Skills, marvellous skills

I have been playing a lot of 3.5, something I never thought I’d do, honestly I thought I’d hate it. I suppose its much the same as Brocolli, I hate it, but I don’t know why, we are human we fear change…
BUT, there are a few things I’ve noticed, things that anoy me that I thought I would share.
Skills are far more defined than 2e proficencies, it could almost be said that a 2e player got it rather harsh, after all many of the skills that a 3.5e player would take for granted are not there.
But there is a reason.
2e Left many actions up to Role Play, if you wanted to convince the Guards to let you in, you talked to them, you found out what made them tick, you couldnt just make a roll and assume that would be fine..
Many players (myself included) find themselves rolling a skill check to do the most inane tasks, just today my Changeling who is pretending to be an Orc signed a guest book, and I found myself rolling a forgery check!
I recently had a situaton where a Goblin wanted to follow us, into somewhere unknown, somewhere dangerous where it might mean death, the first reaction I got from other players was “Roll a Diplomacy Check” But I didn’t, thanks to some excellent RPing from the DM (Adders, thanks) we resloved it all through Role Play.
┬áBasically, I think the skills in the later editions are great, 2e was too restrictive and its nice to know what you can do, plus having everything “over” rather than a mismash is great… but you shouldnt rely on the rolls, just because the dice say you achieve an action, doesnt mean you do.
Using the example with the Guards for instance, I encountered this in a 2e game recently, with a combination of Role Playing amongst the characters we managed to convince the guards to let us in.. Now if that was 3.5e I’m sure the first thing would be (Diplomacy Check) “I try to convice the guard to let me in..” Now I’ve seen it done better, faaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrr better using that same system, but you can bet your arse it happens like that in places.
The system isnt the end, it doesnt define the game, after all its just a rule set that the Role Playing is based around, and I’m sure many of my comments hold true for 3.0 or even gasp 4.0!!

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