A few thoughts from me…

I have been away a while, what with Christmas and life in General, I thought I’d concentrate on playing the game, writing about something I love.
I thought I would share my thoughts on Players, and the Wizards of the Coast Boards.
 So, right now I am playing in the total of six Online games, three at PADND and three are at Kingdom of mass both great sites, the systems vary but the games stay the same, there are some great players and some what can only be described as “Carboard cut outs”…
Is there a typical player? Yes, one exists, these are the people that haunt the Wizards boards, Like my good friend Rune has said, waiting to give their “opinion” on every little thing… I nearly got banned because I suggested there should be moderation, so thats how well I get on with those people…

I have encountered all sorts of players, some are just as described above, cardboard cut outs. “Hollow people”. They look at me in shock when my bard starts singing a song i wrote, or because my Cleric wants to pray… Not for the XP, simply because thats what they would do.

What do I mean by Cardboard cut outs? Two Dimensional, when you look at them from the front they look just like a real person, but if you delve deeper, you realise they have no depth, no soul, they are a product of the numbers and nothing more..

There are also have players that enjoy a story. Most of the players i am friends with are just that, IL is running a totally free form game, no rules to speak of, we are talking full on acting. Total role playing. Its great fun. Although my Character is developing in a strange way…. Channelling someone with issues is always hard.

I even have a DM who is allowing me to step up and run a thread on my Bards Homecoming, the whole thing will be purely role play, to some this is utterly irrelevant, but to others… well its the point of the game. I truly think the Story is King.

As a player i play 2e and 3.5e does the edition matter? no. Does what the rule book say affect me when i make them? No.

I was taught recently by a very smart guy (Cole) that as a dm ignore what the rules say. You choose, if you want something to happen.. It
happens. I say screw the typical player. Play it your way and enjoy it.

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