Realms of Kervasis Kaloom, Campaign Journal.

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Re: Realms of Kervasis Kaloom, Campaign Journal.

Postby garhkal » Sat Jul 08, 2017 5:40 pm

OK. Game day 8 down. We only had 2 players show up.. once canxed due to being up in Cleveland (work), another mentioned he's also busy and is dropping out till at least august.
Players showing up - Patrick playing Tostig the fighter, and he made for his b/u PC, a L1/1 Half elf Cleric (Save-K-Nor) / Mage, while Ross C made a Human invoker for his new back up (L1). Cause they were still left in that village with Serngroot (who's the player who said he is too busy, so will drop out to say early-mid Aug), it was just those 3, while Henri Koulson, the B/U pc of Whit M who already dropped out (the dwarf F/T Skai, who died off 'scripted') gave them 4.
They were joined by a dwarf F/C of Clangeddin (vindicator kit)...

After all the bed rest needed for everyone, they knew they were a good time back on the others, and since the others failed to leave any horses, this motley band would have to foot it over to Escrormian.

In their trails, they fought a pair of Owl-bears, who mauled some of the party very bad, but their luck held out.. Going into the owlbear's lair put them against the last of the adults and the 2 cubs who fought cause they could't retreat anymore, but due to great hits from both the dwarf and Tostig, the party were easily victorious.. THey looted the owlbear lair for 2 art objects (worth 1kgp), and 5014 silver.. They stopped at the waypoint village inroute to Escormian, and bought 2 mules and a cart, as well as cashed in some of their silver for gold... They found out they had to go to Escormian anyway, or a port city/town, to get the scrimshaw artwork valued.. Good thing they were heading that way.

Their next encounter was with a pack of 4 worgs, who savagely mauled Henri and the dwarf (geggdon) before the last was driven off (failed morale after the other 3 were killed)..

They had one final encounter before making it into the city, with a 9 pack of those crawling claws (and Ross's mage made the joke, so THIS is what my mentor, the necromancer must have been working on that got him exiled!). Though the battle was swift, the dwarf and Ross's new mage did get down to -3/-4 respectively.. They bed rested on the cart till they made the last 3 days to the city..

IN the city they got word from the prior group "Have headed out west on a 8 day out patrol, will be back in 16 days".. But that was several days back, so had 11 of their own to wait to catch them up..

So they hired on with a Priestess of Halea who was traveling north east to a Gnoll village to perform a marriage between 2 of that village's clans.. BUT rumbled into a pack of 6 ghouls with a ghast.. THe battle was brutal, cause not ONE of the 3 clerics there, could do any turning 8O 8O 8O . After the dwarf Geggdon, then Henri then Tostig got paralized, the other 3 thought that they were all done for.. BUT the ghouls were starting to miss (all rolls in open!).. Eventually though, Ross's new mage (still had no name for him) got paralyzed, then the dwarf became un-paralyzed.. HE went into two of the ghouls that were on that mage, while henri after getting un-paralyzed, got on the one on the NPC cleric.. But alas, their attacks just made them fresh targets again..
At this time, Patrick's new Cl/Mage, Aethlred, decided to popp off an Invis to undead.. As the Ghast (the only one who could save) was blinded by a light in his eyes, the ghouls ignored him.. Then he went to the invoker (who just got dropped), invis'ed HIM then binded his wounds.. THEN went up and did the same on Tostig.. And under the cover of this invisibility, they fled. Leaving Henri, Geggdon and the NPC priestess, along with the mules to their fate.....

This is where we called it (as it was 6pm)...
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Re: Realms of Kervasis Kaloom, Campaign Journal.

Postby garhkal » Sat Jul 15, 2017 8:41 pm

Well, game day 9 down.. We tried out using the Grandview heights Giant eagle, as they had a nice upper deck with NICE seats!!.. 3 players showed up, Keven, Patrick and Alex.. David R said his firm has him out on the road a LOT currently (that's why he's missed the past 3 weeks, so will drop out for the rest of summer, hopefully by Sept he's going to be ok to get back in).. Ross C was working and, Zach didn't reply.
So with those 3, we got into it..
Since Patrick had both his primary and back up pc, back in town, i had him take over playing Daniel the henchman, till the group got back.. Holvareth, had collapsed from battle damage (so was in the cart for bed rest), while the rest were still battle weary from the Ghast/ghouls..

PS forgot to write in the new back up PC for both Patrick and Ross..
Ross C's new back upNicolo, the Human Invoker level 1. NE alignment (described him as a cruel pyromaniac).. Str 10, Dex and con 16, Int 18, Wis 13, Cha 11. Prof in the darts. 6hp
Patrick P's back upAethlred the Half elf Cleric (Save'k'Nor) / mage (1/1).. Str and Con 12, Dex 14, Int 14, Wis 15, Cha 9 (yea, he rolled that and wanted to PLAY It).. His one item rolled, one of my new items, the Vet's pouch.. 5hp.
And after training up, Raven is now at 18 hp for his 3rd/3rd ranger cleric, while Sha'shu is now at 28hp

They opted to not bother hunting down the 4 ghouls that had been turned, NOR tried to track them to their lair.. Instead they headed back to town (which was now only 6 days away).. As they passed that way they came across a group of 4 worgs near a stream bed (had made a lair down in a pit near the stream).
Two of the worgs went for the leaders, while the other two went for the horses and pony on the wagon.. Even with several good strikes in the opening round, it still took them long enough to kill 3 of the worgs, forcing the last to flee, that the party lost one of the horses..

