey can keep it in mind.

Also, don't try to be as 'epic' as Mercer. He talented voice actor, and does seem pretty creative, even if he be big push over in second series, but his verbose style is not easy to pull off. An don't badger yo DM because dey not like Mercer enough! Specially with voices. Voices hard. Harder to keep track of who has wat type of voice.

But dis kobold gettin off track now. Tried some other popular podcasts out dere. Currently listening to, because I be gettin big into Starfinder, Cosmic Crit, as well as Androids and Aliens. Da former is alright, da latter tends to elicit good chortles from me. Also, da latter, being Glass Cannon Podcast, I've dallied in some of deir Pathfinder playtest broadcasts, and dose were amusing. Keith Slashmaster best fighter around, even when he fails at everyding he does.

So wat say youse? Dese guys bringin net benefit to the hobby, or are dey settin unhealthy expectations of it?

PS: De RPG/D&D PodCasts requires authorization to post in, seems counter productive to conversations 'bout dem like that!
PPS: Same for Campaign Journals! Too few people here to lock content from peeps!
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