Realms of Kervasis Kaloom, Campaign Journal.

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Re: Realms of Kervasis Kaloom, Campaign Journal.

Postby garhkal » Sat Jul 08, 2017 5:40 pm

OK. Game day 8 down. We only had 2 players show up.. once canxed due to being up in Cleveland (work), another mentioned he's also busy and is dropping out till at least august.
Players showing up - Patrick playing Tostig the fighter, and he made for his b/u PC, a L1/1 Half elf Cleric (Save-K-Nor) / Mage, while Ross C made a Human invoker for his new back up (L1). Cause they were still left in that village with Serngroot (who's the player who said he is too busy, so will drop out to say early-mid Aug), it was just those 3, while Henri Koulson, the B/U pc of Whit M who already dropped out (the dwarf F/T Skai, who died off 'scripted') gave them 4.
They were joined by a dwarf F/C of Clangeddin (vindicator kit)...

After all the bed rest needed for everyone, they knew they were a good time back on the others, and since the others failed to leave any horses, this motley band would have to foot it over to Escrormian.

In their trails, they fought a pair of Owl-bears, who mauled some of the party very bad, but their luck held out.. Going into the owlbear's lair put them against the last of the adults and the 2 cubs who fought cause they could't retreat anymore, but due to great hits from both the dwarf and Tostig, the party were easily victorious.. THey looted the owlbear lair for 2 art objects (worth 1kgp), and 5014 silver.. They stopped at the waypoint village inroute to Escormian, and bought 2 mules and a cart, as well as cashed in some of their silver for gold... They found out they had to go to Escormian anyway, or a port city/town, to get the scrimshaw artwork valued.. Good thing they were heading that way.

Their next encounter was with a pack of 4 worgs, who savagely mauled Henri and the dwarf (geggdon) before the last was driven off (failed morale after the other 3 were killed)..

They had one final encounter before making it into the city, with a 9 pack of those crawling claws (and Ross's mage made the joke, so THIS is what my mentor, the necromancer must have been working on that got him exiled!). Though the battle was swift, the dwarf and Ross's new mage did get down to -3/-4 respectively.. They bed rested on the cart till they made the last 3 days to the city..

IN the city they got word from the prior group "Have headed out west on a 8 day out patrol, will be back in 16 days".. But that was several days back, so had 11 of their own to wait to catch them up..

So they hired on with a Priestess of Halea who was traveling north east to a Gnoll village to perform a marriage between 2 of that village's clans.. BUT rumbled into a pack of 6 ghouls with a ghast.. THe battle was brutal, cause not ONE of the 3 clerics there, could do any turning 8O 8O 8O . After the dwarf Geggdon, then Henri then Tostig got paralized, the other 3 thought that they were all done for.. BUT the ghouls were starting to miss (all rolls in open!).. Eventually though, Ross's new mage (still had no name for him) got paralyzed, then the dwarf became un-paralyzed.. HE went into two of the ghouls that were on that mage, while henri after getting un-paralyzed, got on the one on the NPC cleric.. But alas, their attacks just made them fresh targets again..
At this time, Patrick's new Cl/Mage, Aethlred, decided to popp off an Invis to undead.. As the Ghast (the only one who could save) was blinded by a light in his eyes, the ghouls ignored him.. Then he went to the invoker (who just got dropped), invis'ed HIM then binded his wounds.. THEN went up and did the same on Tostig.. And under the cover of this invisibility, they fled. Leaving Henri, Geggdon and the NPC priestess, along with the mules to their fate.....

This is where we called it (as it was 6pm)...
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Re: Realms of Kervasis Kaloom, Campaign Journal.

Postby garhkal » Sat Jul 15, 2017 8:41 pm

Well, game day 9 down.. We tried out using the Grandview heights Giant eagle, as they had a nice upper deck with NICE seats!!.. 3 players showed up, Keven, Patrick and Alex.. David R said his firm has him out on the road a LOT currently (that's why he's missed the past 3 weeks, so will drop out for the rest of summer, hopefully by Sept he's going to be ok to get back in).. Ross C was working and, Zach didn't reply.
So with those 3, we got into it..
Since Patrick had both his primary and back up pc, back in town, i had him take over playing Daniel the henchman, till the group got back.. Holvareth, had collapsed from battle damage (so was in the cart for bed rest), while the rest were still battle weary from the Ghast/ghouls..