They then encountered a patrol of the city guard doing a 2 day out security patrol.. Pleasantries were exchanged, and they party concluded their journey, at which time one of the gate guards told them of some other adventurer types, "who had just returned the prior day with their 'tails between their legs' after running afoul of undead.. They are resting up in the Inn off of Evenasza street... The same place they left a comatose gnome..."

That alerted the party that "hey these must be our others from the village we left, guess they were not as far behind us as we thought.."

After meeting up again, Daniel went back to hench status.. The party decided to sign on to a caravan and head north to Awagorr, but had 2 days to wait up.. They were going to be paid 1gp a man a day for guard duty, along with the 2 dwarf Men at arms (base dwarfs from the Mon man, one a xbow wielder the other an axe guy)...

After the wait, they headed up.. Going for 4 days to the first village way stop, 3 days to the next, but encountered several hours of rains each of the last 2 days.. They then headed out (cloudy as hell skies, that eventually opened up on them the rest of the day and into the next).. Cause this made the trail itself muddy, they went a hour to the west, to find a dryer area, then kept northward (2 days between that and the 3rd village way point). This is where they hit their 2nd encounter of the night..
A trio of those trapper scorpions. Unfortunately during the long battle, with several fumbles on the pc's side, but some good use of Light in the eyes and a flaming sphere, Daniel the henchmen died.. Rolled a nat 2 on his save vs poison, then after Aethlred found enough stuff to make a potion (after Raven slowed poison on both him and Tostig), he rolled a 4 for his re-save.. Patrick's Tostig, didn't fare much better, rolling a 6 both times on his save..
However, we had to wait on a text/email back from Ross C, the player of Holvareth, cause even though his pc is just 'in the backround' he's technically in the wagon, and had 2 pots of Keogi's ointment, which the party COULD have used to save both, but decided to not be 'looters of other player's gear till they gave the ok'. But by the time Ross got back to us almost 40 min later, the party had already finished up the rush job to get up to Awagorr, and made it into the temple of Peoni.. Raven did some good RP to get a raise dead, offered up 2 good scrolls, a potion of ex healing, 5 large gems and accepted a quest to get the raise dead (and neutralize poison) needed to at least get Tostig raised..
And he BARELY MADE his resurrection survival roll (88, needing a 94)..

So after finishing his bed rest off, the were off to the east, towards one of the 2 mines out that way, escorting the temple's Brother Woo-choo (pronounced wu shoe), to do some repairs on a shrine near one of the mines, cause the temple got word that the shrine had been sacked/ruined by some orcs and undead... (Brother Woo shoo is a L3 priest with a 15 Wis, so has 4 first and 2 second level spells, but won't take any active roll, other than hanging back and healing as needed)..

The third encounter the group had this game day, was with a 6 pack of those hell flies.. However, cause they had looted the scorpion's lair, they had gotten a ring of Chameleon power they gave to Loren, the Thief), which he was wearing to scout ahead.. I rolled % dice (90% undetectable), and got 2 of the 6 that noticed him (93 and 99, the rest in the mid 50s and low 20s).. So two split of the downed ettin they were eating on to chase after Loren, who immediately started running the 90 meters back to the party (he was out in the lead that distance to scout, which HEY, is his kit!! :bigthumbsup: 8) )

After each round of combat, i rolled a d10 for the other 4, and on a 1-3 they came to join in the combat, 4-10 they stayed eating the ettin.. It took 5 rounds for the last of the hell flies to do so..

Tostig once again, got the worst of things, after getting spat on by 3 of these beasts, in a ROW!.. Loren got rammed by one, and so did Sha'shu, but Loren failed to be stunned though he did get knocked down, while Sha'shu suffered BOTH a knockdown and stun..
Several good placements of light in the beasts eyes, kept losses to only the 2 killed horses, and the (now once again needing bed rest), Tostig.. However, cause Patrick had to go (wife called, sick), we broke right there.. Before i really got into having Patrick roll any item saves for his gear from the acid of the beasts that felled him.. And if it wasn't for the cures of Brother Woo-shoo he would have more than likely died a 2nd time.. OUCH!

He won't be there he said next week, but both Kevin and Alex said yes.. Hopefully Ross and Zach show up..
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Re: Realms of Kervasis Kaloom, Campaign Journal.

Postby garhkal » Sun Jul 30, 2017 12:47 am

So last weekend, we didn't play, but this weekend we did, however one canxed that morning (Food allergy that had him in hospital), and the other 2 who said they were most likely making it never showed (GRR).. So we only had 2 players show up, but at least BOTH have 2 pcs .. So we went with those 4 pcs and the NPC they were escorting, Brother Woo-choo a priest of Peoni, the goddess of healing (known well as a pacifist god, and as such even humanoids that recognize their robes, won't attack unless there's no other choice, such as they are commanded to by a greater force, however undead, non thinking beasts, animals and the like ignore that aspect of the Peonians)..

Session 9 report..

So, Alex's two pcs (Falondiel and Loren), along with Ross's two Pcs went back to town after the hell fly battle.. That left Kevin's two (Sha'shu and Raven) along with Patrick's two (Aethlred and Tostig) to keep guard on brother Woo-choo.

