A quick update

I haven’t been here in quite some time.I’m still on Play By Message Board, there are a number of thoughts, but also on characters.
Since I was last here I now have 3 characters in online games, they are all Elven in origin, they are:
Larisse Terwen, Elven Mage Thief, a lost little girl (not in a literal sense, but a mental sense) she’s rash and kind of sweet, right now she is in the middle of ruthless mercenaries with no clue how to act.
Lena Galius or Angel, Half elf fighter, rough, crude, seasoned merc, she doesnt take any shit and tries not to get close to anyone.
Lastly, the latest, Lynesse Telmar, Elven Fighter Thief, shes the sort of person who will sleep with anyone to get ahead, she is pushy and rude, men and women are objects to her… 
 Some of these people share traits with me, some are sooo different, its really hard separating them, making them different, and now someone wants me to make another Character!!!! Here I am with a 3.5 Elven Sorcerer…
These games work, they do, only if everyone is online at the same time, otherwise things that could have happened, things that could or should have been said don’t. I’m waiting for someone who for real world reasons can’t post right now, he would answer all of my problems, but alas, he is not here!
I like this sort of game, I’m getting into it slowly, I’m seeing the fun side now, they are what you put into them, nothing more.

One thought on “A quick update

  1. Faloth

    Yeah isn’t that the truth. I prefer PBMB myself as I don’t have to be online at a specific time… but even at that, I still find it hard to ever participate on a regular basis. The worst are the players that SAY they want to play, sign up and then never post again… truly discouraging for the DM :( Good luck Jenara with your online PC’s.


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