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Things we'd like to see happen on Game of Thrones

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Things we'd like to see happen on Game of Thrones

Post#1 » Mon Sep 19, 2016 12:51 pm

Only two seasons left, to get the ball rolling...

1) Sandor Clegane go up against the Mountain- and kill him permanently (bonus points if Maester Frankenstein bites it some how as well).
2) Those backstabbing b!tc#es the Sand Snakes die horribly.
3) Littlefinger's far reaching plans t fall apart at the last second
4) Dany becoming the kind of tyrant she fought against, Jon Snow usurping the dragons and using them to torch the White Walkers

And the final (drum roll please)...
Someone getting a footstool for Tyrion so he can get on the Iron Throne and become the wisest, most just ruler the Seven Kingdoms will ever know (never gonna happen, but a guy can dream)!
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