After the 2 days of bed rest Tostig needed from being dropped by the Hell flies (he made his system shock roll, and 2 cure moderates took him down to only needing the 2 days), the party had him in the cart while they kept on the path.. The Day after he got back into a fighting condition, the group got a 'patrol scheduled encounter' from a nearby lair of Cyclops-kin.. 4 total.. With the range, all the PC's bar Brother Woo-choo got a chance to dismount. Brother Woo-choo, put up an Aid on both Sha'shu and Raven, during the time the Cyclops-kin took to get into melee. While Aethlred popped up a Bless on everyone (though the bless[/i] and Aid don't stack their bonuses, at least Sha'shu and raven got a HP boost (which came in handy as the bonus HP was all that stopped Sha'shu dying) instead he was only dropped to -4hp... A bad call on trying both a [i]sleep, and a command spell, wasted two spells from Aethlred, and he realized "damn these beasts are tougher stuff and i don't speak anything that would work!" (he only speaks elf/common, so didn't have any language that would have possibly been known by the Cyclops kin..)

After a # of rounds went by with both sides missing like crazy.. Finally luck seemed to shine but on the enemy.. Two Cyclops kin joined in on bashing on Sha'shu, and was it not for the HP boost from Aid, he would have dropped to -12... A fate that would have most likely killed him, with it taking 6 more rounds to down the beasts.. As it was, he was saved by brother Woo-choo banding his wounds..

Aethlred was the only one to see it, but he was shocked when he saw both those cyclops kin that dropped Sha'shu, just walk BY him, one even nodding.. Then it hit him.. "Any sentient, knows of their 'must heal if requested' downside of those who worship Peoni, so thought correctly, any humanoid that recognizes them must consider them non-combatants" (OOC he rolled a Nat 1 on his Religion NWP check).. Just the following round, Raven managed to down one, and then hit a hold person on a 2nd. But the two remaining were going to town on Tostig, though his great AC were all that was keeping him in the fight...
After Aethlred finally figured a good spell to use, he managed to make a 3rd flee (Reversed remove fear), and before the last could flee himself (after failing morale), Tostig managed to land a crit, taking him out.. While the fleeing one was running, Raven shot four arrows, but only 2 hit.. However, even with it living, it was still a bitter sweet victory.
They started debating what to do with the held one when its duration expired, and all were shocked when Brother Woo-choo went up to him, said something in orkish, slapped him on the butt (cast a cure light wounds) and he nodded a grunt of thanks, dropped a small pouch (the group of kin's only treasure they had recently taken from a dead elf, a modest 5gp ring, still attached to his hand).

After using his last cure spell on Sha'shu, Brother Woo-choo expended all his remaining healing might, bringing Tostig to almost full, and removing 3 of the days of bed rest that would have been needed by Sha'shu.. BUT he would still need one.. Luckily the group was able to make it the remaining 2 days to the shrine which had looked like something destroyed it with rocks, with no hassle.

Day two they were there, brother Woo-choo and Aethlred were hanging back, while the 3 stronger folk, took turns tying off wood, cutting wood and other tasks needed to bring this shrine back into a semblance of usability for those miners 3 days to the east. But they were attacked on that day, by 3 statuesque flying beasts (first time the group's encountered Gargoyles) and as Un-luck would have it, the only person NOT surprised was Sha'shu, all the other's were.. BUT one of the 3 Gargoyles, was going after the horses all tied off down below where the shrine was, the other 2 attacked the group..
One dropped a rock on Brother Woo, injuring him, while the last went toe to toe with Sha'shu.. However three rounds of both HIM and Tostig smiting away took him down, and Raven took a round to bless some of his arrows, so he could use his bow on the one that was tackling the horses.... However it took that one almost 5 rounds to finally down a beast, sufficiently to kill the horse, and fly off with the Gargoyle's meal.. As he flew off, the other remaining one, failed a save vs cause fear, and HE too fled..
Another bitter victory, as this would mean the party would have to put the mules both back on cart duty, which would slow down their return trip to the city of Awagorr.

3 days later, (one day shy of finishing the repairs) the Gargoyles returned (another group of 3).. However this group was somewhat smarter, with Two heading towards the horses, and only one going into the party's midst. BUT Tostig thought wisely and was standing by the horses waiting them. Brother Woo-choo, was the only one surprised (Patrick rolled me a nat 1 on his surprise die), and yet again got targeted by a dropped rock, but the rock missed him, BARELY...
The fight this time was swifter for our group, but Raven snapped his newly created, but flawed, Strength bow he had recently finished making (took 3 times the creation duration, cause he did it in 'down time while traveling, but rolled 1 OVER his NWP score, so it was flawed)... So had to melee instead.. Two Gargoyles got dropped, and the other fled, after failing his Morale roll very badly (rolled an 17 on the 2d10)...

With the group celebrating that easy victory, they thought the gods might finally be shining on this minor quest.
The last day passed, the shrine was finished being repaired, and brother Woo spent the needed time to consecrate it (though not officially as he had not the spells power to do so Properly). He just blessed it, using the last of his 3 vials of Holy water to do so..
They waited one final day, and were back on the road heading back home. Then bad luck hit.. A night watch rumbled a group of 4 Z-throk into camp. During this watch only Sha'shu was awake. All the others were sleeping. However, Raven had cast two Wyvern watches, to catch any interlopers.. As the light was very dim, none of the 4 Z-throk saw it, and one rumbled into it, failed his save and got paralyzed..
The first round saw two go for him, while one went for the sleeping priests (as these guys are smart they KNOW what priests can do. A warning cry from Sha'shu woke Tostig, Aethlred and Raven up, but a Nat 20 on the wake up die (REAL BAD as low is better) meant brother Woo stayed asleep.

