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Splatbook 152 - Music Is My Destiny!

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Splatbook 152 - Music Is My Destiny!

Post#1 » Sun Jan 19, 2020 9:48 am

We’re tuning up the band for this episode! Join DMs Glen, Fulongamer and Brian as they bring you another dose of 2e goodness! After answering some emails, they get to work. First they go into part nine of their ten-part series on character classes, this time covering the Bard class. From there they reveal the secrets of the bard’s nemesis, the Lhiannan Shee, and bring things to a close with a Brainstorm.

Email from DM Temple (breeding out the human genes in half ogres; dealing with absent players; Death Spell issues)
Email from DM Neff (request for a segment dedicated to psionics; Star Wars thoughts)
Email from DM Neff (multiclassed characters; setting up contingency, persistence and permanency spells; signature spells)

You can find us on,, Tumblr, Facebook, iTunes, and Twitter (@thacoshammer), as well as our home page at . If you are looking for an RSS feed or a different way of downloading the show directly, the address is: Also, we have a new location for archived episodes, and the address is: If you are looking for our Actual Play (AP) podcasts, you can find them on iTunes (search for WGP's OSR AP Podcasts), or you can go to, and they are also on our location. You can also email the show at, and you can leave a voicemail for the show at 405-806-0555.

People Skills – In-Depth, Part Nine: The Bard
Snipe Hunt – Lhiannan Shee
DM Brainstorm – Bardic College

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