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PBP Reply Control

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PBP Reply Control

Post#1 » Wed Oct 09, 2013 11:22 pm

Play by Post. Post control. As in controlling the flow of replies on your game board. It's more of a DM observation but players are at the heart of it.

Some ppl like me post like a lunatic and get 10 more posts than everyone else in the group, plus they're huge.

(I don't think ppl like reading monster posts in general.))

Others can barely get the minimum quota in and the reply may be 2 sentences. Sometimes I wonder why they bother but I don't judge.

My biggest obstacle has been players who post AND then DM themselves. They state their intended action and then proceed to tell me the GM what's happening. :-P Sometimes it's harmless fluff attempts that I actually respect, but others are besting guards, listing environment, and getting things done....on their own word of course.

The other half is when they get it wrong, doesn't matter why or how, it's easy to do online. So they post a glaring misinterpretation by accident.
Fact is the GM has to see it first, then they have to be told on an OOC board and then go back and adjust their post. Dominoes if anyone has reacted off of it. That can easily take 3days believe it or not

I can tell it's a big turn off but after a lot of that back and forth waste of energy I started turning in my posts to the DM's email. He would make sure it was all good and correct anything that was wrong. I could make any changes that were needed. And then post it one time. Actually I had him post it, I think post counts are senseless.

Here I'll bet it has a standard "Post Approval" option.
1-can that be toggled for a game forum? Like just mine?
2-what do you think? Dm? Player? You can answer both.

Other similar incidents include little things like, I've seen them post for other players reactions/actions, or take action and just ignore everyone else around them.

My theory is that they send it in. It gets approved. THEN it goes on the board. I can control the number of posts to a degree and keep everyone close together, it cuts down on goofs and misunderstandings, less OOC, less post editing among other things.

Sounds good in print

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