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Here you can post topics concerning your own personal D&D campaign worlds. Let others critique your work, or share your own opinions about other members creations. If you have an extensive amount of your world to contribute, please feel free to ask for your own specialty forum.

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New To The Site? - Please Sign Our Guestbook

Postby Cole » Tue Mar 07, 2017 12:48 am

Hey everyone!

I finally decided to get a guestbook posted again. I was hoping to import ALL of the old entries from back in 2000 (we had a ton), but it just wasn't possible with the new script. I also wanted to make sure no SPAM bots would over run it this time and it took ages to find one that appears bullet proof.

Anyway, it's online. Please take the time to sign our book and say a few words either in support, comment on improvements, new goodies, negative features, whatever you like. Keep it civil though or I'll simply delete it.

Thanks ~ Cole
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