The following round, a waking Raven saw what was attacking the group and dispensed with going for his armor and weapons, and instead opted for A turn undead. And after a Very lucky with a turn roll that caused the 3 non-paralyzed ones to flee.. BUT not before Sha'shu and Tostig had each taken some damage, and the one that went for the clerics, had smacked Brother Woo. Luck though was with all three of those who took damage, as they made their roll to not turn into these unhallowed beasts.. Tostig, Raven AND Sha'shu all piled on the paralyzed one dispatching him easily.
Then the group discussed whether to track them to their lair, cause so far they had earned some decent experience but no coin to show for this trip. The rest agreed with Raven that if nothing else, after they found the lair, they would have Raven go in under the cover of an Invisibility to Undead, and wait a few rounds to report what he saw.

They traveled with Raven doing the tracking, till they came to a cave in the side of a mountain, and Raven did as was discussed.. His Invisibility to Undead, was cast, then he entered. Seeing 5 total Z-throk, the 3 that had been turned, and 2 others. Though one of them looked a little different, stronger somewhat. The 4 'underlings were all munching on a dead elf and a horse (thinking it might be the same ones the Cyclops kin had killed over a week ago) and MUCH coin in a pile off in a corner of the cave.. However the 5th Z-throk looked and seemed different (the 4 lessers were the 4HD versions, IT was a 5hd one and so had a Save vs the Invis, and made it BARELY, with a 15 on the die).. And so it advanced on Raven.
After getting hacked on by it, he thought "If i turn them, though i lose my spell's protection but at least i can hedge them back, so the other's can loot the place".. However luck had ran out for Raven.. A nat 1 on his turn, broke the invis, and the other Z-throk were now free to wade in on him.. He shouted a warning to the others, JUST LEAVE, no matter what you hear... And 2 rounds later, they heard no more screams (two bite crits and a # of claw hits took raven to -18... dead :cry: )

The others, actually thought for a few rounds, and decided "NO.. We are not leaving a fallen comrade behind".. Brother Woo turned, and successfully (after i had Raven make his turning roll for me, and getting the needed 18!!), and while HE kept the beasts at bay.. While this was going on, Sha'shu and Tostig ran in, Grabbed the fallen body of Raven and tossed him in the cart, then they all ran.. Well rode off on the horses as fast as the mules could take the cart, all the while Brother woo kept his watch up to turn the Z-throk if they came out of the cave.

I asked OOC three times how long they were going to run for, before they stopped to do anything about Raven.. And even emphasized that part.. and after conversing OOC together, both Kevin and Patrick agreed "we will keep it up for 6 hrs before resting to check on raven..
Cause they remembered the turning part (the % roll for damage taken, but had so far, yet to lose someone by dying), they didn't realized the reason i was being so questioning... As at the one hour mark, the dead raven ROSE as a Z-throk ON THE CART, and started attacking both Sha'shu and brother Woo-choo. Brother Woo was almost killed by it, but a well timed crit from Tostig, a Magic missile from Aethlred and two rounds of scimitar blows from Sha'shu, put him back to being dead...
They then hastily dug up a hole, tossed him in, after stripping him of gear, Aethlred cast a Bless using the last of HIS holy water, and for good measure added a full vial from what was taken from Raven's corpse. They all said some quick words, and were back off, heads handing a little lower...

5 days towards town, they had one final encounter, with a 9 pack of crawling claws.. The fight was actually easy for the group, but it still took some resources as they lost yet one more horse... (So now they have no spare for the cart)..

Eventually they pulled into Awagorr, and we ended it there.

So this ends our failed (somewhat) attempt to game every weekend, so we are going back to every other weekend.. Luckily this means my next 2 game weekends are SPLITTING Gencon nicely... Here's also hoping More players show up!
And on the good news front, we at least have a new player showing interest.. He contacted us in mid week, and i hope to hear from him for our next session...
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Re: Realms of Kervasis Kaloom, Campaign Journal.

Postby garhkal » Sun Aug 13, 2017 12:05 am

OK. Game session 10 (Session 11 overall when you count session 1 was nothing but meet n greet and character creation).
Players in Attendance were just Patrick and Kevin again. Since Kevin's primary PC, Raven Morningstar had died last session, his back-up, Sha'shu was promoted to Primary, and he started contemplating a new back up. So with Sha'shu and both Patrick's pcs, that gave us just 3 characters. So i made up an on the spot NPC to join the party (dwarf fighter-cleric, who Kevin actually LIKED and so adopted as his new back up). I also made a 'copy' of Holvareth, the Priest of Laranni that would accompany them for THIS Session only. Half way in the session Kevin also bought himself a L2 Gnoll fighter henchman.

So we started gaming with everyone licking their wounds after Raven's untimely demise.. After saying their good bye's to Brother Woo-shoe, the party spent the better part of 3 days doing some local lore and rumors of happenings near by, learning of 3 potential monster lairs, a Mixed Skeleton-Zombie to the west, and both a Cyclops kin and Orog one to the east. The rumors from some miners was that the Zombie/Skeleton mix, also had some strange looking skeletons in amongst their # from "What he heard", that had ickly glowing hands and an eerie chattering sound (OOC my returned mages).. The party discussed it, but after me telling them Aethlred was ready to level on his priestly side, and was CLOSE to leveling on his mage side, along with Sha'shu, and Loren (Alex's back up thief), they decided to get those who can level, trained up before tackling anything else..
So they spent another day checking in and unluckily got no caravans departing southward towards Escormian. So hoofed it on their own.

