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Might Be Moving To Alberta (Red Deer)

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Might Be Moving To Alberta (Red Deer)

Post#1 » Wed May 03, 2017 8:54 am

Hey Guys,

Well I know it doesn't really matter on the internet, but I thought I would post a note here mentioning that I may (80% likely) will be moving east to Alberta. Red Deer to be specific. Wondering if anyone on here lives there or near there that may want to join my gaming group as I will officially have 0 players again.

I know Thanatos and Crimson Kobold live in Edmonton a mere 1 hour drive, so finding a gaming group won't be to difficult. However, I would prefer Dungeon crawlers as I don't really care for other RPG's any longer. I'm also not prone to "play"... I'm a DM /Game Master and don't play per-say.

Anyway, RED DEER or bust. Leave a note, or contact me via PM or email and I'll get back to you if your interested.
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