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Who uses 'gaming paper'?

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Re: Who uses 'gaming paper'?

Post#31 » Fri Sep 28, 2018 12:38 pm

Halaster-Blackcloak wrote:Well color me shocked! Good customer service for a change! I got an email the following day (after I emailed Gaming Paper) and they offered to send me not one, but FOUR free rolls of mapping paper to make up for the inconvenience! 8O :) :thumbs: I think the rolls are going to work fine. I can't imagine they won't.

This is in stark contrast to the idiot I had to deal with at Verizon today. I had to call about problems with the signal. I told him I was in Chicago. He asked me (I sh*t you not!) - "Could there be any mountain ranges blocking your signal?". 8O :roll:

I asked him - "Do you live in the United States?"

He said yes.

I asked him if he graduated grade school.

He said yes.

I told him in as nasty a manner as possible (the cuss filters would delete it all out if I posted here) just what a stupid idiot he was and hung up on him.

I mean...really? A mountain range? In Chicago? Isn't that like 3rd grade geography?

Had a similar idiot once when I ordered some vitamins from California. The woman asked me if Chicago was on the west cost. I said..."Ummm. No."
She then asked - "East coast?".
I said - "You're getting warmer honey. Are you American? Do you live here?"
She said yes, but that she "Wasn't very good with geology".

Geology. :roll:

I said to her: "Can you just read my shipping address back to me? I want to make sure it's going to actually get delivered."


WOW.. Talk about two total idiots.. I'm surprised they even got hired with that level of idiocy..

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Re: Who uses 'gaming paper'?

Post#32 » Fri Sep 28, 2018 6:39 pm

It's an indictment of our education system. Instead of teaching the fundamentals we're concentrating more on being sensitive and that everyone's a "winner"!!!

Getting waaaaay off track here...

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