Their first 8 days were very uneventful, other than a nasty deluge of rain on the evening of day 5. Then just after lunch on day 9 (of 15) downward, they hit a pack of 9 Stirges.. A # went after each PC and the rest went to the horses and mules.. Strangely, the FIRST to kill one, was Red the mule! It took 3 rounds of fumbling and flopping around (all dice rolls were poor all over for the pcs) before a 2nd stirge died. However after that it only took 2 more rounds to get the other 6 killed.. After healing everyone, then finishing their travel to the nearest village, they had one more encounter before reaching the city.. Out of the night, walked in 4 of those Kephrinn.. Cause of only the 5 characters present; Sha'shu, Tostig, Aethlred, Kovarneth and Beronaa, they had split their evening watches to where Sha'shu was on one on his lonesome.. BUT luck was against him as he rolled a natural 1 for his surprise check!

The 4 flaming chested skeletons waltzed in, 3 going for the sleeping party, the last going for Sha'shu.. AND BOY Did he get thwacked (nat 20 damaging him for 14hp on the spot).. That woke everyone up lickidy split.. And a lucky natural 20 by Beronaa to turn the undead made them flee before more damage was sustained by everyone..
They thought that since the turning would end and the would come back, they were gonna get into a fight.. So prepared.. Protection from Evils, Blesses, and both Tostig and Beronna gulping down heroism potions.
When the Kephrinn returned, the party all wized up and after getting armored, formed a battle line 5ft apart from one another.. So if one monster paired up with a PC (which they did) they would get damaged by each OTHER's blowing up..
And was it not for the heroism potion, Beronaa would have easily died.. BUT its health boost let her go through the battle ok. However Sha'shu was dropped to -3 by the end..

After putting him on the cart, the party concluded their travel.. They entered Escormian the last day of Sha'shu's bed rest.. Then got to work training.. (OOC they even paid out to get some gems and items ideintified/valued, and had more than enough in the party funds to get Tostig/Sha'shu and Aethlred leveled up, and as luck would have it the XP from the prior two encounters also meant his mage side could level as well).. Afterwards they sold off some loot to pay the 2k it would take to get Aethlred a membership in the mage's guild! For a year at least..

Once everyone was leveled up, and more dosh got spent (monthly upkeep for all), Kevin got the desire to at least try to get some more 'men'.. After OOC discussing the difference between henchmen and men at arms (hirelings), he felt getting a henchman was more worth the coin.. Of the 2 available at the time (a human ranger and a gnoll fighter), he went with the Gnoll. Ginnea Long-tooth.

They then hired up with a caravan for 2/3rds of the journey back up to Awagorr. And only had one encounter that trip, an 8 pack of those crawling claws.. Their new gnoll was shocked to see how Sha'shu deals with them (chewing them, using his own claws etc), but couldn't deny the lizard-man was effective..
However, two of the 8 managed to bring down one of the horses (the last war horse the party had, the one belonging to Tostig)..

After getting into the city, they purchased two more to replenish their ranks and give another spare. Then they set off East by north east, into the mountains.. 5 days out they had their final encounter of the night, a run in with 6 orogs, one of a patrol from the rumored lair nearby.. The battle was actually well ran by the party and luck was with them for a while.. However, Beronaa got dropped into the negatives, and Aethlred braved into the midst of 2 orogs, to pull him out (after popping off two lights into each of their eyes in consecutive rounds, which the orogs failed their saves against)..

This is where we left off.

I had an email out to both Alex and Ross to find out where they were, but even now, i still have not heard back.. Patrick's gonna see if his 14 yr old son and another friend wish to join in, while Kevin will try to see if he can also drum up another player.. I DID though, get word back from Zach, who's busy doing a lot of stuff moving his father from their home into one of those wellness old age people's centers.. That on top of his work and he say's he should be out till late sept/early oct.. Still nothing from David R though....
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Re: Realms of Kervasis Kaloom, Campaign Journal.

Postby garhkal » Sat Aug 26, 2017 11:48 pm

OK game session 12 down (11 of actual adventure).. Finally got word back from David R and Ross who are both dropping out (Ross's lost his vehicle, and is now working exclusively on weekends, David's doing road work fri-mon, with tues-wed off, and office work thurs, so he's too busy). Alex and Zach have not gotten back in touch, but Patrick brought one of his friends, Tom M. So with him, Kevin and Patrick, each having their two pcs, and Sha'shu having his henchmen, we had a solid 7 characters. Patrick's gonna try bringing one more friend, and so is Kevin next time we play.

So we started with Aethlred, Sha'shu, Tostig, Beronaa and the gnoll henchman Ginnea, had just rested up after the Orog battle. After spending a few days searching for a possible lair, they encountered a group of 6 cyclops kin, and though they had surprise on all but 1 of them, they retreated, fearing getting into battle against that odds.. They decided to head back to town and restock on food. This is where Tom's characters came in. His primary he made was an Elven Fighter-Mage, with a Half elf Fighter-Cleric (of Corellian Latheron) as back up (still waiting on his cha names)..

They then headed back out hoping to get back to where those cyclops kin were, but found instead a group of 12 hobgoblins (9 regulars, 2 level two shamans and a 3rd level fighter patrol leader). The fight was well fought by the party, with both Aethlred and the new F/M popping off some sleep spells to neuter the 5 spearmen of the hobgobs that closed into melee. Arrow fire from the other 4 (along with the leader, who missed 8 of 10 shots?!?!?) were an annoyance at most, though the new F/C of Tom did get hit by a crit from one of the regular archers. Tostig and Sha'shu waltzed though two of the archers, and if it wasn't for a light into the eyes of the leader and the 2nd shaman, their morale would have broken and they would have fled.
BUT a quick thinking from the F/M of Tom's, captured those two. They interrogated them to get word on other monsters nearby, and learned from them of roughly were the cyclops kin have a lair, but not much.. They also looted two more horses and a cart, as well as the loot the hobgoblins had in the cart (they had just raided a village 8 days south). After releasing the 2 survivors, they proceeded eastward towards the river..

