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OT - Valentine's woes..

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OT - Valentine's woes..

Post#1 » Fri Feb 09, 2018 12:33 pm

Wow.. Just got done reading a long rant by one of my former comrades, who's still active duty. Over the past 10 years, he's been deployed 7 times over the valentines period, and his new wife (of 5 years) is also getting irked about it.. Strangely though, SHE feels its OK for a woman to miss a man's birthday/important day but hell will freeze over before the wife/gf/SO, is ever ok with a man missing valentines..

Over the years, i have heard similar stories, and even worse..
Which makes me scratch my head. Why is ok for her to miss an important day of his, even for silly stuff (like she just didn't want to cancel her gals night out), but HE can never miss anything important to her, even if its cause of work?

Anyone else here, experience (Or hear from kin/friends) Similar stories??

Or situations like when a guy moves his gf into live with him, and instantly HER STUFF takes over the closet, so HE has to go into another bedroom to get dressed.
Or upon moving his SO in, SHE tosses out HIS Stuff (sometimes literally tossing them out onto the street), so she can move her stuff into the house??

Hearing of stories like that time and time again, and adding in other stuff to the mix; like one from a co-worker who worked NIGHTS religiously, but had to sleep iN THE BASEMENT cause wifey refused to let him put up ANY sort of window blinds/curtains in the bedroom. Then other stores, such as one man i knew who did the date scene, asking 5 separate gals in one of those 'date meet ups', if a wife wants something, but a husband needs something that would prevent wife getting what she wants - practically ALL the gals he asked said "WELL his need just has to take a back seat to her want"..
It makes me wonder, WHY so many guys get married?

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