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Post#1 » Thu Nov 23, 2017 12:26 pm

Hi there!

My name is Cole and I'm the owner and webmaster of (AKA I just wanted to let anyone looking at this forum know that we offer a large section of hidden forums that ONLY registered users can view and/or take part in.

We have sections for DM's only, Art, 1e, 2e, 3e, 5e, pathfinder, general RPG chat and even an area for people to post about their homebrew campaigns.

Every day now I see more and more "guests" lurking the forums and I would humbly like to invite everyone to sign up and participate in our great topics. We cover it all! Don't be shy, we pride ourselves in being friendly even when we strongly disagree. That's the whole point right... to work out our problems with the game, to educate new players and to help each other make our D&D adventures even better.

I would also like to offer another fact. I've been playing AD&D since the age of 9 (DMing since 12) and I'm now 42 years old. Even people my age still enjoy other people's thoughts and opinions and on occasion we still gain some valuable knowledge from someone on this site. There's ALWAYS more to learn and share. :)

So please sign up today. PADnD is a stable and well maintained website, where we don't ban you or punish you for being different or thinking outside the box.

Join us today! :welcome:
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