Homemade Setting of Mine...

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Homemade Setting of Mine...

Postby RivenBlade » Wed May 21, 2014 3:38 pm

I started working on this around the time 3E was introduced, mostly focusing on one continent I only fleshed out small parts of the rest of the world.

The climate and geography of this landmass resemble medeival Europe, no big surprises there, except elves are the dominant race, their nation consists of seven major provinces similar to the clans of Rokugan in Legend of the Five Rings. One province's capitol has a significant gnome population but otherwise communities in this kingdom are almost exclusively Elven.

Human tribes live in the fringes of this continent and have yet to rise above the stone age. Elves actually fear humans because of how quickly they mature and multiply, and frequently launch raids to ensure the human tribes never grow large enough to be a legitimate threat. Human religion revolves around ancestor spirits, they don't have a patron god in the traditional sense; their priests are a form of crude shamans (and possibly some druids).

The elves in this setting moved out of the woods long ago, the forests (or at least the largest forest) are home to a race of my own invention (this was written so long ago I don't recall what I called them), who evolved from an earlier, primitive race that the elves are also descended from (for any nitpickers, yes I realize evolution is a modern concept). Despite shared roots these people don't think highly of the elves, in fact they sympathise with the primitive humans and usually shelter any who flee into their territory.

There were supposed to be dwarf kingdoms in the northwest but I never got around to detailing their culture much beyond not being as magic-phobic as they are in traditional settings, I considered borrowing a page from FR's Thay and having one dwarf community ruled by a council of specialist mages (some older members of this forum might recall me posting a thread asking if Necromancy could ever possibly be used for good- now you know why I posed such a question).

The setting's greater cosmology so far consisted of the mortal world being a round planet orbiting a yellow star, One higher plane (Heaven) and one lower plane (Hell) and maybe the four Elemental planes as well. Individual fiends would vary between lawful and chaotic (but still evil) alignments so titles of demon or devil would pretty much be semantics.
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