4 nights later, their camp got rumbled into by a 5 pack of Z-throk.. The battle was fierce for our heroes, and not even the new F/M or Aethlred were spared getting hit but a # of charges used from his wand of magic missiles, and several well timed darknesses in eyes of two, eventually allowed the party to prevail. The new F/M even tried using his Javelin of Fire (one of the two magic items he started with) in melee as a spear (with the penalty), but failed to hit twice.. GOOD for him, cause had he connected, the 'damage' it would have done would have actually HEALED that beast..
Once the battle was ended, they proceeded to use all the Keohogi's ointment that Holvareth had given the group before retiring back to his temple for the time being. And it proved useful cause had it not been for that, Tostig and Beronaa might have turned!

Battered and bruised, they proceeded to head north for a few days to find a hole to crawl into, to rest up as both the dwarf F/C (beronaa) and the new F/C of Tom, needed 6 and 5 days of bed rest respectively. As they found what looked like a large enough cave, they were greeted by a Dagon (whiteish color, with his mate of blue ting to their hide indicating cold and lightning breath respectively). The male smelled the party (and heard them as they were rather loud with all the horses and two carts), and so came to the cave entrance and looked upon this motley band.. He stood there for a minute gazing over the party, and they started to wonder what to do.. OOC and IC they wondered "are these beasts intelligent and if so, do they converse" At which time one gazed back to the lot of horses they brought near the entrance and he said
"Hmm, seems like you brought me lunch".. Unfortunately at this time the F/M decided to try and unleash one of his javelins, which missed badly (at least it wasn't expended!) And as he hurled it he said "Sure, right here's your meal"..
To which the Dagon after watching it sail by harmlessly goes "that's barely a toothpick for me small fleshbag... What else do you have"

Tostig tried to start chatting, but rolled a Nat 20 on his charisma check (plus the NPC reaction roll was a dismal hostile) and asked "So what do you buggers eat".. At which time the Dagon replied "YOU!" (feeling insulted).. So combat was on.. As its a size H critter (30ft or so size), it has a 9 initiatve size mod, and so was slow as fark... With me rolling a 9 on the D10.. So EVERYONE in the party went first, and almost brought it down before it even had a chance to do anything.
BUT alas it survived their initial onslaught, and unleashed its cold breath on Tostig and Ginnea Long-tooth. But luck was with them as the damage was a measly 13hp/7 for a good save (which Ginnea made but Tostig failed)...

The next round saw its mate come to help, and SHE breathed, smiting 3 of the others, but was brought low with a nat 20 from Tostig and 2 other blows.. Even Beronna scored a hit, and finished it off..

Looting the lair, they rested up, got everyone up to full strength, and even skinned one of the beasts thinking they might get some good hide armor from it (not true dragon scale armor, but it would imo still be better than regular hide, i am thinking AC 5-4 area)..

After leaving and heading further north, they found 2 trails, one going north east, the other west by north west.. They discussed things and eventually went north-east, rumbling into a 2nd Orog patrol, this time with a patrol leader in charge.. This time the battle was not so one sided as they had with the hobgoblins or the dagon. Beronaa and Ginnea were both brought to exactly 0hp, while toms back up F/C got dropped to -2.. The others were relatively good, and cause of a light in the leader's eye, he was unable to flee when their morale broke.. The last 2 orogs were killed trying to run away...

This is where we ended it for the night....
Tom took his paperwork home to type it up to be more legible, so i can get his character sheets done.. So hopefully by next session he will have proper character sheets..
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Re: Realms of Kervasis Kaloom, Campaign Journal.

Postby garhkal » Sat Sep 09, 2017 10:28 pm

OK.. So we had Game session 13 done and over.. Had Patrick call in Tues to canx for this weekend (was doing some stuff out of state with kin).. Kevin and Tom showed up.. BUT a new guy who contacted us on the meet-up site didn't show.. So I texted patrick and he gave the ok for the other 2 to run his PCs, since they were still in the wilderness... So that gave them Sha'shu and Tostig (both L4 warriors), Aethlred (an L2 mage/L2 priest), Lukian (an L2 ftr/l2 mage), Acerus (an L1 Ftr/1 cl), Beronaa (a L1 ftr/L1 cl), and Ginnea (a L2 fighter). Aethlred is needing to level up to L3/L3, so no xp this day was earned and Beronaa also earns no xp as she needs to train to L2/2)..

We left off as they started cleaning up from the Orog encounter. The party were in not that good of a shape with 2 pcs down to exactly 0hp, and Acerus needing 2 days of bed rest (He rolled a 89 on his system shock roll to see if he could halve his bed rest requirement, so failed it miserably). So they started to see if they could find a cave to rest in, and while wandering around, noticed the heavens getting dark, cold and wet. As none thought to have winter clothing with them, they hurriedly decided (correctly as well) to head south, going back towards Awagorr.

During the trek, they had a total of 5 encounters (3 random and 2 from a nearby lairs).

