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Favorite Genres?

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Favorite Genres?

Post#1 » Mon Mar 25, 2019 10:54 pm

Weh! Genres! Dere much more den just yer typical medieval fantasy dat D&D gives. Wat other genres youse guys partake in? Dis kobold, he have strong leaning towards modern/sci fi genres. Dere a lot of small sci fi systems out dere, but not many big ones at da moment, doh that seem like it changing of late, with Genesys (Fantasy Flight Games generic system based on deir Star Wars RPG), and Starfinder makin big strides.

Dere always older stuff touching on such genres, like GURPS or Traveller, but dose are a bit too meaty fer muh taste, plus tryin to get people into older stuff sometimes challenge.

Well? Just magical medieval fantasy fer youse? Or youse dabble in other stuff?
The Kobold gonna kobold.

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