PS forgot to write in the new back up PC for both Patrick and Ross..
Ross C's new back upNicolo, the Human Invoker level 1. NE alignment (described him as a cruel pyromaniac).. Str 10, Dex and con 16, Int 18, Wis 13, Cha 11. Prof in the darts. 6hp
Patrick P's back upAethlred the Half elf Cleric (Save'k'Nor) / mage (1/1).. Str and Con 12, Dex 14, Int 14, Wis 15, Cha 9 (yea, he rolled that and wanted to PLAY It).. His one item rolled, one of my new items, the Vet's pouch.. 5hp.
And after training up, Raven is now at 18 hp for his 3rd/3rd ranger cleric, while Sha'shu is now at 28hp

They opted to not bother hunting down the 4 ghouls that had been turned, NOR tried to track them to their lair.. Instead they headed back to town (which was now only 6 days away).. As they passed that way they came across a group of 4 worgs near a stream bed (had made a lair down in a pit near the stream).
Two of the worgs went for the leaders, while the other two went for the horses and pony on the wagon.. Even with several good strikes in the opening round, it still took them long enough to kill 3 of the worgs, forcing the last to flee, that the party lost one of the horses..

They then encountered a patrol of the city guard doing a 2 day out security patrol.. Pleasantries were exchanged, and they party concluded their journey, at which time one of the gate guards told them of some other adventurer types, "who had just returned the prior day with their 'tails between their legs' after running afoul of undead.. They are resting up in the Inn off of Evenasza street... The same place they left a comatose gnome..."

That alerted the party that "hey these must be our others from the village we left, guess they were not as far behind us as we thought.."

After meeting up again, Daniel went back to hench status.. The party decided to sign on to a caravan and head north to Awagorr, but had 2 days to wait up.. They were going to be paid 1gp a man a day for guard duty, along with the 2 dwarf Men at arms (base dwarfs from the Mon man, one a xbow wielder the other an axe guy)...

After the wait, they headed up.. Going for 4 days to the first village way stop, 3 days to the next, but encountered several hours of rains each of the last 2 days.. They then headed out (cloudy as hell skies, that eventually opened up on them the rest of the day and into the next).. Cause this made the trail itself muddy, they went a hour to the west, to find a dryer area, then kept northward (2 days between that and the 3rd village way point). This is where they hit their 2nd encounter of the night..
A trio of those trapper scorpions. Unfortunately during the long battle, with several fumbles on the pc's side, but some good use of Light in the eyes and a flaming sphere, Daniel the henchmen died.. Rolled a nat 2 on his save vs poison, then after Aethlred found enough stuff to make a potion (after Raven slowed poison on both him and Tostig), he rolled a 4 for his re-save.. Patrick's Tostig, didn't fare much better, rolling a 6 both times on his save..
However, we had to wait on a text/email back from Ross C, the player of Holvareth, cause even though his pc is just 'in the backround' he's technically in the wagon, and had 2 pots of Keogi's ointment, which the party COULD have used to save both, but decided to not be 'looters of other player's gear till they gave the ok'. But by the time Ross got back to us almost 40 min later, the party had already finished up the rush job to get up to Awagorr, and made it into the temple of Peoni.. Raven did some good RP to get a raise dead, offered up 2 good scrolls, a potion of ex healing, 5 large gems and accepted a quest to get the raise dead (and neutralize poison) needed to at least get Tostig raised..
And he BARELY MADE his resurrection survival roll (88, needing a 94)..

So after finishing his bed rest off, the were off to the east, towards one of the 2 mines out that way, escorting the temple's Brother Woo-choo (pronounced wu shoe), to do some repairs on a shrine near one of the mines, cause the temple got word that the shrine had been sacked/ruined by some orcs and undead... (Brother Woo shoo is a L3 priest with a 15 Wis, so has 4 first and 2 second level spells, but won't take any active roll, other than hanging back and healing as needed)..

The third encounter the group had this game day, was with a 6 pack of those hell flies.. However, cause they had looted the scorpion's lair, they had gotten a ring of Chameleon power they gave to Loren, the Thief), which he was wearing to scout ahead.. I rolled % dice (90% undetectable), and got 2 of the 6 that noticed him (93 and 99, the rest in the mid 50s and low 20s).. So two split of the downed ettin they were eating on to chase after Loren, who immediately started running the 90 meters back to the party (he was out in the lead that distance to scout, which HEY, is his kit!! :bigthumbsup: 8) )

After each round of combat, i rolled a d10 for the other 4, and on a 1-3 they came to join in the combat, 4-10 they stayed eating the ettin.. It took 5 rounds for the last of the hell flies to do so..

Tostig once again, got the worst of things, after getting spat on by 3 of these beasts, in a ROW!.. Loren got rammed by one, and so did Sha'shu, but Loren failed to be stunned though he did get knocked down, while Sha'shu suffered BOTH a knockdown and stun..
Several good placements of light in the beasts eyes, kept losses to only the 2 killed horses, and the (now once again needing bed rest), Tostig.. However, cause Patrick had to go (wife called, sick), we broke right there.. Before i really got into having Patrick roll any item saves for his gear from the acid of the beasts that felled him.. And if it wasn't for the cures of Brother Woo-shoo he would have more than likely died a 2nd time.. OUCH!

He won't be there he said next week, but both Kevin and Alex said yes.. Hopefully Ross and Zach show up..
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