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If they made the Xwing novels into films?!

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If they made the Xwing novels into films?!

Post#1 » Fri Feb 09, 2018 2:56 pm

So.. over the past few weeks, we've heard disney rumors that they might be doing a new series of films fir the SW saga, not connected to the skywalkers.

For ME, i would love it if they did the Xwing novels (by stackpole) into films..

Who would you have in these roles..
Wedge - Brandon Rooth (from Superman returns/legends of tomorrow/arrow)
Captain Tycho Celchu - Steven Browder imo would make a good one, or Mr Falon (the guy from Castle).
Lieutenant Corran Horn
Ooryl Qrygg
Nawara Ven - Issah washington (from many things!)
Rhysati Ynr
Bror Jace - Bob Moorley (from the 100)
Erisi Dlarit - Marie Avgeropoulos (from the 100)
Peshk Vri'syk
Gavin Darklighter - Franz Drameh (from legends of tomorrow)
Riv Shiel
Lujayne Forge - Katie Cassidy
Andoorni Hui

The Terriks;
Booster - John Goodman
Mirax -

Ysanne Isard, Director of Imperial Intelligence - Jessica Chastain
Kirtan Loor, Intelligence Agent - Cumberbach
General Evir Derricote - Paul blackthorn

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