First up was a six pack of hell hounds (3 at 4hd, 2 at 5hd and 1 at 6hd). The battle was somewhat slapstick for the first few rounds, with bites, and burps (as i call them breathing).. Eventually Ginnea and Beronaa both got knocked into the negatives (but only -4/-6 respectively).. Eventually though they succeeded in killing the beasts, and lost no one or any of their horses.. And worse, A Nat 1 on the die, meant the +1 chain mail that Beronaa was wearing went bye bye! Though everyone else had most of their gear make their saves, Aethlred lost some clothes and so did Lukian.
After looking for another cave to rest in which was the hell hound's lair, they could get bed rest for the two downed folk, they passed some owl bears munching on a dead horse and it's orc rider.. They wisely passed the owl bears, and did NOT interfere. They also looted it of some good coin and 3 magical vials.. Storing them for later once they got some more pearls so they could ID, they then set off after getting the 4 days bed rest for Ginnea (Beronaa managed to halve her needed rest).

After iirc 5 days travel, in the slogging rain and even some sleet for a while, the party encountered a hungry male manticore with one of his cubs (I ran it as a half str manticore, 3hd, d2/d4 damage, and 3 spikes for d3 damage ea).. The adult went for Tostig and Ginnea as well as their horses, while the cub went for the mounts of Acerus and Aethlred. Sha'shu tossed one of the new 4hd missiles he gained from the Hobgoblin leader, and did only minor damage to the adult. And three straight attempts to get light in its eyes, failed as he rolled 18, 20 and 15 on his saves.. Eventually though, both dad and cub were defeated, BEFORE the cub could try and run off (it failed his morale but got 3 whacks on it as it attempted to flee, all hitting).. :rip:

After discussing what to do now, since they DID need more healing, Ginnea was asked by Sha'shu, "Can you track them even though they were flying??" He thought about it and even WITH giving him a -8 penalty, STILL made his tracking roll with a nat 1!.. So off they went to the west, till almost evening.. And found the lair of the Manticores.. Unfortunately Mom and the 2nd baby were there.. Several well placed crits from tostig almost took mom out before it even got into melee (though its tail spikes hurt him severely as well as brought Sha'shu down into the negatives).. Beronaa and Acerus took out the cub.. Then they took to looting the lair, getting a dwarf sized plate mail, 3 more vials, 2 scrolls, a magical horn and a bastard sword and a # of coins... However, they did NOT let Beronaa wear the armor till they had it identified.. So tossed him one of the spare suits of hide armor they had... At least it gives him something to wear! :sucks:

On the last night of rest from Sha'Shu's bed rest, which he did get involved in, after one of the enemy came towards him, the party got rumbled into by a pack of 4 ghouls and 2 ghasts.. Beronaa failed her turn, however Acerus made his, turning the 4 ghouls, so the party all joined in bashing the two ghasts... They decided to LEAVE before the ghouls came back..

Another 4 days past and they encountered a 4 pack of worgs and 4 ogres (the 2nd lair encounter, but i forgot the worgs were being Ridden by 2nd level orcs.. Oh well, it was nasty as it was without them added in !!) :orc: A # of crits from the ogres, put Tostig almost down and out, but Beronaa and Ginnea WERE dropped, and Beronna almost died (after being taken to -14 in one blow). Some creative Color sprays, sleeps and lights in the ogres eyes (along with the Worgs) though enabled the party to eventually prevail, but man were they hurting....

During the next batch of bed rest, while on the road, they had their last encounter.. A 4 pack of Z-throk.. And if it wasn't for Beronaa and Ginnea both being down, it MIGHT have gone another way.. BUT as it was, Lukian and Sha'shu were dropped into the negatives, Tostig went to 0hp (Koed) while Acerus and Aethlred were the only ones left up when the last Z-throk was killed..

They put everyone downed, onto the cart, and FLED.. Luckily getting back eventually into Awagorr.. Beronaa and Ginnea are out of bed rest, Sha'shu still needs two days and Lukian needs 1 more..

AND cause of all the earned XP, Acerus can now level to L2/2, Lukian can now get to L3 as a fighter, Ginnea can now level to L3. So adding THEM to the need to train roster, 5 of the 7 characters need training.. Luckily they got some good loot to use!
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Re: Realms of Kervasis Kaloom, Campaign Journal.

Postby garhkal » Sat Sep 23, 2017 10:49 pm

Wow what an episode of gaming we had today..

Ok, So mid week, Tom let me know him and his GF would be doing some volunteer work so wouldn't be showing up, but as his PC's would stay with the group while they traveled down from Awagorr to Escormian (to level up), have them do what they normally do. So we had only Patrick and Kevin show up. (man this is sucking that on the MEET up site, i've now had 3 different people make it sound like they will show up, but when i try contacting them they just don't show)..
So we had for PC's, Tostig and Aethlred (Patrick), Sha'shu and Beronaa (Kevin) with the henchman Ginnea, along with Lukian and Acerus (Tom).

The Party after limping into Awagorr, spent 10 days so not only could everyone get bed rest, but they could sell some stuff (pay for living costs, stock up on rations, casting components etc). Then they hooked up with one of the last caravans heading south (3 wagons, 2 npcs per inc a 4 man team of guards, two 0-level Men at arms, and two 1st level fighters, a Human and a Dwarf).
Also while in down time, Aethlred did some Identifying, finding out that of the 5 potions they had (and had not ID'ed), one was a Cloud giant str potion another was one of speed, two were elixirs of health and one was an elixir of youth. His new bastard sword was a simple +2 sword, and the new Plate armor that was given to Beronaa was a +1 suit of Plate mail of Solypsis (one of my new items).. He tried on other items but failed, so said "Lets wait till i've leveled up and i can try again!!.

