Terra Ursa

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Terra Ursa

Postby bigbearomaha » Sun Nov 11, 2012 1:27 pm

Land of the Bear

I created this world and have slowly been building it over the past year. If you would like to see specifics of it, you can find it at my Wiki site called Wiki-Mage.

In general, I have taken a blank map of The U.S. and shaved off the eastern third of it.

In this world, I have defined about 6 "countries" so far and continue to explore those and add to the list.

The first four are centrally located and are based on life in the Great Plains. A lot of western style activity takes place. Think Matt Dillon and Wyatt Earp.

The latter two are based on "American Gothic" atmospheres with one called literally "Poe-land" and all events taking place therin revolving around stories, events and places by Edgar Allen Poe.

The last and most recent addition, located just to the north of Poe-land is "Providence. This is a land where adventures are built around stories, events and places written by H.P.Lovecraft.

Many places are as yet un-defined except for the Mordred ocean to the east coast and the Great Iron Desert to the south (where Mexico would otherwise be)
My AD&D Gaming Website is Wiki-Mage

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Re: Terra Ursa

Postby RivenBlade » Wed May 21, 2014 6:10 pm

I checked out your wiki-mage page. Interesting, but when you said Great Plains and Western-style activity I at first pictured cultures based on American Indians, the closest to them I`ve seen in D&D (that I`ve SEEN, not that there is) being the Knorr in the Jakandor setting.
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