The party got off onto a rough trek with wind and rain pelting them, taking what normally would have taken a total of 14 days to 18.

Day 6 they had their first encounter. A lone wandering Ettin. Though the group was able to gang pile on him (and with the slowness of Ettins, he was almost taken down in the 3rd round of combat, BEFORE he could get off his 3rd round of smacks), but brought Ginnea to 0hp with a smack to the noggin, and badly beat up Tostig. Everyone else was left alone.

Day 14 they had their 2nd encounter. A group of 4 flying Gargoyles. One had the treasure in a large sack, but as soon as the gruop got into sight, he droped it and they all swooped in on the party.
The fight went pear shaped in the initial 3 rounds for the part, with ONLY Acerus hitting in melee, along with one of the 'npc fighter guards (the dwarf!). Then things slowly changed in their favor, with Lukian finally landing a blow, after expending his spells.. he decided to re-try tossing his Javelins of Fire that he tried last session but could never connect.
He struck gold with a nat 19 to hit, killing a Gargoyle in one smack (5hp from impact +20 for the fire cone).
Then a 2nd (the one on Sha'shu and the dwarf npc) fell. Then the one on Tostig and the human NPC fighter.
The party implored Lukian to NOT waste another Javelin as the last of the 4's morale broke and he tried fleeing, but before he could get off, Sha'shu and Acerus both charged into him and killed him. The party got some good coin and another potion vial to add into the kitty.

Then things went Pear shaped for the party. They had another night encounter (day 16 night), with a wandering band of Ghouls LED by one ghast. For the Night watch, they split it (inc the 4 NPC guards) into 4/3/4 for the #s on each shift. The Last shift was Aethlred, Sha'shu, the 2nd of the 2 Men at arms and the Human NPC fighter. And even with Ginnea and Beronaa both setting up 4 'snare spots' each, (though 2 were failed), the Group of undead came in ON (random roll) on one of those "open" spots.

Aethlred and the Maa were both surprised but Sha'shu and the human MAA were on point.. A warning cry went out to the group, with Beronaa and Ginnea BOTH rolling a nat 19, so kept on snoring, but the other's started waking up..
2 Ghouls each went to the 2 main fighter looking people up (Sha'shu and the human npc), one went to the still sleeping dwarf npc and one went to the sleeping Lukian. The Ghast stood back for the time being. Pity for Lukian he got smacked right off the get go, and after the ghoul failed an Int check to realize "HES AN ELF HE's immune to being paralyzed) he proceeded onto smacking Ginnea in the following round.
A # of rounds went by with both Tostig AND Sha'shu getting paralyzed, along with Acerus and eventually Lukian got Koed and the dwarf NPC got paralyzed). At this point in time of the NPC guards, 1 of the MAA was still left (after being missed 3 straight rounds), the Human fighter was still standing (barely took any damage and made his save 2 straight rounds missed on the 3rd round but finally got stung and paralyzed on the 4th round of combat), Leaving Aethlred and Beronaa along with the last MAA and only ONE ghoul had been killed and only 2 others had been damaged?!??! :o :o :sucks:

Things were looking like they might become a TPK when both Patrick and Kevin thought "too hell with this, lets run away, leave the rest.. BUT that means we will have to start a'fresh with an entire new party, and it also royally sucks for Tom's two characters who would both be dead..
So after a brief time out discussing things OOC player to DM. They both decided to pop off all their 1st level spells remaining as Invis to undeads. Spend one round walking into the mix, tossing an invis to undead on someone, spend a round tossing him on a horse, moving onto the next guy and so on till they were out of spells.. While this was going on, the last MAA left had booked off, along with 3 of the 6 no-bodies who were the wagon drivers..
Then for the last round of their invis, they cut the cords on all the horses and everyone bolted off..

Since the Ghoul write up shows they prefer human or humanoid flesh, i figured they would NOT go for the animals, and just lunch on those bodies they didn't see disappear.. And eventually they would walk off, bellies filled..

So the party over the next few hours, rounded up the horses (lost only 1), all 3 wagons, both mules and their own cart. BUT had lost track on the Man at arms who ran off.. They even found the 3 wagon drivers that survived.
THEY all spoke and insisted on pushing through what remained of night, and THROUGH the next day to make it to the safety of town..

Cause of the bad beating, the players felt (well, we have a lot of level training costs to go through, HP to roll, spells to select.. Let's call it a day here, and just finish out the paperwork)..

Leveling up was;
Tostig to L5 fighter (rolled 7 for hp +1 from con = +8)
Sha'shu to L5 fighter (rolled 9 for hp +2 from con = +11)
Beronaa to L2ftr/L2 cleric (rolled 6 on the d10 and 4 on the D8 for 5hp +2 from Con giving +7hp)
Lukian to L3 fighter (will give Tom the chance to roll his HP)
Acerus (tom already rolled HIS hp here, but we waited till they actually did the leveling to give it to him) to L2 ftr/L2 pr (he got +8 hp overall)
and Aethlred to L3 mage/L3 priest (woohoo for L2 priest spells!). He also got +3hp but has no con bonus.

Unfortunately, Ginnea, the Gnoll henchman fighter of Sha'shu perished in the ghoul fight along with both the dwarf/human npc fighters, 3 other wagon drivers and the 2nd man at arms... :rip: :rip:

Everyone's eager to get back to things next week... :viking:
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